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  1. Makes sense with what I've been seeing. I'm in Cuba for about 10 days so I might still swing by the ones that a bit closer to other places of interest. Thanks!

  2. I swear I saw someone's TR from a recent cruise or something showing the state of some of the Cuban theme parks. Anyone know which ones still have operating roller coasters or which parks are better than others? From RCDB it looked like there a lot of rides somewhat recently went SBNO, and Cuba isn't huge on websites, so easily findable information is at a premium. Was hoping to hit up Todo en Uno in Varadero and probably Isla del Coco and Parque Lenin in Havana. Thanks!

  3. Anyone with a pulse on the goings on at SFMM have a clue if Twisted Colossus, Lex Luthor, and Justice League will be open by December? Was hoping to get use out of my season pass for some new rides since the last time I've been but with Apocalypse and Green Lantern being closed for a while it'll pretty much only be Yolocoaster and OTSR-free Revolution that'll be new to me. I wouldn't expect lines to be crazy in early December, but was debating if regular or gold flash pass was worth it at all.

  4. This looks so awesome. Sounds like there's a blocking system to prevent some gnarly accidents, though I'm curious if there's a way to force people around or let them back out if they chicken out.


    After poking around the website a bit, I think I've also found the weirdest ride backing music ever in their roller coasters with your own car concept:


    And this sky ride for your car in German that ends in a very politically charged English bit:

  5. I'll be going to Japan in January or February (totally ready to freeze my tits off), and will be going to the Tokyo Disney Resort. I know Robb has recommended staying at the Hotel MiraCosta but the only available rooms are several thousand dollars a night (USD). It looks like the official non-Disney resort hotels, namely the Sheraton, are about half the cost of the Disney Ambassador and Disnleyland Hotel. Is there enough Disney magic at the hotels or benefit from being that much closer to the parks than the other official hotels? It looks like the official Disney hotel guests get into the parks a whole 15 minutes earlier than the rest, but I wouldn't expect huge crowds mid week in the winter.

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