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  1. Wheyy! Im right on the left MCR top. I let Charlotte win
  2. full photo report Sorry im so tired, and ill do a write up tomorrow and put more pictures here .
  3. It IS NOT a funnel cloud. It was on my local news, and it said it was about 21 miles away in a town called Shipton. The photo clearly says not. Flamingoland is in the middle of knowhere so its not exactly like birmingham where there is lots of people who can record it and tell the news or anything
  4. Picture took by zimmy12. This is really rare in England and i know it caused chaos inside the park. Not really by damage but by the risk
  5. Can you send my pictures and if im interested would paypal be a sufficent program to pay you ?
  6. Welcome to my trip report of Flamingoland 1st July. Splash Battle offically opened today. You have to hit the targets or you get WET. I missed it deliberatly one time as my mate in the back got drenched, don't worry i was fine waterproofed lol. Splash Battle In the morning before opening. We walked over, subs on track, signs saying where entrance is.... i think its opening Close up of sub. Sub Again Volcano Splash Battle in the morning It opened, yey Getting wet. Water jets. People going into volcano Transfer track Station First corner. Another station shot. And again. Hit the triangle to stay dry ? Or get wet. Water sprays. Oh god, there trying to get me. Then the rain came ! Oh my god, it rained so much and the park got flooded as you will see. Rainy Splash Battle Rain in the area! still raining after 30 mins still raining... Even worse now! Oh god ... still dark clouds Drain leaking ? Oh yea Entrance totally flooded You see ? Its bad The coach park is now a lake I met loads of people had great day got on everything. Thanks for reading
  7. Well i went off today after the cancellation of Knightmare at Camelot, but had an ok day. It was a bit busy but met unkown and Richard who were great ! Hilights = The pedal boats were a classic, the dodgems i queued for ages as there was only 4 cars going, in the end they were pathetic. Splash Battle completed track, cars on site. Kumali x 3 Velocity x 2 Corky x 1 Cliffhanger x 2 Wild Mouse x 1 Navigator x 1 i can't remember any others lol. Looks a bit busy. Crane contructing Splash Battle theming. Splosh's path. Splash Battle track and theming. The volcano. and again. Constructing tunnel and water sprays. Food shop or onride photo booth ? Close up. Tunnel parts and the station with no flooring yet. Water jets on a wierd looking U thing. Busy day for Splosh. Good! While queuing me and Unkown spot these. Boats !! Nice African theming Weeds. Fast animals. Kumali from LRR. You again. Giraffe..... Lost river ride boat, awaiting a brake down. Cute monkey. Camel, what do you look like ! Giraffes headbutting each other * aww * *swings neck * Hippo's playing who can hold their breath the longest. What a suprise its broke again. Stacking the boats. Oh look an empty space Spare train, the one today sounded like it was going to blow or fall apart. Spot the Lion. Nice green water Getting wet. Green water settling again. Spot Vodoo Cliffhanger, shot only Construction. Other giraffes. Station another angle. People actually play that for £ 2 ? Kumali is setting off. Station again. Kumali. Down the drop. Down the dropp. Towards the loop. Cobra roll. Zero - G ! Helix. Water spray ( yes Splash Battle again ) Splosho Station and track Again Transfer Track There is the Corky operating Tunnel being put up towards end of day. Velocity GO GO GO I would of took more if my camara batteries didn't fail lol There you have it.
  8. I was going with another forum, i got day of school, parent off work. This winter has been one of the warmest and driest in the U.K. Considering they've had the ride since September-ish it makes me disappointed.
  9. Kumali was extremely smooth in its first year. Its second year is probably just as good apart from the cobra roll where you get a little jerk.
  10. Hmm i know exactly what you mean ! I was in a similar situation at my local park, but they don't do fastpasses. I'm waiting in line for Kumali and this 8 year old looking fat girl chav tried to literally walk past me in the queue, I looked at her and was astonished she went ' What the Fu## you look at ' I said ' Are you really that stupid you can't read, NO QUEUE JUMPING ' So then she tried every trick in the book , under my arm ect ect. When we got close enough i told the most responsible ride op there and she was banned from the ride. I swear she must of got past about 30 people and they didn't care? I know what you mean that you want to hit, but you can't or else your as bad as them. Its quite disgusting that Disney don't even take action on this. I hope the take action one day.
  11. There is the video of the ride on fire while operating, all i know is 37 people injured. The ride afterwards This is very saddening, does anyone know any more info ?
  12. i was tricked by the people who were at the park. i apologise for this. wont be believing anything until i see real proof anymore. lesson learnt. I find it offensive and not a joke, next time ill just hang up and reject the photo's. Some people you think you can trust think its a joke. So im sorry for believing that of what i thought i trusted. Im deeply sorry for all this, but there is still a possibility it could happen but its not the point. Im sorry for all of this and not in the best of moods of the situation and the fact i have never bullsh#ed about anything and there it goes.
