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  1. I've got about 100 -- from early construction to finished product. Check out Google, type in crush n gusher then hit the 'images' section.
  2. Is Ski Dubai open yet? That looks so 'cool'. Nice pics, am very jealous you live in Dubai. Is Dubai as cool as it seems or? Jose "I have a Dubai Fetish" Eber
  3. I've heard 100 million as well. And they still went with Vekoma.
  4. Just curious who's done this, whether its worth it, fun, stupid, boring etc. I guess its cool if you don't have an annual pass (free ticket for the day!) Love to see my gorgeous face on t.v. That would be hilarious if someone was in a TPR hoodie on national television. Anyone going? Click Here for Reservation Details
  5. Oh my word, my wife and I still say to each other "or just grab a coke" in that Parker Posey accent. Is that the actual stand? Wow. The DVD extra of her monologue is worth its weight in gold. "Who's on top and who's on bottom now!" Nice shots of EE -- I'm just waiting (down the street so to speak) for guest testing. Soarin's was well before cast member previews -- crossing my fingers. P.
  6. Whop dee doo--- Amidst the drama of a 112 foot drop (not 80'! OMG!) Disney on their site releases the official length. Some said a mile, some said a mile and a quarter -- but, well -- in a picture:
  7. I'd be curious to ride Tower at TDS -- I mean, OLC really puts out the cash -- it could be really sweet. I think one day i'll do a World tour of Disney parks -- once the towers are open Don't get me started on DCA's tower -- the over the top lighting in the 'basement' is so flamboyant and weak (a lot of recent disney attractions just crank up the lights or volume and think that's actually adequate) -- and that dang alleyway before you enter the car -- no comparison (although I like the mechanics of DCA - you can tell its new and more sophisticated in mechanics). Any official press release on that thing?
  8. Has this been mentioned recently? On the 7th and 2nd Joe added some new pics. Click Here TOT TDS
  9. Folks seem to forget that there are a huge amount of rooms going up (and already up) across the lake. The fireworks need to go (for the children!!! ------- and their bedtimes). So if PI -- the first 'adult' disney complex gets torn down, can we expect DCA the first 'adult theme park' to follow suit? Been to the Adventurers club once -- found it intriguing, but ultimately flaccid in concept and devoid of bankable entertainment value.
  10. When I have time (for resizing the images cuz a few weren't below 150 kb) I'll manually post them. also, one thing I didn't mention -- space mountain's exterior light show was improved this year. very sweet. Make sure to catch the headless horseman before the parade (10 minutes before) AND don't forget to get your photograph taken (and sent to your house) for free! edit: added a little slideshow to wet folks appetite for MNSSHP
  11. Took them down. re: Barry: Brer's patch was very generous and not on the map. We might have double dipped a few places also.
  12. That's been that way for a while, since before Small World re-opened.
  13. Hey Kids, want some candy? First off, we were able to enter in early -- before 7p.m. fyi. We rode Space b4 it even hit 7 o clock. It was friggen hot. Candy was everywhere, and good quality/variety. If you miss out, at the exit outside the park they have two huge bins and will fill up your bag big time. I'm proud to say I filled my bag about 2/3 w/o Disney's help. Already mentioned: candy amount up 60% -- you do get some cheap cast members, and some generous cast members. beware! The headless horseman was interesting. HalloWishes was fun (with the park surrounded by fireworks). Dragged a bit though. Space Mountain has a better lightshow on the outside this year. What else...oh, hard not to have fun. For me, this is how I'll enjoy MK from now on: fewer crowds, festive atmosphere and plenty of sugar to go around. Cool parades and Fireworks don't hurt. Everbody Scream.mov Here is something to start -- a little slideshow for folks to download.
  14. If you are more introverted, be kind and be yourself.
  15. My first ipod got really scratched, then I got those iPod socks apple makes, keeps my 60 gig nice and fresh.
  16. Its weird. I bought the first ipod, a photo a shuffle mini etc. but have no interest in the Nano. I'm glad everyone likes it but ipods are so 3.5 years ago for me.
  17. I used to turn tricks at the front gate at MK (WDW). But then I met my wife! My best client ever, now a fabulous lover! Working at parks is the best! Jose
  18. Def. do not ride back -- ouch factor is high. The first car though isn't worth it in my opinion, also a rough ride. I agree-- its a middle, to middle middle front type of ride (although trying the first row out just for kicks might be worth it later on).
  19. I think its about 45000 acres, just under twice the size of WDW (and wdw isn't fully developed). I need ma Emirates first class ticket! One way please!
  20. To me, Dubai is 'the' happening city (on a global scale). From my old investment information there are several planned theme parks for Dubailand (search Dubai here, I think I've posted info on it). I forget the alloted size for DL, but I know the anticipated employment is roughly quadruple of what Walt Disney World now has. Something like a 20 billion dollar investment.
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