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  1. Everything exchange wise has been working great for me, haven't had any issues. I'm going to take a break checking on files for awhile, and start uploading some stuff. So for those who've been interested in those old parks I promised, keep a look out on my exchange profile.


    Here's the latest version of the list of what I've checked on.





    Turn of the Century - Track - Worked - Corkscrew (Not specified in description)turn

    B&M's Galaxy - Worked - Track - B&M Hyper (Not specified in description)

    Aeroplane Dips - Worked - Track - Wooden (Not specified in description)

    Thrill Court - Worked - Listed that it requires Time Twister, and Wacky Worlds, confirmed that it does not.

    Saw Dust - Worked - Track

    CCCP - Worked - Park

    Futurama - Worked - Park/Design

    Astor Place - Worked - Park

    Bumbly Beach - Worked - Park


    Melling Park - Download worked, park contains invalid data - Park - It's not missing data, it's invalid data. Which normally means the file is corrupted somehow. It's a file issue, not a database issue. EDIT:Worked on firefox, not safari. I think it was a computer issue on my end.


    Mysterious Island - Same as above


    El Toro - Same as above - Other notes, I'm starting to think that the database may have something to do with it now. They are not working, and posted from three different people.


    Using Firefox, on my windows partition from now on.

    Paradise Park - Worked - Park - Requires Time Twister, which was not listed.

    The Beatles - Worked - Park

    Disney's Shadowlands - Worked - Park

    DisneyAir - Worked - Park

    The San Fancisco Boardwalk - Worked - Park - It downloaded without the ".sv6" tag, So I had to add it, but the file did work.

    Six Flags Milwaukee - Worked - Scenario/Park

    Dynamite Dunes - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Over Flags - Download Worked - Park - Requires Time Twister

    Idylwild Heights - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Magic Mountain - Worked - Park

    Surf Beach - Worked - Park

    The Seventh Flag - Worked - Park

    Ashbrook Waters - Download Worked - Park - Requires Wacky Worlds (No Screen Available either)

    Valley Point - Worked - Park

    Disneyland - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Ultimato - Worked - Park

    Bier park - Worked - Park

    Aqua - Worked - Track

    Elsmere Adventure - Worked - Park

    Bob's Funland - Worked - Park/Scenario

  2. ^No problem.


    I've run into a problem, the three last files I've tried downloading are not working. They are from three different users, and all come up with the same invalid data error. Theres a chance that it is the file, but it's starting to look slim. I'll try to look into the best I can, also here's the updated list.





    Turn of the Century - Track - Worked - Corkscrew (Not specified in description)turn

    B&M's Galaxy - Worked - Track - B&M Hyper (Not specified in description)

    Aeroplane Dips - Worked - Track - Wooden (Not specified in description)

    Thrill Court - Worked - Listed that it requires Time Twister, and Wacky Worlds, confirmed that it does not.

    Saw Dust - Worked - Track

    CCCP - Worked - Park

    Futurama - Worked - Park/Design

    Astor Place - Worked - Park

    Bumbly Beach - Worked - Park

    Melling Park - Download worked, park contains invalid data - Park - It's not missing data, it's invalid data. Which normally means the file is corrupted somehow. It's a file issue, not a database issue.

    Mysterious Island - Same as above

    El Toro - Same as above - Other notes, I'm starting to think that the database may have something to do with it now. They are not working, and posted from three different people.



    EDIT: Looked into it more, and discovered that when I download it from safari, and open it straight from my downloads with parallels is when the file goes corrupt. This time I used firefox on my windows partition. I also believe this may have been why A.J. was having trouble. So I guess were already figuring out some issues, and why they happen. I have no idea why it didn't do it to the first few files.

  3. Here's a little list I'm working on as I test all the files. I added some notes to each one with any issues I've found. All seem to be downloading, ranking, and working fine. Although, information listed for them is wrong, or missing in areas. More of a user issue, but I figured I'd document what I can.




    Turn of the Century - Track - Worked -

    B&M's Galaxy - Worked - Track - B&M Hyper (Not specified in description)

    Aeroplane Dips - Worked - Track - Wooden (Not specified in description)

    Thrill Court - Worked - Listed that it requires Time Twister, and Wacky Worlds, confirmed that it does not.