  13. Well.. why can't i ? We are a Flamingoland Forum. Two members are there and im here. They've talked to the owners wife .. just because its not decent enough doesn't mean its not true.
  14. It is a woodie ! After a picture message there is indeed proof there is going to be a massive wooden coaster at Flamingoland. I have no idea what make it will be though. Construction has already started. It is taking up the Marquee and all of area up to little monsters area. Ground clearance has already started. This is a picture message from a phone of wood in the yard at the back of Kumali. Victoria ( Owners wife ) said it should be ready for opening day. Pictures tonight.
  15. Fair enough lol. I only have 6 pictures this week. What you can see if the advertising area. The main park is just groundwork at the moment.
  16. I've managed to get someone i know who is working in Dubai to send me some shots of what is going on... well the bill board and advertisment is impressive ! I thought it was the actuall park. Click Here for Dubailand and pictures of current state.
  17. Ok.. park didn't open till 12, but that wasn't a problem ! My first ride on Pepsi Max today, i liked it! Bit of airtime on first hill if you sit at the front. Avalanche was shut, so was Rollercoaster ( Under Refurbishment ) Infusion, well ! I did this update tonight, because not only did i catch it testing. I got a video and photo's of it testing. Vallhalla was shut all day Grand national was fun so was big dipper. The queue's were 5 minutes with 1 train on all rides including PMBO which was about a 5 minutes wait or 2 trains. All in all a good day for a £ 12.50 wristband. Well its finally testing ! Here is one picture for a taster Click Here for Infusion page which you can find a video and pictures of testing Sorry im in a rush and don't have to to do the links to everything, so ill just do it to my site i hope its ok. The rest of photo's will be added in due time
  18. It was testing today and work is still being made on the queue, and shops.
  19. I don't really agree with all of that, but the prices are bad ! I got two tickets for £25 so i wasn't bothered about the food. The park have got a good selection of rides and for the location, they are good. You can't exactlty build Medusa's and Kingda Ka's since Planning permission is AT biggest nightmare. They do add attractions each year and they try to alternate the type of ride so the whole family enjoys a day out. Reminding you they are supposed to be getting a wooden coaster and water ride next year.
  20. Click Here For Alton Towers Full Trip Report. Here is a little taster Air Rita And something you won't find on there, me next to my favourite ride at the park
  21. Arrived at 9:40 because i got stuck behind a Granny Mobile, and a council sweeper. I arrived and noticed how many Uni students there was, hundreds ! So i went onto the monorail and got to the park. £ 25 for two people is good Then i firstly went to Rita with a massive 5 minute queue with one train, i was about to be on the waiting area until... it broke. So i went off to Oblivion, great ride, no queue Then spinball whizzer, it was good ride yet there was no 2 adults per car rule? Then onto Duel, got beat again! The Haunted Hollow was quite funny, i kept calling the figures my relatives since i was in a good mood. Then onto the RMT which was alot faster. The ride op was great ! Depending on how loud your train screamed, you either got 4 rounds or 3 or 2. Mine got 4, i never screamed i just got deafened. Nemesis was a bit rough and Air loved the break downs. Sky ride wasn't working yet the cars weren't even on the cables.. Where do they go ? At end of day i went on Rita and i was sat there.... " Its counting down ... 3..2..1.. GOO" and we didn't move... " the ride break down annoucement" So.... eventually we went backwards to end of station then forwards and " Hope you enjoyed your ride on Rita" funny joke :S ... then here we go again " 3 ... 2 .. " Great timing, we went at 2 1/2 ! Ride Count Rita x 3 Oblivion x 3 Air x 1 Nemesis x 1 Spinball x 2 RMT x 2 Rapids x 1 Duel x 1 Rita Cafe was delightful Charlie x 1 ( what a waste of 2 minutes queuing) Good day, full of Uni people though. Photo report coming later tonight
  22. Ok great day ! Im suprised by how good it was. Arrived at 10 ish and it was empty, G Force and Shockwave tested and i liked the look of both. Shockwave : X2 It was a different experiance and i enjoyed it, through put was quite bad though. G Force: X2 Great ride, i wasn't too sure on what to expect. I liked it very much and the queue was long first time and short second Apocalypse: X2 Omg .... it was amazing, i was scared as usual and it was a great experiance. Anyway ... for those who want to see my trip report : Click here for more pictures Few Tasters The new ride ' Bounty '
  23. Well i went today. And i took loads of pictures found here : http://www.themeparkfusion.co.uk/openingdaytripreport.html The new rides : Dodgems 4-d pedalo's Splash battle Splish Splosh Cliffhanger was faulty. The new ride " Mine train is aweful to be honest. Sean.
  24. Flamingoland are getting Splash Battle , Mini Mine Rush + 4 D Cinema
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