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  1. Full 1080p or higher resolution downloads please! I have no idea what a dee-vee-dee is anymore. I have some clue what a Blu-ray disc is though.
  2. Neither I prefer Walt Disney and Universal Parks. All Six Cedars parks are about the same.
  3. Yes, that's how it will work. Think of it like being the monorail from MK to Epcot. You need a ticket to get in. There is no monorail line that goes from the Magic Kingdom Park to EPCOT. But there are two lines that go from the Magic Kingdom Park to the Ticket & Transportation Center and then another separate monorail line that goes from the Ticket & Transportation to EPCOT and back.
  4. Does anyone know that name of that song inside the Incredible Hulk Coaster's queue house at Universal's Island of Adventure and where to find it? Not Banner Science Park
  5. So should it now be called: 1. namtaB: the Ride 2. namtaB: eht ediR 3. ediR eht: namtaB
  6. Daft Punk the Ride?! Where can I get a "Disney's" Fastpass for that?
  7. This ride is obviously an Arrow-S&S-Apple 5th Dimension iCoaster. I bet the Ropers are going to be so excited when this thing opens, are they even still around?
  8. Wow, nice photos! I guess this park is Italy's version of UIOA?
  9. That has to be the oddest Heartline Spin I have ever seen. Were Bolliger, Mabillard and their team high on something when they designed this layout?
  10. I would say that this new coaster is more of "Quicksilver" blue, a shade of bright blue that Quicksilver likes to use in a lot of their shirts. A medium bright blue that is closer to the green side of the spectrum. Montu on the other hand is a dark blue with a hint of violet and very close to the violet side of the spectrum. For all you old enough to remember way back to 1999, Montu's track color is the same, if not exactly the same color as the Grape iMac. Which was surprisely no where near a "grape" color at all. So like a year later it was replaced by one that was actually violet in color.
  11. Wow, thank you very much. Now if I only get back the rest of those Coastersims tracks I love so much. What a wonderful time to have a HDD crash. ^_^
  12. Now that Coastersims.com is dust, can anyone email me Thunderhead Falls, I have everything except the track itself.
  13. Knott's Berry Farm has the best theme park food I have ever tasted, especially Knott's Chicken Dinner and Boysenberry Punch.
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