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  1. Remember! Anyone that complains about the long delay between updates or lack of updates will make me post a picture of me in a Speedo. Complain more and you'll see a picture of me in a thong. For yours and everyone's sake, please don't complain anymore. Otherwise, the blind TPR population will increase. I think everyone needs to be exposed to you in a Speedo when they join TPR. It could be a way of making sure they can survive the site.
  2. I've been loving the updates so far but I don't think that Robb should be killing himself to get them posted. I know if I was traveling across Spain with a crazy (in a good way) group of people that I wouldn't want to be up at all hours of the night just to get some photos/videos online. Have an awesome trip Robb.
  3. Another great update. I really hope you guys do an East Coast trip at some point; I would love to meet up for a few parks.
  4. I love coming home from work and sitting down to a great TPR report. I can't wait for the next update.
  5. 1408 I went to a 10:00 PM screening last night and I will say that this film ties 28 Weeks Later as the best film the summer (so far). While 28 Weeks Later was an excellent film, it was an ordeal to sit through. The dark tone and boding felling that lasted the entire film made it so that you could never relax. A great horror/drama, but taxing. 1408 is also a very suspenseful film but it also manages to inject some nice mood lightening humor into the mix (thanks mostly to John Cusack's excellent performance). OK, enough about 28 Weeks Later, on to 1408. If you've seen the trailers you know it's about a man named Mike Enslin whom investigates and writes about locations that are rumored to be haunted. After receiving a postcard warning him about room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City he sets out to stay in that notorious room. He is refused access to the room until his publisher, played by Tony Shalhoub, finds a loophole in the law that forces the hotel to give him access. What follows is a suspenseful stay in the hotel room from Hell. The majority of the film consists of only Enslin and the terrifying goings-on in the room. While it may seem that a film following a single character in a small space could grow tiresome, John Cusack carries the film terrifically. He conveys the growing dread and then total horror that Enslin goes through perfectly. In a supporting role as the hotel's manager, Samuel L. Jackson delivers a solid performance despite being in the film briefly. The scene between Cusack and Jackson in the manager's office towards the beginning of the film is of note. One final aspect of the film that is worth mentioning is the fact that it is rated PG-13. This is not Hostel; this is not Saw; this is not Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What 1408 is, is a thriller that relies on tension and mood rather than blood and gore. In the vein of The Sixth Sense and The Others, 1408 is old-school haunted house film that proves that excessive violence isn't necessary to make a film scary. Overall, the film was excellent. Superbly acted, superbly paced, and geniunly chilling; 1408 is not to be missed.
  6. I've beaten both GH1 and GH2 on expert and I've 5-stared every song in GH2 on hard (except for The Trooper, which I'm working on). I would love to post a video or picture but unfortunately I don't have a digital camera.
  7. That looks sweet. I really need to get down there again, I haven't been in about 4 or 5 years.
  8. I'm glad you're all having a fun time here on the east coast. It's a good thing you got away from the Drum and Fife corp while you could; they're a bunch of ruffians.
  9. Kidtums has the best facial expressions in this update; she's very photogenic, like her mother (her father, not so much )
  10. Does it count if they filled up the car for free when I got it inspected?
  11. I finally got around to finishing Super Paper Mario today. Now I have no Wii games to play...
  12. Yes, the online component of the system tends to work incredibly slow.
  13. Top 5? I don't think there are 5 Wii games that really warrant a $50 purchase. So far the only two games to really impress me have been Twilight Princess and Super Paper Mario. I guess you could include Wii Sports but it's really just a fancy (but fun) tech demo.
  14. The PS3's cell processor links up with other cell processors creating an absolutely huge amount of processing power. That power is then used to help do calculations that simulate the folding a proteins. These simulations allow scientists gain knowledge about the process and could potentially lead to a cure for Alzheimer's and many other diseases.
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