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  1. I've ridden around 13 and here are my top 5 and least favorite

    1) Superman the Ride/Bizarro

    2) Skyrush

    3) Apollo's Chariot

    4) Goliath

    5) Nitro


    13) Goliath (SFMM)


    Other thoughts: I liked Magnum but the trains/seats killed it for me. I wonder if Cedar Point could put B&M style trains on it like with what happened with Steel Dragon. 30th anniversary coming up...

    I really didn't get Diamondback and was totally underwhelmed by it.

    Looking forward to riding Ride of Steel, Phantom's Revenge, and Intimidator for the first time possibly this year.

  2. According to coaster count, Galaxi at KD is my most "rare".


    I did ride Drachen Fire when it had 6 inversions so I would consider that experience my most rare since that was only available for three seasons.


    I just read through this whole thread and did find the different criteria people have interesting. By Robb's definition there are only really 6 or 7 true rare credits. By coaster count's method, if you live in Russia you're just swimming in rarity and you even get rare point for riding Cannibal.

  3. Wow, it took some seeing Red Force up close to notice the subtle differences in the track design from Intamin's previous launched coasters such as Stealth, Kingda Ka, or TTD. Yes the obvious is the track itself, the same seen on Flying Aces and Skyrush. But what's really interesting & different to me about Red Force is how the pull out from the drop, descends lower than the actual launch track. This is not the case on Intamin's previous iterations of this ride.


    Also, the twisting transition to the top hat is close to the highest point, allowing for a VERY long straight piece of track on that straight-down drop. It's fun to think that the ride reaches top speed AFTER the drop.


    I was initially kinda bummed by this attraction considering the Intamin that is already at the original Ferrari World. However, the drop after the launch looks so insane, and judging by your review it seems like endless airtime while going straight down

    Wonder if some changes/adjustments were made because this is a LSM launch instead of hydraulic (like on Stealth, KK, TTD)?

  4. Dubai is a place I really need to visit someday. Maybe when we have a different president though...


    The UAE is one of the Muslim countries our president loves because he has a golf resort and gets money from them! We did a good 'US Apology Tour' while there, and it was interesting how so many people thought EVERYONE in the US voted for Trump. We explained that less than half of the country voted for him and don't share his values. So we're trying to help with how the world views Americans!

    Your efforts are appreciated!

  5. Good God.

    This is the kind of trip that could destroy a family.


    I legitimately laughed out loud.


    I got nothing, never been to a single one of these parks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Hah-- well the trip looks more like a multi-state flight from the law than a vacation.


    I don't know what parks the OP has been to or what the budget limitations are, but I would seriously consider breaking the mega trip into two separate ones. Maybe one that was more Northern US focused--Pacific Northwest/Silverwood, Northern California, Utah, Colorado and a different one that included the Southern Cal/Southwest, North Texas, Oklahoma, Silver Dollar City-Missouri parks.

  6. To balance out my snark, I do recommend Glenwood Caverns. Unfortunately Giant Canyon Swing was down when I went but their alpine coaster was excellent. I think I read that this year they'll be getting a drop ride that goes into a mine shaft, which sounds kind of cool. If you can shift things around a bit, I would definitely recommend you try to do Lagoon. Fun family park with a top 25 ride in Cannibal.

  7. Great update! I'm also a fan of Thunderbolt. We rode it last fall during a thunderstorm (which I assume was part of the theming) and I don't understand any of the hate this ride gets. We found it to be a lot of fun and perfectly smooth.


    Its a extremely forceful ride, the first airtime hill out of the turnaround is nuts.

    I may have missed this but were there any adjustments made to Thunderbolt after its opening year? I remember most of the people from the mini-East Coast trip in 2014 were not fans.

  8. ^Well, here's another vote for Alpengeist being horrible


    Anyway, my vote for underrated coaster goes to Roller Coaster, the old wooden at Lagoon. Maybe my expectations were low but I really enjoyed my rides on it. Another coaster buddy of mine agreed with me so maybe there's something to it. For now I'll chalk up the unrated aspect due to not many enthusiasts visiting that park.

  9. So I decided to blow off a little steam in Houston/Galveston over the weekend, and I started things off by driving up to New Caney to check out the progress on this thing that I've heard so much about. This place is only about a 15 minute drive from the airport with easy traffic and highway access.


    Right off the bat it's easy to tell that a ton of work has been done if you know anything about infrastructure. There's been obvious sewer, storm, and water line improvements all over the area, with at least a couple of new lift stations noticeable just from the road. They've probably spent in the ten's of millions range already just on preparing the land for development. And of course the clearings are huge. There were a few people and a bulldozer out there working on this drizzly Saturday morning.


    I stopped by the RV park. To my surprise, it was about more than half filled on this cold wet early march weekend. A lot of it could be construction workers, but who knows. The lady in the office told me that the water park has broken ground, but won't open until 2018. She said they hoped to open the theme park in 2020. Going by the typical trend here, we can expect it to actually open in 2024.


    I think there's going to be an explosion of vertical construction this summer with the water park and several of the pad sites starting construction. That will really bring the area to life. We'll just have to wait and see how the water park turns out to see if the theme park will ever become a reality. These people are serious, but they are land developers, not a theme park company.

    Nice update as this has been a development I've been trying to keep tabs on over the years. Good to see some progress being made. I guess whether that eventually leads to theme parks and RMC's remains to be seen but at least it's something!

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