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  1. Hey(mods i apologize for double posting but I have a TR to post!) Yesterday I went to SFFT finally after months and months of speculation. I have to say I was very impressed with the parks atmospeare and rides. But I wasn't impressed by crappy 1 train op on Polty and Goliath but I digress. We left our hotel at around 10 to get some breakfast at a "whataburger" being from Virginia I've never been to one of these before(we also went to Jack in the Box which was delicous). We got to the park around 11. The quarry setting of the park was excellent I must say but those waterfalls I see in the pictures so often weren't on all day . We paid the ridiculous parking fee of $15 and parked pretty close in front of Goliath. We already decided we were gonna ride that first. We walked in(having already paid the excellent price of 31.99(take a hint BGE). I have to say the entrance reminded me a lot of BGE as well as the half of spassberg without Superman Krypton Coaster(well get to that later). We took an immediate left and headed out to Goliath(odd location its so out of the way many people probably miss the walkway when they walk in). Once we got over there I noticed the t-shirts advertising goliath was so huge and all and I thought that was really dumb seeing its the 4th tallest coaster in the park out of 8 and all the other Goliaths in the world are huge awesome hypers but I digress. I guessed this was my first typical six flags like experience. One train op on Goliath. But surprisingly the line went extremely fast. The line was on the ramp and it was about a 15-20 minute wait. We got ridiculously lucky when we got to the turnstyle. The person assigning rows gave us the front I was extremely happy to get in the front because anywhere else on B&M inverts other than the back aren't really anywhere near as thrilling. This was my first ever Batman clone(I know it's reveresed). It was really short but it was awesome. I have this thing for B&M Inverts they're always a blast. It was also on this ride I learned Six Flags really dumb policy about shoes and other things being left in the station. When we got on I threw my sunglasses and hat down with my flip flops. A ride op immediately grabbed them and brought them back to us and said we can't leave them there. I think that is ridiculous we can't leave them there but we can leave our shoes. I understand it's a capacity time thing but sunglasses aren't that easy to hold onto on a coaster so I held onto them as I held onto the handlebar and I sat on my hat pretty much all day on all the rides except the flats which all actually had cubbies or the ops simply let me leave my stuff on the platforms but not at all on the coasters. After Goliath I decided to go ride Boomerang. This was my first ever vekoma boomerang. I don't understand why these things get all the heckling they do. Boomerang was a lot of fun but obviously the line went slow and we stood out in the sun which sucked. We got the very back seat of the train. Going down the drop after being pulled very slowly up the lift gives a very amazing feeling. I love that freefall feeling it feels really good. Being in the back we got jerked down the cobra roll and the loop going fowards but it wasn't bad at all. It feels really strange going through inversions backwards. After boomerang I really wanted to ride Poltergeist or a water ride if my mom wanted too but she didn't so we went on to Polty............no line...........but one train op. We walked in and I started to wait for the front. Then I realized the second row had virtually no wait. Me and my sister rode it twice while my dad and her BF waited for the front. We rode twice while they rode once. Poltergeist was probably my 3rd favorite coaster there. After the awesome polty we headed to the everlooming scream! Something about S&S towers they're unbelieveably loud(at least the ones I've been around). I mean it's not bad or annoying I understand what the ride is doing but I could hear it just about everywhere in the park. This was the first S&S tower I've ever ridden. It was a total blast being shot up and down. I can't decide if I like them more than Intamin gyro drops or not. After scream! we rode the scrambler....I love scramblers...After that I wanted to ride Scooby Doo's Ghostbusters but it was closed . We rode Frissbee instead. See this dissapointed me I've ridden MaXair which is my favorite flat ride anywhere. I expected the smaller version to be somewhat close to as good. Something I liked though we had a really long cycle but it didn't get really thrilling till the very end of the ride. These rides are not tall people friendly. I'm 6'1 and the restraints really hurt my shoulders. After that the fam wanted to ride Tony Hawk's Big Spin. I was looking foward to my first spinning coaster and I must say it was a MAJOR.................dissapointment. We barely spun it was kinda cool but it was too short way way to short. The ops were doing pretty good on operating it though. This was kinda fun but these need to stop popping up at other six flags