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  1. Eh, I've got a few.


    -MCR's "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" (from the non sucky period of their music)


    -Tool: 10,000 Days (simply because Tool kicks ass)


    -Local H: Alive '05 (because it's one of the few H recordings were Lucas doesn't sound high pitched)


    And finally, Nirvana's "In Utero" because it was Kurt's last and favorite album.


    And "The Wall" earns an honorable mention.

  2. Feels aboot 108 in Austin, although it's only about 99 degrees. But still, humidity and all...


    Oh, and the guy who blamed it on "global warming"...although I do believe in it, this is not due to GW. This is mainly because of a high pressure system over the US which is not allowing a cold front from Canadia to come to the US.


    SO IT'S CANADA'S FAULT! (Just kidding, I love Canadia to death...)

  3. Hmm...a rather amusing tale from SFOT...


    I lost my friend, Tyler, in the park, and I was confused. I had come out of Mr. Freeze, which he refused to ride, and he had said he would be waiting. Lo and behold, he disappeared, and I was left to run around the park like a freak yelling for him. I then ran into a rather large man, who was heading to the Batman queue. I fell down, and lay there on the ground for about five minutes, not really doing anything. He just shrugged, and walked away.


    An off-duty ride op asked me if I was fine, and when I responded I was, politely asked me to use the bench to sleep like the Japanese do.


    And Keith and I almost didn't make it up the "water blaster" at the Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn. Ah, good times, good times...

  4. Anything by James Blunt.


    To name a specific song I hate to death:


    "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas. GAH! NOO!


    Oh, and aboot Paris Hilton being #10 on iTunes...is it all right to say that "I think she bought off iTunes (or at least an employee who downloaded..again and again...) to whore out her horrid music? Aiee, that stuff is disgusting.


    It's like the "Snakes on a Plane" of the music world: You know it's gonna suck, but you buy it anyways to see how horrible it is.

  5. As a frequenter of both parks (only an hour or so away), I suggest going to Sea World if you want a day combining animals, air time, and short lines (although my visits to SFFT have had notoriously short ones, too.)


    FT, on the other hand, has some incredible coasters (read: Poltergeist), and despite some "gum" issues, is still a fun park for pretty much everyone.

  6. I'm surprised no one has yet said "Star Wars". One of the most classic and awesome orchestrations in a movie. Ever.

    Yeah I forgot Star Wars...possibly the greatest score of all time...next to LOST


    Ay, you're right...Lost be pretty good...the only "must-see" TV that I really watch...


    Eh, I also think the score from West Side Story be good, too...

  7. Blanked out on Titan at SFOT about a year ago. I chalk it up to having ridden it about 8 times in a row (explained by having it be a "school party" day, and everyone else was at lunch.), and the staff were cool and let me and some pals just ride over and over.


    Welp, about into the "extra" helix, my mind got really happy all of the sudden and I felt like I was in the third person. Next thing I know, Elaine is slapping me and telling me to get out, we're back and there's a line.


    Weird, yes...

  8. I lay my case as resident "noob":


    I am a firm believer in animal rights, and I am a vegetarian. That being said, PETA has done nothing but annoy me to death and make it worse for me to talk to people about going "veggie". Personally, I think a cage match between the head of PETA and Ann Coulter would be quite funny to watch...I strongly dislike both of them.


    However, I still believe that it is rather cruel and disgusting to eat something that was walking around, had thoughts and emotions, and could've lived a better life. Why is it that we eat cattle, pork, and chicken, but seem appalled by the thought of Koreans eating dog? The fact that India as a whole doesn't eat cattle further reinforces this: you eat what you do not allow to bond to you.


    Mmmm, that is all.

  9. But hey, I just felt like formally introducing m'self, Bonkers. The name comes from driving myself bonkers a couple of years ago, and now refers to my semi-split-insane-wooty-personality.


    So, hey, I live in Austin, and am desperate for some theme park goodness (the only parks I've been visiting are in RCT3. Ouch.)


    So, 'sup?

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