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  1. It had been rumored that the loop was coming down on PKI fan sites since about December 6th. From those pictures on the first page, if the loop was there, it would be visible.


    SoB will not receive PTC trains because that would probably make your ride experience worse. For Son of Beast being a whole different type of coaster, it needs near custom trains to make it really comfortable.


    I wonder if CF is taking care of this loop shortcoming by installing a little ride from a park north of PKI?

  2. Wyandot Lake had about 10 rides if I can remember correctly. I never went during an actually operating date (Even though is is technicaly the 2nd closest amusement park to me)


    The park was more noted for its water rides then amusement rides. There are four slides, (Six Flags is selling the 3 longest ones) one large wave pool and one small one (the water slide that is staying dumps into the small wave pool)


    I was hoping to get a sign from the park through the auction but it seemed that the Zoo decided not to sell the signs even though in the flyer they stated that they would sell them.


    Sea Dragon, the coaster there, is not going anywhere as of now. The Zoo owns it. I think its obvious that there will be no 2007 season for this park, but it has been rumored that it will be back in 2008 while the Zoo fixes it up and installs new rides.

  3. So I made the journey northwards an hour to Wyandot Lake, a part I have never been to before, to check out their auction inspection because Six Flags is selling the park to the Columbus Zoo (which is right across the street) and selling off most of the items on property.




    Manual brakes! Whoo!


    I found this in the HR room of Wyandot Lake, that was gutted of all furniture. Last thing hanging on the wall.




    So thats why Six Flags is selling, busted for possession. Who is so stupid to POST IT! Sheesh.


    ZOMG!1!!!one!11! POV!


    Is this a credit?


    Hm...the gate is open...dare I?


    lol dead. :D


    So I heard these are from Astroworld...Can you say "Cursed"?


    Six Flags proudly serves!


    If I got those, we could so have a dance party in the bathrooms.


    Have you ever seen a Tilt-A-Whirl motor?


    More structure parts.


    More Tilt-A-Whirl parts.


    Poor Tilt-A-Whirl, sent to endure more misery at another Six Flags park!


    Wow. Six Flags really got to that AC machine!


    This could be the last go around on the merry-go-round!

  4. I think Richards was justified with some of his remarks.


    I am not racist and I don't believe he is either. If you have ever listened to a black comedian, they insult whites and call us crackers and any other thing you can think of to insult us. Now if a white comedian says even ONE bad thing, we get yelled at, as shown in this video.


    You can clearly see that Richards tried to go back into jokes two times in this


    video clip.


    His first remarks are that the man would of been strung up in a tree, which he would of been 50 years ago. (Sad to say this about my own country) Then Richards proceeds to point UPWARDS yelling, "He's a ******" towards an imaginary tree.


    He proceeds to start into a joke by saying, "See this shocks you, to see whats buried beneath you stupid mother*uckers" while motioning towards the crowd. This was meant to say that the people that would of strung the man in the audience up in the tree, and would shout racial slurs are the same people as the ones sitting in the audience. (I have never seen a full length comedy routine by Richards so I do not know if he uses works like "mother*ucker" alot.)


    After being yelled at more at the audience there is an evident video break where at least 10 seconds could of elapsed (notice Richards is on one side of the stage one second then the other the next). Richards points out that he cant be arrested for calling a black man what he did.


    Richards tried to continue on with the joke by trying to link the situation at hand with his joke but that is where he really seemed racist. He comes off this way because people really didn't know the setting and that he was actually trying to tell a joke.

  5. About those "realistic" supports:


    This link is a good picture describing how to get joints on the supports rather then just an end poking out when you just connect two tubes to one node. Make sure you use two nodes for a section where tubing interesects.


    Even if you have all the best tools in the world to make supports (like auto flanger) your supports wont look so "real" if you dont know what they look like in real life. Dont just make up supports. Head over to rcdb and really look at other coaster's supports that are the same company as yours and even the same type as possible. Study every picture you can.


    If you dont get what to do from pictures, GO TO A PARK WITH A COASTER LIKE IT! Nobody can turn down a bit of "research" on coasters! Its fun!

  6. NL is a rollercoaster simulator.


    All of the RCT products are themepark creators.


    The fact that in RCT products you can actually make rollercoasters is probably only there because of the name and that most people associate rollercoasters with themeparks.


    NL when it was first beginning to be developed was meant for rollercoaster building and thats it. Lots of people in the NL community dont like the fact that Ole added 3ds support to the game. They belive that it takes away from the rollercoaster simulation part of the game.


    When NL2 comes out in around 2010 (yeah, thats the estimated date as of now) it will be the most amazing ROLLERCOASTER SIMULATION program around. Ole has stated that he is 100% sure that he is making the Sim and Editor all one program, like SM has.

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