parks. I bet the families love it but it's kinda mediocre. My biggest dissapointment of the day. After we rode THBS we decided to ride the chute the chutes which was fun for what it was and it got me a lot wetter than I thought it would but not too bad cause my shorts were still dry killing my worries of getting chaffed and all...........Unfortunately on the bridge walking out I thought I was clear of the splash radius but I wasn't.........I got good wave of soakage on my left side. That irritated me then I determined It was Superman Krypton Coaster time. Ok i was a lil dissapointed with it like somebody before said I was going to be. It had an AWESOME layout but it was so unbelieveably tame it reminded me of the smoothness from Millie at CP. The best parts of the ride were the zero-g and the massive loop. Which makes me think about Dominator at KD 3 hours from where I live. It has the same inverisions just without the zero-g . Makes me think it could wind up sucking whenever I get the chance to go to KD again. But yeah SKC was dissapointing It was a really good ride but too tame for such an awesome looking coaster. After that we ate the lunches we packed at the microscopic picnic area outside the park.(SFs way of saying &@#! you for not buying our ridiculously overpriced food!) After we ate I changed and went into the waterpark. It was pretty small but I didn't get to ride the one thing there I wanted to ride more than the others. The Tornado. It had the most ridiculously long line I saw in the park all day. I checked out the texas shaped wavepool which was actually REALLY SMALL with REALLY SMALL waves. It was cool it was shaped like texas but come on I thought everything was bigger in texas....So I rode the mat racer next to the wavepool. Now that was fun it took me a while to get my fat butt going but I zoomed past everyone it was a lot of fun. After that I went down the mine shaft slide which was fun but not worth the wait. then I checked out the lazy river.......the wave channel wasn't working which was really lame and it was unbelievably crowded. After that I figured I'd go check out whirlpool(proslide cannonbowl). I walked over on the painful pathway(that plastic stuff is awful on your feet!). I grabbed a tube and got in line which involved standing on the painful plastic stuff for an extended period of time until finally I was like &*#! it and crossed the rope to the walk on Big Bender slide. Ive been on a cannonbowl before at Emerald Pointe so I think I'll manage without this one. I don't understand why everybody seems to love slides with bowls or funnels but oh well. Imma coaster enthusiast not a waterpark enthusiast. After we went to White Water Bay we headed down to the minetown area. We decided to ride Road Runner Express which for a mine train was really a lot of fun.............After that oh my god probably one of the worst roller coasters I have ever ridden in my life. Rattler. I believed it should be renamed "SUCK: the ride." Now I have the credit I will never ride that bringer of pain ever again. Tt sucked so bad I'd rather go skydiving without a parachute. Surprisingly though It wasn't as bad as Hurler at Carowinds but this thing is still fricken AWFUL. Even the turnaround into the lift sucks its so shaky. The drop as the best part of the ride then you get to the top of the hill after the drop and the pain begins. pain pain pain. Then you go up this unusually long uphill portion which still manages to shake the crap out of you. Then the 3 hour helix begins which was slow and rough I couldn't imagine taking that awful helix at high speed it was so bad I'd rather ride shockwave and other togo death machines 200 times in a row. The tunnel was pretty cool but nothing could save this coaster. It was so bad I'd rather play find the hay in the needle stack naked. /end rant. After SUCK: the ride I wanted to ride the enterprise cause I've never ridden one. It was really a lot of fun but the cycle was so so short. I were probably 90 degrees from the ground for one spin. After that we rode gully washer which had a really long queue but oh well....The gully washer didn't get me wet at all but it got the rest of my family wet. But then again I'm sure most rapids rides will dissapoint me after Popeye at IoA so I'm cutting it some slack . After that I had my first "credit whore" experience YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I rode Rollschwhatever alone with a bunch of little kids it was boring you should of saw the pictures of me on it. But oh well CREDIT!!!!! After that we rode Superman in the front again which was fun. After that we got one last ride on Goliath and left. Overall Six Flags Fiesta texas is easily my 3rd favorite amusement park I've ever visited. It was very nice and pretty much all the rides were fun(mines Rattler...). Being my first six flags I noticed the very corporate feel to it I got really tired of hearing More Flags More Fun all day. I wonder if Shapiro even knows what Six Flags is named for. But oh well I enjoyed my day tremendously. Ill post some Goliath pictures later. Thanks for reading -Chase.
