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  1. To start off, the park seemed to be running very well at good capacity. No serious complaints except one and customer service was more then helpful with it, and we couldn't have been more happy.


    Diamondback was seriously awesome, all around a great ride. Even with a full line it was maybe 45 mins at most, and we only had to wait once that long. The ride had a good amount of airtime, and also a very good first drop. A good long stable ride. Probably one of the most fun ones we've ever been on. 10/10


    Now time for one of the most mind blowing experiences. Beast night ride, now we loved Beast during the day, but wow, I mean WOW! I heard rumors on how good it was, and unfortunatly didn't get the legendary ride the last time we went. Theres absolutely no other feeling like it, riding through the woods with no lights or sense of direction is more mind blowing then I could have ever imagined. 12/10 I think you get the point.


    The park was running very well, and much better operations then last time we went. The only problem that stuck out was this "rude" operator you could say. But once we brought it up to Customer Service they were also surprised and appauled by the actions of this operator. No need to say his name or what happened. But I just really wanted to point out how awesome Customer Service was. They were more then helpful, and got right to it to find this operator and see whats up. We also got front seat rides on Diamondback *Shush*. But yeah all the staff except that one person were absolutely awesome. Everyone seemed to enjoy there job, and have a nice smile to share. Staff 10/10, can't let one bad apple ruin the bunch.


    Overall Experience 10/10, great park, great rides, even better then remembered.



    First Coaster you see arriving Kings Island.

    But the real reason we're here, Diamondback!


    Same picture with a train up the lift.

    Some sort of nerd shot.



    Beast! We got our first night ride this time, our lifes will never be the same.

    Yeah, I touched it!


    They make a great point.


    Crypts entrance looks even better with Diamondback there.


    First drop picture.

    Stupid clouds, can never get a good clear picture of the Helix.


    Yeah, we rode this thing too. A lot more rough then the other clones.


    We knew better to ride you this year.


    Ahh, so peaceful.

    This just might be my favorite picture of the trip.

    OH YEAH, a successful helix picture with a train.


    All those people seem happy.


    These people seem very happy themselves too.


    Another relaxing picture.




    Ohh Ahh

    The last picutre of Diamondback, this ride is seriously awesome. Head to Kings Island now and ride it!

    Yep, Tyler's chillin on the train.

    Look, Kings Island even has a hidden village!

    We even rode Firehawk Sunday with no wait.

    Pretty average, but not bad.

    Fairly Odd Coaster yay!

    Tyler, and Me in line for Fairly Odd Coaster.


    Here's the last picture of Kings Island. Those fountains at night were very impressive.

    Yes, oh yes, We went to White Castle!

    Oh yum........

    Thanks everyone for reading, we had a ton of fun. Diamondback was just as awesome as we thought. The park was also running very well. Thanks Kings Island for a great time.

  2. Welcome to Kennywood!

    On our way to Phantom's Revenge first.

    Getting Closer

    Pirate Ship

    Even Closer

    And we're here! Tyler standing out infront of the entrance sign. Also notice the awareness of the Ride Op. To be fair it is only the person that sits infront of the line.

    Weeeee! In all seriosness this ride is seriously awesome. The airtimes great, so is the second drop.

    Nerd photo.


    I like this photo a lot.

    Obligated lift hill shot.

    Phantoms Revenge station.

    Nerd Shot 2.

    Great drop, and headchopper.

    Airtime hill, helix, and Thunderbolt all in one.


    Intamin Drop Tower yay.


    More Phantom's Revenge.


    We'll get back to you later.

    Giant Disco (Can't remember the correct name)

    Next up, Jack Rabbit.

    It was ok, but the history on all the old wooden coasters here are all very interesting.

    There's some ok air time on it.


    Love the logo.

    One last picture.

    Next up, Thunder Bolt.

    Nevermind Thunderbolt, it's all about Phantom's Revenge.

    It was ok, but to be fair I expected a lot. Also didn't it a few years back have working headlights?



    I love this picture.



    Last one.

    Kennywood's one nice looking park.

    Yeah, one picture of me won't hurt this time I guess.

    Neither will one of Tyler

    Racer, neat due to the fact of one singe track.

    Hard to get many photos of it.

    The last coaster of the trip was exterminator, and it did not dissapoint. We expected the least out of it, and it was a lot of fun.

    But your still number one.


    Just two more after this.


    That's all for Phantom's Revenge.

    We see you!

    Ooooh, Aaaaah.


    And thats all! Stay tuned this weekend for Kingsisland!

    Thanks Kennywood for such an awesome time, way better then we both expected. Clean park, great rides, and staff. No complaints I can think of. Just wish I would have gotten to this park sooner!

  3. Alright, sorry about not getting you the link. I'll send you a picture link via pm tonight. I just gotta find something thats worth while. I may send a few.




    Since the parked skipped out on a year, it is now currently year 15. This year Epic Adventures is introducing one of the largest additions yet. With 25 million spent alone on this ride, it's sure to impress. The hotel is almost done and the rooms are being finished up with furnishings. The park hopes to have it open mid year, and I'll get pictures of it once it does.


    Cavern Blaster


    On a journey through the rocky caverns and cliffs in Colorado. Something has gone terribly wrong! As the caverns fall behind you, you race out out of the cavern as fast as you can before getting trap. You manage to escape as you end up at the top of the mountain. What can prepare you for whats next. You'll have to ride it and find out!


    You must be at least 52" to ride "Cavern Blaster"




  4. Soon, I'll probably do one today. I have several things ready for updates, I just wanna make sure I have all the details done and done correctly.


