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  1. I can think of 2 holidays that the 'average' teen would go on:


    1. alcohol or adrenaline filled trips with friends (i was going to use Ibiza clubbing as an example but that got me wondering if americans actually do that, or at least in the volume that makes it a brit teen stereotype), or a TPR trip i guess.

    2. something forced onto them by there familys that they don't want to do, for example when i had to go to Crete in October (closed water park = bad) so although it may not be a teen holiday, you can bet that teens in familys with younger children WILL go (against there will or not)


    Option #2 is utterly dismal. It must be god-awful to be forced to go on vacation.

  2. ...and I'm still in shock that people are attempting to compare this to Kawasemi. While it may mirror Kawasemi's layout, Intimidator is set to a MUCH larger scale. The key to the megalite's "ejector" is COMPACT design. Intimidator is the antithesis of compact...it is sprawling.


    Kawasemi's swift transitions and jolting airhills don't translate to a coaster this size. Hell, even S:RoS does NOT have Kawasemi's insane air.


    All in all, Intimidator will be another swift and graceful Intamin, possibly eclipsing MF's popularity...no need to complain. It will be my ONLY reason to return to KD.

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