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  1. My Current ---> 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser... All I've done to it is put in a sound system... Its color is called Shale Green Metallic... Its slower than moleasses in the middle of January... It has 62K miles on it!!! My Near Future ---> 2006 Mini Cooper S... Its got alot of nice stuff... Like slap shift and a superchanger!!!... Its color is called Dark Silver Metallic with black bonnet stripes... It has 11K miles on it!!! My Near Future --- 2006 Mini Cooper S My Current--- 2001 PT Cruiser
  2. Its ME!!! Hey look it's me!!! (No I don't drive like this, I was making fun of an old man driving next to us!!!)
  3. I would rather strong ejector air over floater air anytime!!! And in the back seat you do get air when you crest the lift... But thats my opinion not yours!!!
  4. Robb and Elissa your daughter is beautiful... she looks soooooo sweet and innocent!!!
  5. The Bull takes the cake... El Toro has the most INSANE air than any other coaster I have been on. It pulls air EVERYWHERE!!! In Order of airness... 1.Cresting the lift 2.The drop rear rows of the train. 3.1st 2nd and 3rd hills. with insane ejector air!!! 4.The hill after the turn around light ejector 5.Bunny hop heavy floater. 6.Cross over insane ejector once again. 7.Coming into the brakes insane!!! Yeah thats El Toro for those who havent been!!!
  6. Congrats Robb and Elissa, and welcome to the world Kristen!!! Good luck as new parents!!! I'm thinking her first word will be Intamin!!!
  7. Nope!!! Did you know Mantis Man was just on TV.
  8. 7/10 For orignality!!! reminds me of the luxor hotel for some reason!!!
  9. Palm Treo 700p Good Stuff!!! I love It!!! There It Is
  10. Kingda Ka "Arms Down Head Back Hold on" *Loud ass fog horn* Gone
  11. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. Yes A Samsung 19" LCD HDTV!!! Do you have a surround sound system in ur room
  13. I love the mag brakes make the fun ride better by not slamming to a stop!!! Nitro uses them for its brunt work... And i know El Toro is an intamin but el toro uses its magnetic brakes for holding as well i think they are the best thing to happen to the coaster world since B&M came up with the idea to make the upstop wheels gap free... unlike Arrow and Vekoma!!!
  14. Age-19 Middle name-James Pet Peeve- Not putting stuff back where it belongs Color of your bathroom- peach Best movie of ALL time-OFFICE SPACE!!! Best song of ALL time-On a party trip -Dj cammy Best TV shows-Deal or No Deal, Extreme Makeover Home Edition Favorite band/artist- Relient K Favorite ride(s) at Disney: havent been in a while i dont remember Yummiest ice cream-Ben and Jerrys Phish Food If you could eat lunch with somebody, who would it be?-ROBB AND ELISSA ALVEY!!! Morning Person or Night Person-Morning Pets-2 cats and a hamster and fish Favorite color-Orange Where would you go for fun (not a theme park)-Liki Tiki Village in FLA Coke or Pepsi-Coke Opinion about PB & J-LOVE IT!!! Best Vacation Spot-Liki Tiki Village in FLA Cook or go out-I LOVE COOKING!!! Favorite coaster- EL TORO favorite videogame-DDR and Guitar Hero Favorite board game-Mouse Trap Favorite Magazine-Lighting and Sound America Non coaster past times-My First FLA vacation Films I'm looking foward to-Epic movie Favorite inversion-Cobra Roll Favorite ride (non-roller coaster)-Houdinis great escape Favorite type of car-Mini Cooper S convertible/ Ferrari 575M Marenello Favorite actor-dont have one Favorite non-board game-Craps Favorite zoo animal-Llama Favorite cardio activity-DDR
  15. All woodies will eventually be rough... even my baby El Toro But the drop looks amazing!!!
  16. Please join in the fun woith us!!! Copy and paster link below!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanx ALOT!!! We are a new site and were looking for new people!!! Mod Edit: This is against the TOS you should have read when you signed up.
  17. killer retro pics dude!!! hey you had a good eye for 13!!!
  18. GET THERE EARLY!!!!!! A the big rides are lineless and you probably can ride 2 or more time without getting off!!!
  19. Sitting in my house Ernesto ruined my Great Adventure plans with my 4 yr old nephew... So im just sitting here. El Toro Ejector not this weekend
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