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  1. Can anybody else not either stream or download the videos?? Have tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer but to no joy.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated




    I couldn't stream, but I was able to download after some difficulty.


    I had to download the zipped files then unzip them.

    Was the difficulty in the download having to unzip them or was there more difficulty? I wouldn't have thought that having to unzip a file would be difficult, but if it is, please let me know and I'll come up with another alternative.


    Please let me know if people are having trouble watching or downloading them.




    YAY the vid has downloaded eventually. I clicked the link to download and it opened a new tag and just said Loading. So left it for about 10 mins and eventually it came up saying it had downloaded YAY. Still not able to stream in FireFox but it looks like i'm not the only one for that. Also still not able to stream using Internet Explorer but happy with the download so i can watch them a good few times


    Sorry for my lack of patience with the download and for troubling you Robb.


    Keep up the awesome job you do for Theme Park Review. Love it when the video contest comes around.



  2. Hi Robb


    Do you know what date's for what parks yet when you come over to England? The reason i ask is because i am hoping to come along to Thorpe Park when you do as im unable to get the whole time off when your over here. If you have already posted dates then im just useless at finding them and if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.


    Looking forward to meeting lots of people its gonna be a day and im sure a trip to remember.




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