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  1. Agreed. Hercules sucks. What good is Whirlwind without the cool little fan on top of it?
  2. He is all over that one. Actually a really good doc and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest at all in video games or pinball. http://www.tilt-movie.com/index.html
  3. Kind of hard to resist. I live about 35 minutes from the facility they host it out of. I only wish that it was open more often. Shame to see all those great machines sit idle for most of the year.
  4. ^ Yes. Spectators are allowed and encouraged. The event comes by once a year so it would be easy to pair with a weekend visit to Phantom Fright Nights Also, they have hundreds of machines open for play during the tournament. If your friend is into refurbishment, he would be quite impressed with their collection. And they are all in tip-top shape.
  5. [Note: Sorry for the blurry photos, but they had "no flash" signs everywhere] This past Saturday, I headed down to Carnegie, PA for the annual PAPA pinball tournament. The field is divided into three classes (A,B, and C) and I fall into the C or casual player. While I managed to get the #2 score on one of the machines, I tanked on the rest and ended the tournament ranked #39. Here are the photos in all their geeky glory: PAPA is now held annually in Carnegie, PA (Next to Pittsburgh). In previous years, the event was held in New York City and Las Vegas. The PAPA building. Early on Sunday morning, the registration desk was nice and quiet. When you first walked in, to the left you could see the machines they were using for mini-tournaments. These mini-tournaments are more for fun than anything and include everything from one-hand play to having the flippers hidden (AKA Tommy mode). Chris, one of my co-workers used Sunday morning to practice on some of the open machines. The warehouse that the event is held in contains hundreds upon hundreds of machines. Both new and old. The "Classics" finals were held on Saturday, but the area was still being used for both Junior and Seniors entries. Ship Ahoy Playfield in the open machine area. Junior and Senior qualifications Another shot of some open machines. There has to be about 10 rows in this particular room. Back in the competitive area, some A level players were trying to qualify at the last minute. My co-worker, Chris, competed in the B level. He didn't do nearly as good as he would have liked finishing dead last in both of his entries. More practice machines. The Junior finals are now underway. Some of these kids were pretty damn good! Senior finals also ran with the juniors. They may not look like much, but these are some of the best pinball players in the world. Circus Voltaire (Programmed by TPR member Cameron) was one of the machines used for the A Level Championship. Break Area More last minute A Level qualifiers. Sorry, but I did not stick around for the finals (which I sure that Lyman won) but the event itself was a blast!
  6. In the future, please only ask these type of questions if you are actually GOING to the park. // Locked
  7. ^^ Very possible and has been done more than a dozen times. The Dinn Corporation was practically built on it.
  8. You are a brave little two-year old for making it through the scary tunnel into Kennywood! I find it hysterical that you are big enough for the Jack Rabbit but get denied on Knoebels Kiddie Coaster.
  9. There are now a couple videos up at CoasterFanatics.com showing the Turns in action (Courtesy of Jim Shaffer) The test run with 2 chassis and 1.5 bodies: http://www.coasterfanatics.com/sec_videos/video_detail.asp?id=52 Walking up the entrance queue showing the ride structure: http://www.coasterfanatics.com/sec_videos/video_detail.asp?id=51
  10. Originally, I was not planning on posting a TR from Knoebels Phoenix Phall Phunfest. But, since there has been a lack of them out there, i give you this different approach. I hope that it makes up for the lack of photos. Saturday morning was business as usual at Camp RRC. Carter slept in, but the thumbs up shows me that he is ready for his first visit to Knoebels. After being late as usual for the annual breakfast meet, a small group of us headed into the park. Chuck enjoyed the Haunted House so much that he fell out of focus. Rick seems to have enjoyed it as well. A photo of our small group outside the Haunted House. Normally, I would look a lot more worn through the day, but camping in 70-80 degree temperatures isn't exactly roughing it. Next up was the bumper cars for some good old fashioned bang-em-up fun. People always ask what is so special about these particular bumper cars. The only way I can describe them is to compare them to a low speed car crash. It feels about the same. Carter going in for the kill. Don't be fooled by my Sunday driver routine. I only live to dent your fenders on the turns. And there off ... It looks like I might be having some problems in this photo. Chuck! You're going the wrong way! Close up collision. Another traffic jam. Measuring up the competition. Since it was Carter's first visit to the park, he had to perform all the Knoebels traditions. Chuck was also a first time visitor. The record setting temperatures made PPP a little more of an endurance test than previous years. Carter found a faucet at the Covered Bridge Festival to help cool himself. One misconception at Knoebels is that the Sky Slide is only for kids. This couldn't be further from the truth as it is a blast for all ages. Back at the far end of the park is the wood shop. While these folks might be artists, their spelling leaves much to be desired. As the sun sets, the Phoenix gets ready for the evenings festivities. A trainload of satisfied customers. On Saturday night, the flyer comes alive for all to witness. Many snap-filled rides were enjoyed. The interaction of this ride with it's riders is what makes it so special. Artsy flyer pic take one. No comment needed. Sunday morning it was time to head for the skyride for what has now become an annual tradition. Bet you have never seen this shot before. Coming back down the hillside. And again. Carter and Rick pose for the Skyride "onride photo" Emergency Ramp Aerial shot of the Satelite and High Speed Thrill Coaster And that is all. Hope you enjoyed this "non-traditional" look at one of the world's finest traditional parks.
  11. ^ They did have the "coffin" in the Twister queue and the trashcan was there. It just made random noises.
  12. ^ I think that your SHIFT key may be possessed. You may want to call a priest (or at least edit your post). Excellent report, Scott!
  13. I love the "temporarily closed" sign on Chiller. Meanwhile, huge chucks of track are missing // Great report thus far
  14. Homer, I was highly disappointed in the new Foo Foo Fighters album. It is still early and it might grow on me, but I am still waiting on the next "Colour and the Shape". In my car now: ELO - Time (1981) This is what you would get if you cross-breeded the Beatles with Daft Punk. Very much ahead of it's time and still sounds just as good today. Strong Tracks: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hVkEHBbv4Fg Twilight Hold On Tight (Yeah ... that song from the car commercial) http://youtube.com/watch?v=wSEVhQoka8E Here is the News
  15. I just loaded the GoGo's "Beauty and the Beat" back into my iPod after a long hiatus. Such a killer album if you can stand the pop side of SoCal rock. All killer ... no filler.
  16. To be fair to CP, Maverick's stacking issues have a lot to due with it loading two trains at a time. Looks great. Can't wait to ride it even if they can't find a replacement for those horrible restraints.
  17. If you read the 2005 edition carefully, you will notice some comments by a couple of familiar TPR faces
  18. I really like Bluto at IOA, but the soaking you get can be a bit much. I also have a soft spot for Congo River at BGA. Apart from the fact that it was my first rapid ride, I also love the 12-man boats. For fun rapids rides that don't drown you, I am partial to the ones overseas (Alton, Thorpe, etc)
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