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  1. I was just there for a bit -- it is the most popular tourist destination in Europe believe it or not! J.
  2. They initially reported he had life threatening injuries!
  3. Here's the sign that is splattered everywhere inside Animal Kingdom -- here's to more open days!
  4. Hmm...could be just a 9-2 pm type opening time. Like they did on Sunday and Saturday. J. edit: hoping against hope for you? I'm not in a rush myself -- waiting for a lens, then will start work on footage.
  5. I Just think its blasphemy destroying a ride with Lucas fingerprint on it. I mean, its not like the ride was a Howard the Duck or something -- was it?
  6. Wow, rest of the week now huh. (crys inside). Erik: The cast knew I was coming for some video so they had the place cleared out for me. I'm really that special J.(K.)
  7. You have to hand it to the leaders of the area to aggressively switch their economy from oil to tourism but.... No natural born Israelis are allowed in the city. Dubai: Pros: building a theme park entity 4 x the size of Disney World Cons: No Israelis allowed (Natally Portman noooooooo!!!!) J.
  8. Took some video the other day -- here are some screen grabs (podcast #1 is up btw). Its AMAZING how sight lines are considered by imagineers. Look what happens when part of Tarzan Rocks gets torn down:
  9. I'm sorry, am I the only fan of the show that didn't hear about the show not airing on Friday? I kept looking it up on T.V guide for monday. Thank goodness a) I was watching t.v. at 8 b) got bored and flipped channels at 8:11 c) downloaded the first few minutes via bittorent. NOWHERE on the official website (which I frequented a lot to see when the new episodes were coming -- I had heard it was going to be in a 2 hour block) was it advertised. THEN -- putting it up against the olympics? I'm sorry, but the network heads at Fox are a$$wholes. They don't advertise the show's season finale and THEN position it against the olympics opening ceremony? Its like they want it to fail. Rastards. ANYWHO -- I thought the show did wrap up nicely (I knew Lindsay was adopted) and man, Anyong has changed! I just wish they found busters hand. I'm thinking the writers did close things off, but they kept it just as open as well -- now we can have a whole story arc with Mom in prison. Works for me! Prays that showtime picks it up for two seasons and its downloadable off of iTunes. J. EDIT: 600th post! Also -- the No scar...dot com -- had to watch my downloaded version to catch that --- sooo funny. Noticed conslutant too. Thought justine did a great job 'family ties' is the name of the episode lol. And bringing in the nurse to re-do their WWII scene was sweet. "Put a fig in ma mouth" J.
  10. Huh, I would think Disneyland Gate would make it the most expensive and disney Sea gate one step down? (kind of like how the closer the hotel is to the most popular park, the more expensive ala Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland's GC?) J. EDIT: Yes, that Monster's Inc ride looks INSANE! 85 million? Oh my word. get me on that thing....keep on having to delay my planned global hoping Disney trip lol.
  11. Not sure I'll send it to you there kiddo -- the project isn't finished -- rather develop it privately with someone -- or hand it off to a pro. (not that a pro would prob. touch it as the backwards part is fudged). J.
  12. I'll email it to you -- whats WWS? EDIT: wee wee slap? That's pretty stupid -- stealing from Hansixx -- he's pretty popular/well known --
  13. Who are you talking about? Who's stealing track! BTW -- no its not perfect -- you 'run into yourself' on the two switches -- but you can work on a lot of other stuff and wait till Ole revises his program. Edit: pics:
  14. Glad this is up -- I need help with 3DS work -- I've been working on my track for spell and its been finished for a few weeks now. Its based on satellite photos -- construction imagery and multiple rides. I know No limits doesn't do the track switch, but, hey, its worth a try. Anyone a 3DS pro?
  15. I guess being both victorian/turn of the century, very similar if not exact -- but within that idiom -- me thinks very different!
  16. Speaking of Paris -- it kinda reminds me of the Paris hotel in vegas -- at least in roof color -- It doesn't really resemble any Disney hotel I know too terribly much. Kind of a bad drawing though -- I wouldn't have used dusk colors in the reflection on the windows... Anywho -- a high end Disney resort at Tokyo DR I think is needed -- man, I might have to delay the TOTs across the world trip. J.