    Turn of the Century


    B&M's Galaxy


    Aeroplane Dips

  4. ^^^I also downloaded the tracks, and they all worked fine as well. I'll try opening the parks your talking about. It's either they didn't include all the rides in the zip, or they didn't check the export objects button. It has nothing to do with the database. I haven't had any trouble so far rating or downloading any files.


    Also to avoid the missing object issue, maybe some more regulations should be added to upload files once beta testing is over.


    EDIT: AJ did you get the screens from the tracks? If not I took one of each, just let me know.

  5. I'll start with ALL rct2 stuff and work from there, and rank them. I'll report back here once I've finished, then probably do the same with all RCT3 files, then if I get noLimits working again I'll see what I can do with it. I'll also upload all my finished parks, I've been meaning to do so somewhere anyways.


    I'll do my best to keep you updated tonight, and the next few days if it takes that long.

  6. I'll step up and offer what I can. I'll be able to test RCT2, and RCT3. If you guys need help with either of those games, I can do testing. I don't want to see this die due to lack of participation, since I don't want to see RCT2 die off again due to lack of community support. Everyone does realize this is how the game died off the first time? RCT3 didn't really play a huge factor in it's popularity till later on, since most of the community couldn't play it due to lag issues. Games die off because we don't have enough sites like this one willing to support them. Everyone knows TPR isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So I think we should take full advantage of what there offering here. Working with databases like they are is no easy task, I've done it before, and I can say first hand it takes a lot of work. They have to do most of the coding themselves, and they have to rely on us to test it out.

  7. I'm really excited about this. I've always wanted to go to the stratosphere tower, but this seems to be a good substitution. I've never been on a starflyer, or anything of the sort, so I'm EXTREMELY excited to ride this next year. Honestly, I don't think the thought of a ride has frightened me this much since I got the news article in the mail for TTD. I am sorta sad to see the swinging ship go. It was a good looking ride with little to no wait most of the time. It also just seems like one of those traditional amusement park rides. This thing looks amazing though, I can't wait to ride it next year!


    It's really dumb people are complaining about not getting a coaster. Considering they have tons as it is. They have a good line up of flat rides also, but I'd like to see more of a variety of quality rides then just coaster after coaster. I don't like that their taking out a ride, but considering SkyHawk and maXair are both swinging rides, and maXair is located near it's location. I'm already over it. This may cost as much as a smaller coaster, but instead it's an extreme ride that's going to be more intimidating then a small coaster.

  8. I'm one of the few people that actually can do some of the harder games. The one I always seem to win is surprisingly Wacky Wire, this year alone I won two prizes from CP and a Guitar at Dorney, and some giant frog at Hershey. I've won anything from giant shreks and motor scooters in the past. It's just one of those things I can do. I normally win stuff for my friends now, since I have plenty of worthless junk for a lifetime.


    The games I can't stand are chance games like Ring Toss's and when you throw the ball and hope it lands in the Golden Cup, etc. I try to stick with games I know are possibly to win, and only try if I can win. But if anyone cares I'll share a few of the tricks the people at the stands don't want you to know. But it's just normally a few basic things to keep in mind.


    My personal favorite story of owning a rigged carnival game was this one time at the Frederick County Fair, at a stand where they literally made it impossible to win. They oval the hoops so much the ball could only be jammed through, I threw the basketball and it hit the rim, and had a spin. It then flew about 10 feet in the air, and the guy literally says better luck next time. Then it goes right in, and he just hands me the prize quickly and wants me to get away before saying anything since the ball forced itself through, and ten other people saw.


    I wouldn't ever play carnival or fair games, the parks care much less about handing over prizes when you win, while the carnies seriously will try to haggle you even if you win. I did the one game were you have to hit the whiffle ball and get in the little square box. I won fair and square, and they guy said it didn't count. Had no reason except that I wasn't supposed to win. So I boycott all fair games regardless because of this.


    I'll give a small list on what ones no matter how many times you try, you will loose unless your that one freak incident.


    Machine Gun games, they are the worst! Don't even bother, you won't ever shoot the star out.


    Basketball hoop games. While the ones at amusement parks are normally fine, just about 95% anywhere else are all rigged and only freak accidents when you win.


