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  1. The Parc Asterix B&M Inverter because 1. It's a B&M Inverter 2. It's a BM& Inverter & looks awesome 3. I'll be riding it next year
  2. Well spotted, It looks to me also it's in the area where Pandemonium is / was Where could that be going ?
  3. If I was at Maurer Sohne, I'd be worried. Such a close design to something they would create.
  4. Liseberg, this weekend So excited to ride the awesome Balder once again
  5. Nice TR, Yes Tornado is a great coaster, It's definitely the best steel coaster in Finland. What has the park done to Jet Star ? Have the changed the cars on it ? Also I loved it's classic 80's theming. Shame they had to remove Korkkiruuvi, I'd prefer to ride that than a Zamperla Moto Coaster However, Moto Gee is very popular with visitors, as you say it had a long line. I'm sure Korkkiruuvi never had long lines in the years prior to it's removal
  6. Here's my list Ridden 10 ( 1 Relocation ) Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm (Operating 4/6/1990) Boomerang - Pleasure Island Family Theme (Operating 5/27/1993) Boomerang - Wiener Prater (Operating 1992) Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Operating 3/27/1998) Flashback - Six Flags New England (Operating 5/5/2000) Head Spin - Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom (- 1996) Missile - American Adventure Theme Park (- 7/4/1989) Sidewinder - Hersheypark (Operating 5/11/1991) Wipeout - Pleasurewood Hills (Operating 7/28/2007) Zoomerang - Lake Compounce (Operating 6/27/1997) Getting to ride this year ( 3 Hopefully !) Boomerang - Six Flags Fiesta Texas Boomerang - Worlds of Fun (Operating 4/8/2000) Flashback - Six Flags Over Texas (Operating 1989) Jeff Johnson Credit (1) Boomerang - Woobang Towerland (Operating 3/1995) ^Missed this has they were welding it ! - See Robb's video - Went and did the Sky Jump instead. A far better & safer choice I think 2 X GIB Stunt Fall at WBMW Madrid Deja Vu at SF:MM 1x Invertigo Face/Off at Kings Island
  7. It looks like a cool & well paced design to me. One of the great things about Colossus at Thorpe Park is how it transitions from one element or inversion to the next. I am sure a park somewhere in the world will get one of these, to take the "Coaster with the most inversions" crown. Also the site is working fine under Firefox
  8. Had a week long trip to numerous Belgian & Holland parks. Toverland was one of highlights of the trip. Toverland Panoramic
  9. I have found it rough numerous times I have been on it, both last year & also this year. A couple of my visits to Thorpe Park, Saw has been fine and quite smooth.
  10. Just want to give my 2 cents worth Speed - Well paced with patches of awesome airtime, Never had a queue line longer than 20 minutes the times I have there. Saw - Rough, quite often gives me a headache after riding, Unreliable had much down time. The in-line roll is my favourite part of the ride. Always has long queues.
  11. Dude, Wicksteed is my 'local' park. Not been for a few years now. Like it go back sometime and get a go on the log flume. The Nautic Jets are not self operated.
  12. Here are a couple of images, I hope they help. TIR - Parque de Atracciones Madrid Tagada - Wiener Prater
  13. I am a huge fan of Lost, but had to show you guys this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1PAB6Sgdp8&
  14. Robb, Sonic Spinball was awesome !!! I'm sure I had the mega-cd version ?
  15. 1. What are your initial thoughts? It's a great idea & can see the benefits for the majority on TPR 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? Cannot think of anything at present 3. Is this something that interests you? Can I say maybe ? As being not in the USA, it would on what 'perks' there would be on the international parks & events. I don't really use the TPR store (sorry) 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? See #3
  16. It's a shame, as it was this year. No 'international' rollercoaster clubs are on the list of "approved, official roller coaster clubs" I went to Coastermania in 2008 & it was an awesome event.
  17. A very quiet Nemesis at Alton Towers on Thursday. Only 6 people on it at one point, plus the earlier rain made it fly
  18. First of all, it's with out doubt the best woodie in the UK (Which is not saying too much). I agree with Robb's comment of such that in it's early days it totally rocked. Yes Megafobia has always got faster & faster as the day progresses. When riding in the dark (When the park was opened late in the summer months) it absolutely flew. Certain parts where re-tracked during last closed winter season I understand. This may of tamed certain places possibly but the overall 'roughness' has decreased.
  19. Basically, they had carved wooden bears around the ride area, some had there 'paws' raised directly upwards in air ... looking somewhat like that salute
  20. Toad hole has gone - The parks "Big Wheel" is now situated there. Also Grzzly Bear went at the end of last year, this is where the log flume is now. The park has stated they had too many problems with the coaster. Some of the Hitler bears are at the park, but I wont tell you where !
  21. Where is the Condor ride ? Another one of these classic rides gone.
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