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  1. The longest line I ever waited in was just over 4 hours for Soarin' at EPCOT! Before you ask, I only did it because it was the first time I had been to a Disney Park in 6 years and it was the first time I would be able to ride Soarin'. Honestly, It was the worst line ever, I almost snapped and drop kicked a child! For god sakes, EPCOT, fix this NOW!!! On a side note, on New Year's Eve, Soarin's line reached anywhere from 4-8 hours, to the point where that would be your only ride that day, they actually had security posted inside the line, to make sure no babies were punted!
  2. Here is my entry into this weeks Track of the Week Contest. The Quest for Davy Jones is set in the Isles of Tortuga. It is situated along the shores of the village of Tortuga next to the docked Black Pearl, and the ever-so-popular tavern. A hit with the peeps, this river rapids ride that splashes into the bay of Tortuga, is sure to entertain the masses! Here is the link to the Game Exchange File! http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2167 Good Luck to Everybody!
  3. This is just a topic where everybody can post their arrival dates and workplaces. I arrive May 24th and will be working quick service food and beverage. Please post your stats in this topic. I want to get to know some fellow TPR members before I get down to Orlando.
  4. How did you get that, I am a big Disney fan and would love that background
  5. Hey Big Mike this is Method 2, sorry i don't post a lot, kind of a lurker. I really love these updates and i hope they continue. Thanks a Bunch, Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho Andrew
  6. I have the full version of Windows 7 and it works great. At least 2 times faster than Vista, so much so that it is noticeably faster. Trust me, I have the full version (perks of knowing people at a university). Everybody will like it and Microsoft has a winner.
  7. Hey man, I love your art! Could you please make me one with Andrew and the voyage from holiday world. Thanks So Much, here is my email abeil@purdue.edu
  8. Today, I was browsing my Facebook page when I noticed a post by Holiday World saying that they were releasing details on their 2010 "thing" on August 13th. Here is the post: Also here is a contest? for all the twitter/Facebook/email users:
  9. I just took all my finals on Wednesday and I am done with school!!!!!! I graduate on Tuesday the 2nd. I cannot wait!!
  10. I graduate on June 2 but my last day of school is on May 27th. I will be attending Purdue University in the fall and plan to major in mechanical engineering. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait!!!
  11. Just got back from black friday sales. I spent just under 80 dollars and got a preowned slim PS2, Call of Duty 2, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, and Socom Combined Assault from Gamestop. I also went to Circuit City and bought 6 DVD's for 24 dollars. I love sales!!
  12. ^^I have an iPod Classic and use it almost daily. The hard drive is really excellent (80 GB) and hasn't failed me yet and can store a huge amount of files. The battery on my ipod classic usually lasts 4 or 5 days on a full charge if you listen to music and play a few games or videos. i would highly recommend it especially for the price. Quite thin and lightweight for the size of hard drive in it also. Go out and get one!
  13. Sounds like a great idea, I am definitely in for the contest. Will you post a list of who all is playing at a certain date? BTW Go Colts!!!
  14. I started my senior year of high school on wednesday. 1st period--AP Literature and Composition 2nd period--Spanish fourth year 3rd period--Economics 4th period--ACP Calculus 5th period--Principles of Engineering
  15. ^ I think it will be a fastpass or q-bot type system and a euro-fighter or el loco coaster
  16. Definitely missed number 5, oh well it gave me something to do while I was sick.
  17. My official answer is nine ducks. Some of those were pretty tricky, good job on the pictures Big Mike!
  18. I got my first car last night and I only paid 4000 bucks for it. It's a 1999 Nissan Maxima GXE and the antenna and receiver are both broken but I'm going to replace them soon. It is a fun little car and it gets pretty good gas mileage for a V6. My new car!!
  19. I live in hamilton county, and also moved here from the San Diego area. The schools here are a hundred times better than in California. I would check into the Village Farms neighborhood.
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