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  1. I'll admit, the last year or two Sidewinder was getting worse. But after riding several boomerangs, sidewinder was the least painful. I've ridden a lot of coasters that I consider a lot more "painful" then sidewinder. Honestly, Mystery Mine at dollywood was a lot worse for example (Not saying it's a bad coaster). It's a shame that you avoided riding it. Since there was some talk about it getting removed a year ago, and it's definitely not an intolerable ride like it's reputation.

  2. I still stick with the employees being bad, is unacceptable. I have a below average job, and I'm expected, just like everyone else to behave in a fast, respective manor. I work with a few ex-cons, and people that you would think wouldn't be good employees. But you know what, everyone HAS to do what's expected of them.


    The area is no different. It really isn't. I'm sure the park is filled with people like I listed just the same. ALL those employees should either realize they need to be good employees, or there out of a job. I tried getting a job at a local ski resort at a job fair. Thousands, and thousands of people showed up just about. Of course I didn't stand a chance. But that resort is in the middle of nowhere, and the closest city doesn't have the greatest population standards either. But everyone is EXPECTED to be good employees, and good with customers. So telling me it's the area, I'm just not buying it.


    Bad employees nowadays is not acceptable. Working in the real world, and trying to get a job in it has made me come to the harsh reality on just how much people should appreciate their jobs, no matter what it is.


    Don't get me wrong though. I want to see the park succeed. That's why I voice my concerns, and I'm thinking about going again this year to see the improvements, because it really does excite me to see the park turning around. Who knows, maybe the issues we're talking about are already in the works to be fixed. I'm not even talking about the current employees entirely. I'm talking about what they used to be like, and from what I've experienced. But my point about nowadays bad employees isn't a valid excuse stands. No matter what the job.

  3. Those comments in that news article are honestly awful. Hershey has always been reasonable for the price of a amusement park. Yet, no one complains about the nearby ski resorts that charge you 5 dollars for a pp&J, and 600 dollars a season pass, and the other ridiculous priced attractions in the Hershey/Harrisburg area. Having lived in the area for 6 years, Hershey is probably the most reasonable out of everything.


    Also, the Harrisburg area, and Hershey area has a lot of "High End" homes. The area alone is EXPENSIVE to live in due to it's location. Move to a more "rural" area, rather than the center of hershey/harrisburg area if you have a problem. Without the Hershey brand/Park, the city would not be where it's at today. They do a lot for charity, and I think it's quite disgusting people have the nerve to trash a park for the reasons they listed.




    Anyways, I find myself more lost, and lost with these HP riddles. Did anyone find anything about the mysterious code yet?

  4. Wow! Complaining about getting some attention?


    That's definitely something I didn't expect to see in the SFA Discussion Thread.


    Everyone here is always complaining about being "neglected" and spouting doom and gloom, but Thomas Town and the waterslide upgrade doesn't sound like neglect to me. SF's highest performing park hasn't gotten a major coaster since 2002. Every single addition they've received since then was a family ride/attraction. SF's treating SFA the same way.


    OK the service does suck, but that doesn't mean that SFA's being neglected by the parent company. I kinda feel the blame should be focused on the employees more than the parent company, since the bad service seems to be consistent to only SFA.


    On another note, the doom and gloom is a good read.


    Pretty much what I was saying. It's a GOOD thing their fixing things up. But bad employees in today's economy is management's fault somewhere down the line. There's not much of a reason to get some half decent employees, and I have a feeling a lot of the people being hired are friends of someone else sorta deal. Rather than GOOD employees.


    Like I was saying, I know people that would kill just to have a job nowadays.

  5. That by no means is the worst I've seen SFA, then again I haven't been there in probably five years. At least it looks like they were "trying" to pace through the train.


    Really though, from my experience at least. At least they weren't rude like just about everyone I've dealt with from that park.


    It's really a shame too. I used to go every year, and love that place. It USED to be a great park, that I enjoyed. Just seeing the pictures of those waterslides brings back memories.


    One things for sure, if the park cleans up a bit, I'd go back in a heartbeat with, or without a new ride or coaster. Can't say I disagree about fixing up the water slides though. It's actually a good thing the parks taking into consideration cleaning things up. Either take them down, or fix them. Letting them sit was just the lazy way of not dealing with it.


