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  1. I'm new here, but I'll chime in, Fire is my favorite, IMHO front seat on fire kicks some serious butt!
  2. Back in May, I was there during the rehab of DD, but they had it open on the Friday I was there. We got to IOA at 9 and got 3 straight front row rides (2 fire, 1 Ice) we just walked to the repeat rider line and went back on! That was great. maybe 10 min wait total for all 3 rides.
  3. I'll be there the last week of October, this is my 1st HHN, I'm really looking forward to it!
  4. I am new here and just came across this thread. I have to agree about GADV 100%. I was there on july 17th and the whole day was lame. Ka wasn't running most of the day, only got on ET once (but it was excellent!) Superman was broke, as was both sides of the chiller (I think it's been that way most of the season so far). It took an hour to get on Batman becasuse they were sending out trains half full!! I was really let down, I won't be going back this year, and I only live an hour and a half away! I need to get to Dorney soon, it's been years since I was there.
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