  17. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel to Open in Fiscal Year 2008 URAYASU, CHIBA - Oriental Land Co, Ltd. has announced that the new Disney hotel scheduled to open in Tokyo Disney Resort in Japanese fiscal year 2008 will be named "Tokyo Disneyland Hotel." The new hotel will be built in front of Tokyo Disneyland Park, with the Disney Resort Line's Tokyo Disneyland Station in between. The hotel will reflect the early 20th-century Victorian architectural style found in the Park’s World Bazaar themed land, the monorail station and the main entrance area. While grand and elegant, the hotel will generate a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for the Guests. Stepping through the main entrance on the third floor, Guests will find themselves in the most striking feature of the hotel: the spacious, brightly lit atrium lobby with its approximately 30- meter high ceiling. Descending to the first floor, guests will be able to move outside into a pleasant, spacious courtyard bordered by a restaurants and shops. Beyond this courtyard the monorail station and the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland will be waiting, promising fun things to come. The majority of the approximately 700 guest rooms in the hotel have been designed with families in mind, giving them a place where they can have a relaxing, comfortable stay. These themed room designs will no doubt afford guests a place to rest and talk over the many wonderful things they have experienced at the Resort. This third Disney hotel is another step in the development of Tokyo Disney Resort as a world-class vacation destination. Its construction will allow even more guests to enjoy the Disney brand of family entertainment and the Resort’s two theme parks, fine dining and tasteful shopping opportunities. Facility Details (Proposed) Name: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Location: Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture (within the Tokyo Disneyland Guest parking area) Management: Owner: Oriental Land Co., Ltd. Operator: Maihama Resort Hotels Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oriental Land Co., Ltd.) Opening Date: Fiscal year 2008 Structure: 9 levels above ground Floor Space: About 89,000 sq. meters Guestrooms: About 700 Other Facilities: Banquet rooms, restaurants, Disney shop, etc. Total Cost: About ¥44 billion (including parking structure) -- $370 million U.S. January 30th, 2006 URAYASU, CHIBA - A new attraction inspired by Disney’s presentation of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. will open in "Tomorrowland" in "Tokyo Disneyland Park" in Japanese fiscal year 2009. Guests experiencing the attraction will be able to participate in a game of hide-and-seek at the Monsters, Inc. building with the little girl Boo, Mike, Sulley, and other characters featured in the movie. The attraction will capture the warmth and charm of Boo and the monsters, and is sure to be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. Opening: Fiscal year 2009 (tentative) Attraction Name: To be determined Attraction Type: Ride-style Investment: Approximately ¥10 billion (US$85 million) Additional Facility: New merchandise shop On top of this 100 million spent on a new Cirque show (still can't get over spending 85 million on a dark ride)... WOW !! way to go Tokyo Disney!
  18. You know, I rode in the very back on monday -- that's why I made the retrack comment -- it was surprisingly rough. I just don't like sitting up front anymore, one nasty screaming kid and I'm deaf! (as it is I plug my ears in the overly loud blue light room at launch). stupids2= j'taime BTMR at Paris too! (#2 fav disney coaster?)
  19. If I remember correctly from DCA's TOT construction -- the motors are quite wide and narrow -- perhaps the additional space on the sides is for maintenance access? This ride looks sweet -- hope they don't ruin the attraction with DCA's dreaded hallway. I feel a global park hoping trip is in order!
  20. ^ Mine too! I was just on it Monday night. It would be cool if they re-tracked it. J.
  21. Shockwave: are you even old enough to have played with the original toy? el oh el I miss my Jetfire. The ride capacity is in the upper 1800's an hour. Technically they can run 5 trains -- but they use just 4, its easier to manage. JT3000 -- have you ridden the attraction? Its not a 3 second fly by btw, its 4-5. BTMR -- how many show scenes are there? Any big AA's? That goat is crazy! What about Space Mountain? Any AA's there? Is that ride crap? TOT -- how many show scenes - -- WAIT no AAs! - isn't it just a one trick pony with the elevator? There's all sorts of ways you can look at a ride -- if you want to be all negative -- as I've said elsewhere -- that attitude says more about you than the ride. If you deem the ride inadequate - well, To me the cool thing about the ride is they've attempted to get the track switch (normally reserved for access into train sheds) out in the public for constant use. That's a huge technical hurdle with major testing needed imo. Also, the break they use after the yeti scene is a tech. achievement. -- something like that isn't too common. Its a quasi block/slowdown segment. The yeti is amazing. Its large -- animated, they've got a great fur on it with a nice subtle wind effect. But I guess you could argue its crap too (what's with the cable back there?) Again, have you ridden the attraction? Because if you have, and you go 'meh' -- well -- what attraction would you say rocks or is amazing? Something tells me you don't know of one or can't say any ride today you've ridden is 'amazing'.
  22. Yah, well its a pet peeve of mine to be corrected. (its a funny mistake though -- 'break zones' -- you take a break on them. el oh el.
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