    Pretty much if they could add some atmosphere to the back of the park by superman, perhaps even loop it around back to roar. Keep things in good shape. They'd get A LOT of good business from the DC area. They have a pretty good location as far as population goes.


    If that means stepping up security, and being extremely strict. So be it, but it's either close the park down, or do some of the simple steps to fix it. In today's economy, there should NOT be a struggle to get some half decent employee's. A lot of people I know would kill to have a minimum wage, reliable job. So that leads to it being ALL of managements fault.


    There's my two cents.

  6. What do you mean encrypted with the 12 digit key? I've sent it with the key, but haven't encrypted anything yet.


    I noticed the date last night also, and that it equaled 12. Didn't send any email, actually didn't realize it was meant to be sent in email form till ten minutes ago. But I have been trying search entries, and rideinstitute.com/code seeing if that gets me anywhere.

  7. Hmmm, that's interesting. You mean all those images appear on the same page if you reload it? I'll have to check it out more clearly.


    No, those Images I saved to my desktop. My computer pulls animated gif apart automatically, then I dragged them to photoshop and saved them as jpegs.


    I'm almost positive that there's a hidden message somewhere in the jpegs. If only I could read the date in the white image. But that's still just a wild theory. I've also tried examining over the RIT logo. I've added together the first two hidden numbers, and subtracted them. I've tried enetering the numbers I do have in the Search field on there website (which leads nowhere, or does it?).


    I've tried just about everything, besides the "obvious" one. So I'm trying to look at it from a simple mindset. It's funny, we were all giving Rudie a hard time last night about being hooked on this thing. Now I've found myself consumed by it as well.


    Also, it is NOT the one on the RIT website. Tried it already


    To fuel the fire a bit more, there are twelve stars in the logo.

  8. I pulled both of the .gif images. When the two switch, the one on tpr goes white. The one on Screamscape stays the same color, but with a number. I noticed when I broke the .gifs down, that it appears the date in the RIT logo looks different in the white one from TPR. I can't see that close up, or make out what it is. But it does seem to change. I looked at the pixels closely, and the two last numbers are not the same. You would think they would be if it were indeed 11.


    Then again it could be nothing, and it's very late and my eyes are burnt. Someone with better vision may be able to figure it out.


    EDIT: I attached the pulled apart images. The file names are the same as when I pulled them apart, don't think they mean anything though. But they are different from the original file names.





  9. I kinda beat you to the punch. But I used a green/red variance with the ones. The one's going over the coaster I'm removing. I think there a bit ugly, and out of place.


    I forgot about the hotel being brown. I think of it as white, but there is a lot of brown thrown into it. I'm still working on it though, and right now I'm going to finish all the rides, and save the hotel for last. I'd rather chop the hotel down some if I go over the object limit. But I do want all the details in the rides/areas.

  10. The technicality of everything is expectational, though, your color choices really are monotonous, in shading, too.


    Don't be afraid to add some color other than a different shade of brown.


    Yeah, I know exactly what your saying. The different angles of the buildings do have different shades, and a lot of different details. But the brown is there to keep to that area. Which that's the only area in the park with those color choices.


    I was thinking maybe putting some light greens/pinks mixed in. But color choices, and names, always seem to be my downfall. I haven't thought of a single name, for a ride in the park, and it's almost finished. The park hasn't been named, and I've been running with building what comes to mind.


    So this entire project has had zero planning behind it. Which I think makes it fun in some ways. But everything has been built to what I thought of at the time.


    The hotel itself has been changed a lot. I had a 10 story parking garage that I destroyed just because I wanted to do something different. Had a perfectly fine, finished, and themed coaster, just tore that out three days ago and added a flyer. Once I create a thread I'll show everyone what I mean. This thing has been entirely around just "winging" it, and that's my style. So while it's different then planning out every detail, it's fun for me.


    Oh, and sorry about the grainy image. When I resized it, it got all messed up in the process.


    EDIT: I just realized that all the coasters in the pictures have brown in it. Which is another thing that could make someone think it's all one theme. That's just a bad example of the vibrant colors that are around the park. This part may actually mellow out the park, because I went with some BRIGHT colors on other rides/areas.

  11. Thanks guys! I've been working on this project on and off for about 6 months now. I've been working non stop the last few days, trying to get it released in a week or so. It's by far my most detailed work, and obviously the largest building I've ever attempted. So expect a topic soon. I'm thinking about sending it into NE, hoping to get at the very least a bronze. Any opinions on how I'll do?

