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  1. I honestly am not suprised! I've been to GADV multiple times when Flash Passes are sold out! The system is amasing, and if you want to get the whole park done fast, a flash pass on a busy day is the only way to do it!
  2. OMG I think I just peed myself! As a MINI owner I will agree. They really aren't that small! BMW wanted to make the "New MINI" Luxurious! If you take a look at the Classic Mini they are stripped to bare needs! However the new ones have more crap then you know what to do with it! MINI USA sales up 34% for the month of August! MINIs get good gas mileage if you baby it. However run the S hard and watch the fuel needle drop! After a day at the Auto Cross Track my Average MPG was 15! I also have and automatic so I'm at a disadvantage!
  3. I gotta keep up on this thread... had i known you were gonna be at GADV today i would have been there! Have fun at the yankee game!
  4. Amasing Shots Hanno Thank You! Keep them coming I love seeing everyones reactions!
  5. Clementon Lake Park- Its got 1 coaster and like 7 flats left! Six Flags America- You can just tell Six Flags doesen't care about this park! And on a REALLY sad note: Hard Rock Park- I think it has big potential, but was built at the wrong time making it tough to survive!
  6. Wheres Jesus? LOL that park was simply amasing! Boulder Dash OMG I dont think ive ever had a wild ride like that before! cant wait to go back in october for some rides before they neuter it!
  7. ^ She was at our ERT session, thank god she wasn't checking restraints! But yea thats the worst I've ever been stapled!
  8. ^ Excuse me Linux... Adults are talking here!
  9. Im gonna bring back a quote for my crew last year... Cedar Fair high five = FAIL!
  10. All after the ordeal youve been thru! that my friends is dedication! Hope your feeling better, and i can wait to see this badboy unfold!
  11. Heres the desk top from my Spifftacular new Macbook! dun dun!
  12. I'm really upset GCI isn't doing their normal tight twisting layout! It seems like it go speed but not quick dips or changes in direction! I hope this isn't the new face of GCI!
  13. Awesome pics! altho they dont look as crazy as the East Coasters! WOOT!
  14. TPR East Coast Tour Randomness! We were at a Hilton in Williamsburg before the tour went to BGE. Well at breakfast thee next morning I saw the biggest banana EVER! So I went outside with it hanging out of my pants and drew put his mouth over it, and Chris or Darren took the picture!
  15. Awesome pics of stab land! lol Altho its a Zamperla flyer not Vekoma! which in turn makes it 100 times worse!
  16. Toro was running the worst i ever felt it run during our ert! so im glad those of you went back and were able to ride the Toro that I adore! No other tour would do what Robb and Elissa do. they would have called at a wash and left it that way! Not R&E they made it so everyone could get their credits! Great stuff C-Jay
  17. ahhh sweet sweet Boulder Dash! My new number 1 woodie! Im going back in October to ride it before they neuter it!
  18. That Mad Mouse was soooo cool i love the old school death boxes!
  19. Great PTR Chuck! the DarKastle tour was amazing!
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