    Water Gun/Ball Rolling/ anything else of the sort. Again a Carnival situation most of the time, but they plant people at the booths that ALWAYS have an advantage at big games. Reithoffer Shows in particular has employees that go around and master the games to give an illusion that you can win. It's disgusting, but not surprising. I've talked to people that have literally done this, and working at the Frederick Fair for charity over the years, I've seen a lot of people do this. You can normally tell if they are wearing something over their uniforms, and they go around to EVERY game and win.


    These are just a few of the things, I may be young, but I've been around a lot of Carnivals and Fairs. I personally know people that work in them. I always say theres the few good people that do work at em, but I'm sure everyone knows what kind of people really do work at them the majority of the time. But the owners are to blame, employees risk loosing their jobs even if fairly giving away prizes. I've only seen a few good quality fairs, with quality people. The smaller ones are normally more friendlier and family owned. So you run a smaller risk of being completely ripped off. But your always being ripped off no matter where you go to some degree.


    I could go on and on, but I hope some people find that useful, or at least informative.



  9. At the last minute me and my friend Tyler decided to take a trip to Cedar Point after finding out all hotels at Virginia Beach were 21 or older. But hey, it's CP so I'm not complaining! But leaving late Monday night was a bit tiring, so the first day we were their we only did rides, and a few pictures. So it may be a sudden change from day 1 to 2. I'll try to give all the details. Oh, and before anyone asks, STR is still closed. Nothing was happening with it when we were there. But it looked nice.


    So after a long drive, and getting to the hotel at about 6:30 am, we HAD to sleep, lol. We slept till about noon. But really just wanted to sleep the whole day. But first we drug ourselves out of bed and headed to Johnny Rockets. We both really love this place, but I'm not going to kid anyone this time. It was slow service, overpriced, and the food was terrible to the last time we went. So that was a real bummer, but with the only negative out of the way. We can look at all the positives. We then headed straight to Millennium Force. The ride was just as great as ever. But the ride employee with the mic was kinda ripping on all the other Giga's. Claiming MF is the only Giga operating without trims. (After the whole Intimidator talk, I just found it funny in an ironic way.) After that we head straight to Maverick with about an hour wait, then continued to TTD, then Magnum. Enjoyed all the coasters.


    They didn't compare to the craziness that was next. Tyler insisted that it would be such an awesome idea to rent Jet skis, with constant waves. So it was interesting the first ten minutes. Till it dawned on us that we are completely screwed if we fall. As we headed out past the wake bearer (like a wake would have mattered), the waves at times were 9 ft tall! Now you may be thinking, 9 ft, no big whoop. But if you know anything about boats, or anything about being on a jetski in that, you'll know it's scary, and dangerous. I was surprised they let us go out honestly. But it was an experience. Luckily the only time we fell was on the way back. Still scary considering we fell forwards and had to worry about the jet ski knocking us out.


    After that we went to the hot tub, played with the underwater camera, and relaxed. The next day would probably be better explained in the PTR, but I just had to explain the whole Jet Ski thing. It was one of the major highlights of the trip. Also, the first few photos are from the first day.


    Really, REALLY tired after a long night of driving. But hey it's Cedar Point, so you can only sleep in so long.


    The waves that almost killed us! Lol, okay maybe not that bad, but the far out ones were scary.


    Playing around with the underwater camera at the hot tub, and me showing off my new diving watch I got for my bday.


    The nasty May Flies that took over the hot tub once night came.


    The first picture of the next day.


    The main midway.


    Raptor, glad I got to ride it this year. Missed out on it last time due to wind.


    The giant dog I won at Wacky Wire. Only three tries too. Tyler also won a giant DOMO, very tight fit on the way home.


    All Wheels Extreme, this show is freaking amazing. I liked the diving show, but I have to admit this was a bit better.




    This guy got amazing air each time. So why not raise the bar, or umm, stick.


    Trying to be artsy.


    I don't know why I used to think CP had terrible shading. This time almost the whole park was shady except by wildcat and TTD. I did notice the landscaping was very good this year.


    Artsy attempt number 2.


    My favorite picture of MF I've ever taken.


    Didn't ride Mantis this year. Still haven't forgiven it from the last time I rode it. :p


    Mantis, and TRAIN!


    Mantis may be a little painful, but it's sure awesome looking.


