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  1. Hanno, wow... those are some truly amazing captures. Thanks so much for posting those. Are you going to make the Europe trip?
  2. ^^^Elissa!!! Way to scope out the hot teenage ride-op! Boob-credits are so overrated...or so I've heard. Christiana "I love sweat-drenched ponytails" Steffensen
  3. Wow, incredible TR, Jahan, with top-shelf captions. I take back what I said to Robb about being forced to room with you. p.s. Wuz' up with the matching GAP shirts? "Just cinch it."
  4. Boo-yah. That was incredible...my last and only visit to Epcot was in '85...back when I was learning to program a TRS-80. Ughh.
  5. Can someone identify this strange contraption...or at least which park its located at? I've never seen anything like this. http://www.gallery-dump.net/?id=1205
  6. Here's a closeup from Liveleak. http://cdn-18.liveleak.com/liveleak/9/media9/2007/May/5/LiveLeak-dot-com-48097-iup376581.jpg
  7. Touring the East coast...would be OK. ::bows to R AND E and:: "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!"
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