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  1. ^ I thought SFA was a total blast when I went I can't understand why it's hated so much. For me....personally...............i know i can expect flaming................Dollywood............YES its a nice beautiful well maintained park. But unless you like country music and dolly parton not much else there appeals to me other than Thunderhead Tenn Tornado and Mystery Mine. I went last october on a pretty busy day and did everything i wanted to in about 4 hours!. Six Flags Fiesta Texas took me all day to get all the rides I wanted in.

  2. Here's my TR beware of nitpicking


    On July 17th Me and My friend got up at 4am to drive 3 hours or so to my sisters house in Locust Grove VA. From there we picked up my sister(and she drove to the park) to go to Six Flags America. The closest Six Flags to me I've never been........and ironically the first Six Flags I went to was Fiesta Texas.....


    ANYWAY driving up to the park I noticed there was no advertisement on billboards or anything. Not even a brown sign until you get off the interstate. But anyway once we got there I noticed the foliage in the parking lot was actually nicer than your typical flat no tree amusement park parking lot. We payed 20 dollars for prefered parking and went right to the front. It's nice when the entrance is a few feet from your car . I liked the entrance plaza it's actually really nice. I've heard a lot of bad things about SFA but I didn't think it was ghetto.......well the Gotham City area is somewhat....We walked in and went straight to Gotham City the park seemed really small(Fiesta and KD don't seem much different but BGE is a pain to walk around) and probably should expand........probably with a new coaster seeing their newest coaster is 7 years old........come on Six Flags.......even THBS would be nice.



    Something I gotta say about Gotham City it feels totally different from the rest of the park in a negative way there is pretty much no shade at all. It was 90 degrees all day(NINETY DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The first thing I wanted to ride was Joker's Jinx it's kinda interesting to me that I rode it's sister Poltergeist at SFFT less than a month ago. Unlike Polty(for those of you who read my TR of SFFT........probably less than 1% of coaster enthusiasts) this one was running two trains BUT a LOT slower it seemed to crawl through the upper hills. There was no line like Polty I mean at least a 4 5 train wait but not much of a line. After Joker I decided it was INTAMIN time. We walked right to Superman Ride of Steel. This was practically the whole reason I came to Six Flags America(along with credits ). NO LINE.........I loved this fact. Unlike most hypers(other than magnum) this one had no line at all this was sweet. I was nervous about the seatbelt after riding MF with its no slightly fat people nazi seatbelts.......wow I was wrong the seatbelt was just like most other coasters the problem was the lapbar on this one unlike Millie(TPR was right DONT WEAR SHORTS). This one had these evil EVIL little bars coming off the ends going down to the trains. These really sucked I had to squeeze my fat legs through they almost didnt let me ride the first time but they did and I felt stapled by that evil thing(god it made me miss ACs trains). But anyway I must say the ride was AWESOME. My #3 roller coaster ever(after millie and AC respectively). I mean yeah the helixes weren't that great but the huge airtime hills were a blast. I have no complaints about the long track straightaway. It builds anticipation for that massive airtime hill in front of you. Not to mention the last three camelbacks were a blast. After SROS we rode Batwing which had a really long SLOOOOOOOOOOW line. We waited about 30 minutes it was awful one train op with a badly organized station. If they wanted to get that right they should of had an op standing at the top of the stairs to direct us what row to go. They didn't so everyone was goin up and down clueless. We finally got a short line in row 5. I've ridden Stealthhawk Assimiborg before so I knew what to expect(this wasn't as nicely landscapped though) I did like the extra face down helix at the end though which is something Borghawk stealliator could use. After Batwing we decided to get another ride on SROS since the line was so short.


    After that we tried Blizzard River only to be greeted by a down ride that's down cause somebody puked I was wondering how in the world somebody could have puked on that ride but we found out it was gonna take another hour to open so we went off to Wild One.



    We walked over and were greeted by Wild One being fully operational and Two Face closed.......I knew ahead of time but it sucked I couldn't get that credit. So we went on Wild One which had unusually roomy PTC trains..........dunno why but Boardwalk Bullet and Rattler from my Texas trip had less roomy ones. The Wild One was a lot of fun for a typical out and back wooden. I loved the double down and the final helix. One of the best rides there. After that we went on Tower of Doom which had no line. This was a dinky Intamin drop tower. You'd blink and the cycle would be over with.........it's that small but it was pretty fun. After that I decided it was.............credit whore time.


    I walked over to The Great Chase and rode it alone with many small children in the front. Dang credit whorage. The lapbar sucked and the final turn made it hurt the crap out of my legs which sucked cause we went 4 times unlike the usual 3. This made it's spot on my Top 10 WORST coasters. After that we walked on over to Skull Mountain which was fun for what it was but I imagine it was better when you went backwards. Also they need to edit the recording in the station which still calls it Typhoon Sea Coaster. After getting a lil wet we rode Roar which I was nervous about a GCI with PTC trains. Surprisingly it was actually really fun not rough at all in fact the polar opposite of Rattler. My least favorite GCI but it was good.


    After that we rode the rapids.........another crap rapids of my ridden rapids ride list. I didn't get wet at all............and Oh god..........time for my very first Vekoma..............SLC...........*lightning flashes and evil music plays. Mind Eraser was my least favorite coaster other than the great chase. It would have been fun if the line wasnt long and I wasnt trying to prevent my ears from bleeding ugh badly designed in my opinion I also noticed that sometimes the wheels dont even touch the track.....ick. After that we wanted to get our grub on.........and didnt quite want Subway and Papa Johns which made up majority of the food options. We ate at the saloon place in the Mind Eraser area of the park. They kept playing tidbits of awful country music. The workers looked miserable in there but I don't blame them. The food wasnt that great not the best theme park food ive eaten(which belongs to trapper's.....) but it filled me up so I was good for the 2nd half of the day. Now that we had ridden all the coasters and it was only 3pm we decided to hit up Hurricane Harbor.


    First thing we did was hit up the huge wave pool.....the wave pool was gross and had way too many people in it the lifeguards must have a stressful day working the wavepool. We got out after like 10 minutes ugh it sucked. We went to Tornado. This was my first proslide tornado. I could of ridden the one at SFFT but the line was too long..............BIG mistake. I seriously thought this is the best waterslide I've ever ridden. Now I'm sure I might get flamed for loving it that much but it was a total blast. Every park I go to from now on that has one I WILL RIDE IT in fact I think they should make a law all waterparks must build or have tornados or be shut down.........it was that fun to me...haha. Afterwards we rode shark attack which was a good thrill probably would of been better if the water didnt cause me to shut my eyes halfway down. Afterwards we rode Bahama Blast now this was a load of fun too. I thought we were gonna go really slow but we hauled @$$ down it. After getting blasted we went on the orange and blue slides that weren't as cool as everything else they were kinda meh to me. After that we finished up Hurricane Harbor with a ride on THHP. I've ridden the edge at emerald pointe so I was kinda siked for this thing. I went on a single tube and my fat @$$ got unbelievably close to the top that the people watching were like WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA...........



    So after that we dried off and got one last ride on SROS and Joker's Jinx(after some controversy in the stations with flash passers not caused by me). We headed out.


    Now I could tell the obvious differences between SFFT and SFA. SFFT is one of Shapiros favorites and SFA is obviously not. THHP seems to me like a quick last minute throw in. Also this park had a somewhat ghetto atmospeare where SFFT didn't at all.........also SFA had no lines which I liked better and no TVs showing SF commercials which got annoying at SFFT. But overall I had a blast at the park..........but Gotham City desperately needs foilage. Oh and the parking lot could be less confusing when getting out.

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