    I'm not a fanatic or anything. But MF has just about the coolest front seat ride ever.


    Not sure if this was supposed to be artsy, or what I was thinking, but hey. It looks sorta neat.


    More MF love.


    Floater air can be fun too!


    Artsy COASTER attempt!


    Aww... :'(


    With STR, new photo ops are to be had.


    I really like the look of STR. Theming is good Cedar Fair.



    Another artsy attempt. I think this attempt wasn't a fail at least.


    I love this picture. I got it by complete chance. Somehow the lens flare gave it that color. I swear it had no photoshop or filters added.


    Favorite coaster picture of the trip.


    Is this used for anything? I know in some parks they have people preform in them. It's better then just a path. Just curious if the park does anything with it.


    A fun ride, didn't get on it this year though.


    Maverick earned it's spot as number one again on my list this year.




    Artsy coaster shot number 2.


    Black and White FTW!




    A little out of focused, but I think it's a nice picture.


    I love this ride, just wish it would be somewhat reliable by now. Or maybe I just have bad luck.



    It's a different picture, I swear I didn't edit the one to be B/W!


    MF through the trees!


    I'll end the CP portion on the PTR with this nice picture of TTD.


    Waldameer! YAY! This park was nice, a little smaller then I expected. But I love parks like this.


    I enjoyed this ride. A little boring, but my first time on a spinner that sits you that way.



    You'd never guess, but another attempt at an artsy picture.


    The park had some nice landscaping.


    A fun little coaster with a few good plops of air.



    AHHMAAAZZZINGGG! The star of the park obviously.


    This ride is awesome. I expected it to be good, but it was still surprising how good it was.


    The cool bridge Ravine Flyer ll goes over.


    We had Flamingo drive home.

  10. These are some of the best photo's I've ever seen. I need to know what you use camera and lens you use. These are by far the best I've seen of any amusement park pictures. Is there some secret I'm missing here? I mean I have a decent camera and lens, but I couldn't take these kinds of photo's if my life depended on it.


    EDIT: Didn't see the other two pages. I'm sure you've probably answered the question. But again man, these are freaking amazing.

  11. Wow, it kinda feels like everyones running in circles here.


    I have to agree with Robb on a few things though that have certainly changed my opinion before. The trims could simply be by request of KD, and the ride was running as planned. That KD could have requested for the ride layout, and that it's almost certain more changes will be good.


    I want to make one thing clear though, I do NOT think it was a bad idea adding the trims. The ride was too rough to ride it more than a few times, and by purely personal opinion I would have maybe enjoyed it more being slightly slower. Oh and I defiantly thought the second air time hill was sort of weak, and seeing that with less trims makes me excited to ride it again later this year.


    Now from a different opinion on what I'd love to see from the ride/park (again just personal opinions here), would be more landscaping around it. Or that pond that was in the computer renderings. It isn't really a technical issue, so I figured that might be some reasonable input. But then again I have no idea on what the financial issues/capabilities would be in doing so.


    I figured maybe looking at some other useful things that would actually make the ride better, rather then complaining about trims that in a way make it better for different reasons might be a better thing to see happen, or talk about.

  12. Thanks. I know, It was a stupid idea to add it there. The original plan for the park was to expand beyond the borders as an entire resort. But the idea became cancelled along with the park. Is it the fact that it's smack dab in the park with only the monorail connecting to it, or that it's to close to the park maps edge, or even that you can't see the rides around it? The new huge project I'm doing with about 20 hours or so of work put into it so far unfortunately is on the parks map edge. But it's big, and getting bigger. I'm not moving it either. So I hope that's not why you don't like it. For future reference I'm probably going to do my big builds closer to the middle. The new project is secret, and some screens can be seen in the ne dump place. The only obvious information is that it is a hotel from the screen. The earlier parking garage I posted in the ne dump I'm looking at right now on my other screen, and the bulldozer is about to demolish it. I don't care for it, and it's in my way, lol. Five hours of work waisted, but I'll release a map with the garage in it if anyone wants it. Since I'm sure someone's going to try and get around this, I will release a map with only the garage, or maybe make you wait for the project to be released. I'm not creating a topic for this one. It will be ready when it's ready, and I'll give some teaser pics to the dump over here too.