  2. Aight so I rode the Boardwalk Bullet today at kemah boardwalk. I can believe i thought the back was more fun than the front. I rode 5 times yeah it was shaky but not total pain shaky. The second time I rode in the front sucked. My knees kept hitting the front of the train. Im looking foward to a day when we have a universal wooden coaster with nothing in the front of the train like B&Ms do. Boardwalk Bullet beat out Lightning Racer for my favorite wooden. Quite an accomplishment but I haven't ridden Lightning Racer in 7 years. Good ride though but I'm pretty sure El Toro and the Voyage will beat it out whenever I get to ride them. Anyway my first GG woodie was awesome 2 days to SFFT!
  3. ok im sorry for the questions but I digress. I am currently in Houston tomorrow were going to Kemah Boardwalk. I can't wait to ride some gravity group goodness. I wonder if itll beat out LR and Thunderhead at my top woodies.
  4. hey im going to kemah tomorrow. I'm dying to ride Boardwalk Bullet. I wonder if itll beat out lightning racer for my top woody.
  5. Nope I usually have strange random questions about all the parks I visit or want to visit.
  6. does anybpdy know where i could find a "photo tour" of sfft?
  7. ^I'm sure I will find out soon about Texas heat as we leave for Texas Monday. It's been really hot up here in Virginia lately like 95+ a day. Does anybody have a picture of the 2008 park map? I'd like to take a look at it. Is SFFT a pain to walk around like BGE?(I love BGE but i hate walking from AC to alpie lol).
  8. #1 Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster@ KD #50 Tennessee Tornado@ Dollywood
  9. Yeah I plan on nabbing every single credit. It's nice to go to a brand new park. Last year my new one was Dollywood. Its good to get a completely fresh feel on rides and the atmospeare. Griffon was a nice change at BGE. Im also glad to have ridden a coaster before R&E Does anybody know if I have to steal a kid to ride the rollschuwhatever.
  10. GRRR stupid intamin restraints!(Note: I have never had a problem with fitting). I went to MF 3 years ago i was about 6' and meh 220ish. I don't get the seats on the intamin rides. They are GIANT compared to PTC trains and Arrow trains which are just a pain to get into but the seatbelts just go right over me no problem. since CP ive grown an inch but put on about 40 pounds..........yeah im big for football. Now I'm not too concerned about size problems this year as im going to SFFT and maybe HP(Storm Runner and Fahrenheit are OTSRS which ive never had any sort of problem with). But I could be going to SFGADV next year. I would cry if they wouldnt let me on El Toro. I wear a size 40 and never wear a belt any bigger and the pants fall right down. Also I've gotton a bit slimmer since I went to Cedar Point I may have put on weight but its definately not fat weight. But at CP I had to struggle with the seatbelt and my dad who weighs 40 pounds more also struggled with it but still fit. Ugh why can't intamin have clamshell lab bars like B&Ms do....
  11. ^ I suppose its kinda like the Mf overrated/not overrated case? Just not as famous? I dunno from the POVs it looks like a lot of fun.
