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  1. Last week, July 19 to be exact, I headed to SFNE after I got off work (training in Hartford) for a few hours. It was my second trip so I focused on new to me rides like Wicked Cyclone and Joker, Great Chase (which I skipped on my first visit), and Superman.

    Joker was my first Free Spin and I actually really enjoyed it. I had very low expectations so I guess that helped. It's a clone I'll actually look forward to doing at other parks.

    Not much to say about Great Chase other than there was much shame involved.

    My expectations for Wicked Cyclone were pretty high and I gotta say I was slightly disappointed. While still an incredible ride, I was hoping it would match Twisted Timbers in terms of intensity and it fell a bit short. Out of the three I-boxes I've been on (TT and Twisted Colossus), it's definitely number three. I think I'd still rate it higher than Goliath as far as other RMC's I've ridden.

    I enjoyed the hell out of Superman. Got a ride in the front and one in the back. I don't think it's still my number 2 steel but at least in the top 15-20.

    Overall, a great trip and a welcome break from the monotony of the training I was in the area for.

    Wish I had had time for Quassy though!

  2. I made my first ever visit to the park on June 30th on my way from Pittsburgh to Waldameer. I mainly just wanted to ride Blue Streak a couple of times and had done no real research into what was happening with the park. The crowds definitely surprised me and the park was a lot nicer than I was expecting. As someone else said, barring a major new attraction, I don't know that I'd go back but it was nice to see this old park getting some love (and crowds).


    *I rode Blue Streak twice, once in the front and once in the back (I think I pissed off a local who wanted the back also). I actually liked the ride in the front but the back was pretty brutal.

  3. North Carolina -- Vortex (I guess-- Really need to get back to Carowinds this summer)


    Yeah ya do. I've ridden 84 coasters in 9 states and Vortex is the absolute worst.


    For me:


    NC - Fury 325

    SC - Afterburn

    VA - Twisted Timbers

    TN - Lightning Rod

    GA - Goliath

    MD - Superman ROS

    PA - Phoenix

    MA - Wicked Cyclone

    NJ - El Toro


    I actually thought Vortex was alright. This was back in 2007 and I certainly liked it more than Hurler and Cyclone. I'll be heading back to Carowinds later this summer so all will be right with the world.

  4. I'm pretty sure I've posted in this thread before but I'm bored so I'll do it again!


    1991-- Anaconda

    1996-- Flight of Fear

    1999-- Apollo's Chariot

    2006-- Expedition Everest, Goliath (SFoG), Shamu Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster

    2007-- Griffon

    2008-- Dark Knight (SFGAdv), Dominator

    2009-- Jett Star (Central Park Funland)

    2010-- I305

    2012-- Verbolten

    2014-- Banshee, Cocoa Cruiser, Goliath, Lightning Run, Ragin' Cajun, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers

    2015-- Cannibal, Twisted Colossus, Rewind Racers

    2018-- Twisted Timbers, Merlin's Mayhem

    Nothing else planned as of right now for 2018 except for a credit whore run for the SBF spinner in Fredericksburg

  5. 1) Beast

    2) Millennium Force

    3) Voyage

    4) Steel Force

    5) Mean Streak


    I'll go full 10 this time since not much has changed since I posted this three years ago. Hope to ride Fury this summer.


    1) Beast

    2) Millennium Force

    3) Voyage

    4) California Screamin'

    5) Steel Force

    6) Mean Streak

    7) Superman the Ride

    8) Nitro

    9) Superman: Ride of Steel (SFA)

    10) Titan

  6. California -- Twisted Colossus

    Colorado -- Cyclone

    Florida -- Kumba

    Georgia-- Goliath

    Illinois -- Goliath

    (screw you Six Flags!)

    Indiana -- Voyage

    Kentucky -- Kentucky Rumbler

    Maryland -- Superman

    Massachusetts -- Superman

    (screw you again Six Flags!)

    Missouri -- Outlaw Run

    New Hampshire -- Yankee Cannonball

    New Jersey -- El Toro

    New York -- Cyclone

    North Carolina -- Vortex (I guess-- Really need to get back to Carowinds this summer)

    Ohio -- Maverick

    Pennsylvania -- Phoenix

    South Carolina -- Afterburn

    Texas -- Superman Krypton Coaster

    Utah -- Cannibal

    Virginia -- I305


    I might finally go to Camden in West Virginia and Dollywood in Tennessee so there could be an update in 2018.

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