  13. Here's the final version of Epic Adventures. Well the final for now. I do plan on MAYBE finishing up what I didn't finish before, and complete the map. This is the park that taught me just about everything I know. I worked for about 2 years straight on it, constantly changing it, and updating old stuff. So this park is very special to me in a sense. You'll notice a lot of unfinished stuff towards it, and lots of old and new style things. For now the project is dormant, the future of it is undecided.


    Epic Adventures Download


    The most recent overview.

    The most recent project I was working on. This is what got me started on the Mamba rollercoaster in LOE.

  14. It's not that he has something against you, Its because you are a 17 year old kid that most likely has never taken any type of engineering class. so by basically stating that engineering is easy and just because they were in the field for 30 years should make them perfect, it doesn't. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, if you cant because of the trims , don't ride it makes the lines shorter.


    I'm not entirely against the trims. I think I'd rather have more on the drop, rather then ones on the last airtime hill. When I rode I305, the turn was quite intense, and the airtime hill at the end was lacking. So I'll enjoy the ride either way. I tried to make it clear that I wasn't experienced at all with engineering specifics, and certainly not as much as the Intamin engineers, and it was only my opinion. I don't know what else to say. My only point that I was trying to get across was that Intamin should be held responsible to a certain degree, just like any other company.


    Also, I'm not speaking for I305 completely. Since Robb is right that we don't know the entire reason the trims were added.

  15. ^ Even if they know what they are doing people make mistakes every day, plain and simple. No one in the world is perfect and especially no companies are perfect. Atleast they are doing something with their mistakes and fixing them. Unlike some who will act like nothing is wrong.


    I agree with you. I agree that Intamin is also one of the few designers pushing the limits. But I don't think that excuse is valid for every single mistake they've made. I also don't think it's ok for a company to make so many errors even when pushing the limits. Maybe they do need better engineers, I don't know.


    I don't expect everyone to agree with me. But getting all worked up over an opinion of mine, just because you don't agree with me. Doesn't make me wrong, it doesn't make you or anyone else wrong either. It's just opinions, and very few people here, if any. Have the right, or expert opinion to talk about any of this. Weather it's against, or defending Intamin.



    EDIT: I guess Robb just has it out for me for some reason. I'm dyslexic by the way Robb. So I spelled it weather on accident.

  16. Robb, my point was that these people should know what there doing because there doing this for their living. Taking one thing I said out of context doesn't make me wrong. I said I saw these problems from an amateur point of view. Which means I just assumed that Intimidator 305 would be to intense, or that Mavericks twist was taken at speeds to high. Not that I knew these problems, or the exact specifics. I'm also just saying that this is somewhat of a trend of Intamin as of late.

  17. If you've had experience designing rides for 30 years, and you currently are using cutting-edge technology to design rides that are up to 450' tall and 150 mph, shouldn't you be held to a bit of a higher standard than designers from Arrow 30 years ago, or Premier 13 years ago? I understand designs sometimes don't work as anticipated, especially when pushing some limits, but I really don't think some of those references and comparisons are all that valid. When dealing with a ride that isn't all *that* different in pacing from Millennium Force, and having 10 years of additional experience, I really think you should be able to get it right.



    Toyota has been making cars since 1936. Chevy, since 1911. Ford, 1903.They've all had numerous recalls over the last century. How is Intamin different?


    It's true that every company has its flaws. But just because those companies have had mis-steps, doesn't make it right or ok. All it means is that they should have been more careful, or not so careless. All those car companies have also been held accountable for a lot of their mistakes. I feel Intamin should also. Since this obviously isn't the first mistake, or even the first this year.


    Now that does not mean that I think it was a bad idea adding the trims. I saw this problem right from the beginning from an "amateur" point of view. I saw it with Maverick also. All of these problems can be seen from lots of coaster enthusiasts, and other people alike. So I don't see much of an excuse on why they keep happening. I could go on, and on listing all the things recently what Intamins done wrong, but the majority of the people here already know the issues. Now, don't get me wrong. Intamin has done plenty right. But since they are the professionals, not us, they should be expected too. So one mistake here and there is fine by all means. If they were more careful, they shouldn't have any problem giving us the extreme. While keeping their rides somewhat reliable, while not designing rides that will have problems like Maverick, I305, and even Shoot the Rapids.



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