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  1. Medusa west is the best one that I have ridden, but Superman Krypton Coaster or Attracción de Acero looks the best
  2. There should be some of these, but not clones, in the USA and some more in Europe Colossus is really intense
  3. I was supposed to ride it last summer but we went to Särkänniemi instead This year I'll definately ride it as I go there for Thunderbird!
  4. I just went out for a walk, it was raining half an hour before that and it was 5*C. When I had walked 4km, there was SNOW on the road!!!
  5. I really wouldn't call that an immelman, if that's an inversion then Silver Bullet's overbank is one too!! BUT, inversion or not, it looks awesome
  6. You forgot to tell that it's in Sandusky, OHIO. The gp doesn't care what park a coaster is at but where it is, that's what I have experienced
  7. We've accepted the S:RoS and BTR clones, why can't we accept KK and Stealth? I'm sure Stealth will be a top 10 ride in Europe... It doesn't do much but what it does is quite extreme
  8. I believe I read somewhere that Finnish is rated as the most difficult language to learn in the world for non-natives. The pronunciation and reading shouldn't be that hard for non-natives who knows finnish a bit, but the grammar stuff is extremely complicated! I was born is Finland and lived there 8 years, so I learned enough to for example go back living there with no language problems at all... We also speak finnish at home. Norwegian is no problem, very easy grammar and I spoke it half a year after we moved here I'm the best one in my class in it too!
  9. 2-5 times a year actually... Do you americans EVER make your own dinner?
  10. FINALLY! Looks exactly like Dæmonen's immelman, except it's inverted ofcourse... and inclined
  11. I have always found smaller Vekomas and Arrows painful like Loopen, Demon @ PGA, Boomerangs, while the bigger ones have ended up in my top 10! (Desperado, Viper, Déjà Vu)
  12. I think this looks like it'll be one on the best coasters in Europe, possibly in the top 10-15 Who cares if it's been done before, the other ones are on the other side of the world!
  13. I speak fluent Finnish and Norwegian, and pretty good English and Swedish...
  14. Ofcourse!! Do you think these new emoticons suck uttr:
  15. Happy birthday Sören! Yey! I'm the fist one to say his real name on this thread BTW I'm not... damn
  16. The official steelcoaster poll is here! : http://www.ushsho.com/detailedsteelrollercoasterpollresults2005.htm So, where on this list are your favorites? my rank/coaster & park name.........coaster poll rank/points 1. X, Six Flags Magic Mountain...........................41 /0.8469 2. Nemesis, Alton Towers..................................4 /0.9841 3. Desperado, Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino.......107 /0.6409 4. Medusa, Six Flags Marine World.....................67 /0.7654 5. Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm.......................15 /0.9379 6. Riddler's Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain...53 /0.8158 7. Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain......................193 /0.4140 (wtf?!(lol)) 8. Rita: Queen of Speed, Alton Towers................93 /0.6938 9. Colossus, Thorpe Park...................................68 /0.7623 10. Déjà Vu, Six Flags Magic Mountain................126 /0.6047
  17. In my opinion Desperado, X and Rita was way underrated :shock: But I actually agree with this list more than ever before...
  18. I like RCT3 way better than 2, mainly beacuse of the realistic elements on Wild!, like dive loops and 0-G-rolls
  19. -My first coaster of 2005 was Kanonen on it's opening day. -A few weeks later I went back to Liseberg with the Norwegian Coaster Club. We only got one ride on Kanonen due to technical difficulties later on that day, but we had the GREATEST time on Balder, it was dark and almost no line -As every year, I went to Tusenfryd multiple times, got tired of Thundercoaster and followed the construction of the new unknown coaster (SpeedMonster) -Went to the announcement day of SpeedMonster, 7/7/05 -Spent 2 weeks of my summervacation if Finland (where we used to live till '98 ), built a backyardcoaster and went to Särkänniemi. -Went to my 2nd coaster trip ever in England, 2 days at Thorpe Park, 2 days at Alton Towers and one day at Drayton Manor Park. -Went to Tusenfryd to have a look at SpeedMonster right before Christmas So... I think I had a wonderful year But definately not as good as California in 2004!!!!!
  20. Balder ei oikeasti oo niin hyvä ku kaikki sanoo, mutta on se kai silti yks parhaista puu-radoista...
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