    I'm going to be releasing some of the most time consuming projects I've ever done. Coaster wise, and building wise.


    You'll just have to wait and see, weather I release something big or not this next update will have to be a surprise.

  5. A lot of construction was going on today. Luckily there was a open gate. Don't worry I made sure to not pass it. But I was aloud to get close.

    Some construction stuff, yep, thats about it.

    Yay, closer look at construction stuff.


    A booth being constructed.

    13 seems to be a likeable number here at hershey. Notice the writing on the one cement piece.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Can't go past that point.

    Seems like there making one of the pool walls, nevermind me. Just acting like I know what I'm talking about.

    Now lets go around and take pictures of Hershey. First up, Comet.

    Hello Fahrenheit.

    A little more of Fahrenheit.

    Vertical lift hill goodness.

    Hi there Wildcat.

    A decent overview of Fahrenheit.

    Ligtning Racers gets some love too.

    I like this picture a lot for some reason. Isn't that special I guess, but I like it.

    This picture was meant to spotlight Storm Runner, but Fahrenheit insists on peaking up.


    Well theres a little mini off season report of Hershey Park. I should have one more before the season resumes.

  6. It won't be finished for a very long time, but there are some yearly downloads. Along with some BC member exclusive downloads. The Park itself won't be finished for a long time.


    Season thirteen is here, and some bad luck has gone wrong. You may remember a concealed box building, well that was covering up a project known as Project-X. The experiment grew fast, and broke free from the building, can you conceal Project-X?


    The subjects (you) have broken out of the facility and gone mad. If they aren't stabilized, they could die.


    You must be at least 54" to ride "Project X"





    Here's a preview of one of the new areas under way for Epic Adventures.



  7. I'm not talk 16, I'm talking the 10-15 age range.

    Yeah, and your so much overwhelmingly older and mature then 15 year olds.


    Anyways, I don't complain about food, I think its overpriced. But try going to a ski resort or something, much more expensive and crummy.


    I hate it when people cut in front of you. Or act like they've been there and obviously weren't.


    Basketballs, of course.


    And billions of other things, but those are my main ones.

  8. Well the winning name has been chosen, and the winner will receive a screen shortly of the future.


    Welcome to a dozen crazy years at Epic Adventures. The park is proud to announce a whole new experience of coaster!


    Old Faithful has closed up, and been sealed up forever! Now theres something lurking in that empty hole in the ground. A bird, or beast you could say lurks inside. Can you handle the pure power of a beast that brought to rest Old Faithful? Can you handle the Bird of Prey!


    You must be at least 54" to ride "Bird of Prey"



  9. Thanks guys, it really means a lot. I wouldn't have gotten this far without all these awesome comments. I really do appreciate it.


    Do you guys remember that Flyer I showed you all not to long ago? Thats what took over Old faithful. The park wants me to give you all the opportunity to name it for yourselves! So think of your best names, and I'll send them into the park. Remember, this isn't Old America anymore, its all Old Country. So think western, or nature. Maybe you all could think of something that goes along with Old Faithful. No matter what the name is, we'd love to hear them!


    I have the update ready for the flyer, but none of you can see it till it has a name! So start submitting! Who knows, maybe your name will be in the next update. You will find out if you won if your name is in the next update. If your name is chosen. I will send you a image of a new attraction at Epic Adventures that hasn't been announced.



  10. Thanks everyone, but Old Faithful was not replaced with Diablo. Diablo didn't replace any rides, and was built on a empty piece of land over by Mad House Hotel. But I assure you. Something great will be replacing Old Faithful. Oh, and from the construction status, it seems there redoing the whole Old America, and combing it with Old Country. So this should be exciting!


    But I don't think any of you understand that this is just the beginning. But you'll just have to wait and see! Whats coming in the near future will astonish all of you, and that's not the half of it!



  11. Wow, updates, and more updates have arrived!


    It's finally year 11 for the park, and it has been sold. But in a surprisingly turn due to a contract break. The original owners of Adventure Park, also known as River Corp., who also own River's Amusement Park has taken back over. They got the park very cheap, only a little more then originally sold. I haven't gotten any exact numbers, but if I do I'll see if I can get them for you all. Oh and since River Corp originally had me covering the latest on this park. I'll still be the one to bring you all the updates and exclusive tickets to the park.


    The name is still undecided on what the park will be called. But I was told it may be changed back to Adventure Park. For now it will be called Epic Adventures.


    Now onto some sad news. Epic Adventures is taking out there first attractions to make way for the new. It's time to say bye to Old Faithful, and Old Country Road trip. I do have some deconstruction fans for all of you. Wonder what will take its place.


    As you can see a lot of the track is already gone.

    All of it is about gone.


    But enough of the old, its time for a little new!


    Prepare yourself, as you meet up with the Mexican devil. Diablo! Nothing can prepare you for what this monster will do to the Mexican village, as it takes you with it!


    Along with Diablo, Epic Adventures has added a new restaurant. As the new owners are trying to approach more entertainment, with possibly a shopping/night club complex coming to the park. Rumors are that it will be outside of the park. This new restaurant can also double as a night club for special events.


    So only time can tell how far this will go. But I meant what I said, it's far from over, its just begun!



  12. I really like hunter, but from my point of view. Your supporting needs work, you know very well I base peoples work on there skill level. In my honest opinion it needs worked on. But hunters supports are the only ones I think are perfect, so well done. But you know I hate it when you don't use flanges, or at least I think there called that.


    Just remember all the advice I give is for helping you. So please don't take it the wrong way.

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