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  1. Heey, Robb How are you? and the rest of the crew of TPR, and Elissa? Ive youre movie in walibi world funny! when is youre next trip to walibi? i hear youre love the goliath and the wooden coaster robin hood and the LSM/LIM coaster Xpress (before super man the ride) greetz Cris (twisterthemepark) read soon youre respons
  2. hello everybody! my name is Cris and im from holland Im 21 yrs old! I work in Walibi World holland, as operator of the rides. My hobby' s are Themepark' s, and im a dj and Go Karting. I have a bungalow on the park. I have all the videos you've made they are great and funny. Whats the cooliest experience you see in themepark world? When is youre next trip to walibi world? bye bye grtz Cris ( themeparktwister)
  3. hi cool dudes from themeparkreview. My name is Cris im from holland And my hobby' s are themepark's , rollercoaster' s! i work in Walibi World holland. Im Operator of the rides and in so suit Rocky the bever. Im 21yrs old. I have alll youre movies. I hear youre living next to sfmm (sixflags Magic Mountain) This is the first time im post. I watch youre page two years. bye grtz Cris (twisterthemepark)
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