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  1. hmm, so let me get this straight: during the winter season, most of the rides in SFOT will be closed, including Mr. Freeze, Texas Giant, Flashback and Batman The Ride? That s*cks... what remains in SFOT: Judge Roy Scream, La Vibora, Mine Train, Titan, Runaway Mountain and Shockwave? So they closed the best rides. That's kinda odd... And am I right: is Superman Krypton Coaster in Fiesta Texas also closed?? 'Cause the B&M's are what I was hoping for, but it looks like it that they are all closed...
  2. hey! Thnx for the advice and the short explanation of the differences between the parks. Both your posts and the results of the poll are very helpful, and it seems like it that I have to go to Sixflags Over Texas. Thanks! Niek.
  3. Hey everyone! This is my first post on TPR, but I'm a member for quite some time now. There was until now no need for me to start a topic, but here I am I'm from the Netherlands and an aunt of mine is living in Texas. For the first time, I will visit her. But how about visiting more than family? Can you guys give me some advice on choosing between a visit to: 1. Sixflags Over Texas (Titan and more...) 2. Sixflags Fiesta Texas (Mwaaah: Superman Krypton Coaster!! ) 3. Seaworld Texas I will be visiting Texas from the 18th till the 27th of december. So i wanna plan one day visiting a park. What's the best choice? (Keep in mind, I'm going to texas with my grandma, visiting my aunt and uncle who have to kids in the age of 2 and 4. edit: not sure who of them will join me .) Thnx!! Gr.Niek[/i]
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