  12. For me it's just that it's one of those memories I had riding when I was a kid. It was my first ever suspended coaster when I was about 5 or 6, and I remember riding it over and over. While I did get to ride it recently before it closed, I still enjoyed the ride a lot. It's just one of those things, flying through the village and bringing back that awesome feeling as a little kid being amazed by it all.


    Just for the record, it was in my top twenty. But I'm a realist and still understand why it would be removed, even if it isn't replaced with something that's "OMG, BEST RIDE EVER!" material. I know when I'm there it's just one of those rides I go on a few times and move on.

  13. It feels like the rollercoaster portion of the show is aimed completely to kids, and should be on a kids program. On the other hand, he has done some pretty cool things like the parasailing snowboard episode, and the "redneck" waterski tractor pull. But I guess those are the only few things he did do that was cool. Pond skimming on skis? I don't know of a ski resort that doesn't do that now, nor is it dangerous. Or how about the Blob, again pretty common, and it wasn't like on Nitro Circus where they raised it up about 150 feet....


    If your going to do a show like that, you have to do stuff you normally wouldn't, even stuff that puts you in the face of danger. I mean come on, you have a show based around "extreme" things, so do something extreme.

  14. I haven't been on since the last I posted, which in short means I've had zero free time since then. I'll have time tonight to continue testing, and if this project isn't scrapped. I have no problem using what time I can to help out.


    I really don't wanna see this die off, a lot seems to already be done with it (as I really haven't had any problems with exchange), and I really want to be able to use this myself in the future.


    I truly am sorry I haven't been on the last two days, but I haven't forgotten, and I'll continue testing as long as I know the exchange hasn't been scrapped.

  15. I envy you so bad. I've wanted the faller tea cups kit for years. It's currently the only kit I haven't been able to get my hands on. I can't believe that you got one for only 15 dollars! I was trying to get one on eBay a long time ago, and it went upwards of 600 dollars. It's one of thee rarest faller kits along with the observation tower, old octupussy, and old ferris wheel which I was surprised I ever got any of them.

  16. Everything exchange wise has been working great for me, haven't had any issues. I'm going to take a break checking on files for awhile, and start uploading some stuff. So for those who've been interested in those old parks I promised, keep a look out on my exchange profile.


    Here's the latest version of the list of what I've checked on.





    Turn of the Century - Track - Worked - Corkscrew (Not specified in description)turn

    B&M's Galaxy - Worked - Track - B&M Hyper (Not specified in description)

    Aeroplane Dips - Worked - Track - Wooden (Not specified in description)

    Thrill Court - Worked - Listed that it requires Time Twister, and Wacky Worlds, confirmed that it does not.

    Saw Dust - Worked - Track

    CCCP - Worked - Park

    Futurama - Worked - Park/Design

    Astor Place - Worked - Park

    Bumbly Beach - Worked - Park


    Melling Park - Download worked, park contains invalid data - Park - It's not missing data, it's invalid data. Which normally means the file is corrupted somehow. It's a file issue, not a database issue. EDIT:Worked on firefox, not safari. I think it was a computer issue on my end.


    Mysterious Island - Same as above


    El Toro - Same as above - Other notes, I'm starting to think that the database may have something to do with it now. They are not working, and posted from three different people.


    Using Firefox, on my windows partition from now on.

    Paradise Park - Worked - Park - Requires Time Twister, which was not listed.

    The Beatles - Worked - Park

    Disney's Shadowlands - Worked - Park

    DisneyAir - Worked - Park

    The San Fancisco Boardwalk - Worked - Park - It downloaded without the ".sv6" tag, So I had to add it, but the file did work.

    Six Flags Milwaukee - Worked - Scenario/Park

    Dynamite Dunes - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Over Flags - Download Worked - Park - Requires Time Twister

    Idylwild Heights - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Magic Mountain - Worked - Park

    Surf Beach - Worked - Park

    The Seventh Flag - Worked - Park

    Ashbrook Waters - Download Worked - Park - Requires Wacky Worlds (No Screen Available either)

    Valley Point - Worked - Park

    Disneyland - Worked - Park

    Six Flags Ultimato - Worked - Park

    Bier park - Worked - Park

    Aqua - Worked - Track

    Elsmere Adventure - Worked - Park

    Bob's Funland - Worked - Park/Scenario

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