  12. ^really you think SKC is overrated? Looks more fun than Dominator thats the closest floorless to where I live but I haven't gotton to ride it yet.(3 hours away)
  13. I really hope they dont enforce the flash pass crap in the front seat. I wanna get some front rides on Goliath. Whats kinda bugging me is that theres 5 of us and one person will only go on some rides that only seat 4 people(ex. Tornado). Another is Scream only seats 3 when 4 of us will want to go on it.
  14. I really hope thats what all the waits are next friday. I'd love to ride Goliath and SKC more than 10 times lol. I hear that batman clones are very intense and forceful I'd say the most forceful invert ive ridden is Raptor(Alpengiests cobra roll is really intense though). Will I need a break from rides after ridding Goliath a few times?
  15. Yeah.......I'm gonna ride Rattler for the credit. Hopefully it doesn't cause any multi-day pain effects like Hurler did at Carowinds. Im curious to see if Goliath or Superman Krypton Coaster to make it in my Top 10. But I doubt Goliath will beat the other three inverts I've ridden(Alpie, Raptor, and AfterTopJetBurnGun Coaster). EDIT: thanks for the move Robb!
  16. Ive "marathoned" on Lightning Racer and Magnum I love when stations are empty. I was about to marathon Thunderhead last october but then people started showing up. Thunderhead is the only coaster I've gotton a "re-ride" on. I hope SFFT is dead in 13 days when I go(doubt it as it will be a friday). Id LOVE to marathon SKC, Goliath, and Poltergeist.
  17. Ewww..........turns out were going on Friday of the trip. My dad didn't know the park was in San Antonio. So now were driving to San Antonio on Thursday and then walk around the city and stuff and on Friday were going to Six Flags in the morning. No Seaworld......not sure about Kemah Boardwalk.
  18. Very nice pictures dude I like them. This park reminds me a lot of Kings Dominion and Carowinds. Firefall looks like a fantastic addition to the park...........But it makes me wonder WHY couldnt they rename Tomb Raider at Kings Dominion Firefall? The Crypt makes no sense cause it's outside, Firefall would have been a more appropriate name.........should I mention its old full name WAS TOMB RAIDER:FIREFALL!!!!............ugh Cedar Fair...........turning into Six Flags of the 21st century...
  19. Thank you! I'm so glad that somebody agrees! I got on this extremely over-hyped invert, only to experience extreme head-banging and no enjoyment whatsoever. If there is any line for Raptor on my next CP trip, I'll be skipping it... I like Raptor its in my top ten the only part I didnt like was the snap into the breaks. The rest of it is really intense.
  20. Yeah were going to SFFT no matter what. But I was thinking going to Sea World for like 4 hours. It can't take me too long to get what I want there done. All I wanna do is ride Steel Eel, Great White, JTA, Shamu Express(yay credit whoring), and watch "Believe." I've never been to a Sea World before.
  21. I'd be more than happy to go to Seaworld.........problem is my sister says she doesnt have the money too. How much are ticket prices? Maybe I could get my parents to drop me off while they explore random things in San Antonio
  22. It seems I forgot to mention this will be my first Boomerang...........yay.........vekoma goodness. Yeah I'm kinda nervous about Rattlers roughness I know ill be riding it in the front thats for sure.
  23. Yeah, that and Goliath are the ones I'm really excited for I wonder if they'll be able to break my Top 10 which has: 10. Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point 9. Mystery Mine at Dollywood 8. Thunderhead at Dollywood 7.Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe 6. Raptor at Cedar Point 5. Afterburn at Carowinds 4. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Europe 3. Lightning Racer at Hershey Park 2. Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe 1. Millennium Force at Cedar Point. I'm pretty sure theyll beat Magnum. Not too sure about LR, AC and Millie.
  24. ^I don't hear much about El Toro being overrated. I do plenty about Voyage and Thunderhead(my god i thought it was gonna be amazing but it was just a great coaster with lotsa turns). I wanna ride both Voyage and El Toro something awful though too bad there like 7 hours from where I live and $4 dollar gas prices dont get along with me and my ford Explorer.
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