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  1. RMC Hurler/Grizzly would be pretty close. Do you really think there's any chance of that happening? Possibly. You shouldn't. Honestly, this thread right now is pretty painful to read. I know, we all want a new coaster at KD very very badly. The reality is, the next coaster will probably come in 2017 and it will be a B&M of some sort. That's even if we get one in 2017. KD has a really solid lineup already, and is quickly becoming CF's most aesthetically pleasing, family friendly parks. As much as I'm not a fan of them, it will probably be a wing rider. Launched wing rider might be more palpable though.
  2. I recently rode Gatekeeper for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. I don't know why anyone calls Gatekeeper "boring" or "forceless." Gatekeeper was a lot of fun. It is by no means one of the best coaster in the world. But it did make my top 20 list. I feel like those who complain about Gatekeeper, and dive machines have seriously never been on them. Because anyone who has been on them know that they are good rides. Also, when we were there the GP seemed to LOVE Gatekeeper. Everyone I over heard talking about it wanted to ride it again. They just didn't want to wait in the line. I've been on Gatekeeper and Sheikra and Griffon. I really like the dive machines. Gatekeeper is a snoozefest, imo.
  3. RMC Hurler/Grizzly would be pretty close. Do you really think there's any chance of that happening?
  4. This is one of the most positive responses I've seen to a coaster announcement. I really expected more bitching about the lack of inversions.
  5. Well... I'm going. I've always liked cinnamon bread.
  6. I must emphasize I'd rather them spend tons of money all the time. . But instead of a flat ride or something that could be done for about the same price, I'd like a pretty good coaster back please. Do something else big the year before or after. Unless that would be to replace it with a custom RMC or better. Through 2009, every Hurler ride had air in every row on every bunny hop and those parts were about as rough as Woodstock. No more. I call that borken. I think I rode Hurler my first time in 1995. I remember having loads of fun on it. It's just god-awful now. Having ridden Thunder Run with the topper track and enjoying it quite a bit, I'd love to see if Hurler could regain some of its former glory in a similar fashion. That would resolve some of its issues. One of the main things I hate about Hurler is the seats/restraints. New topper track might get me to ride it again but if the seats are exactly the same it may be only for a single ride.
  7. Cliffhanger at Glenwood Caverns (formerly Thunderbolt at Celebration City) If you count alpine coasters (I don't) then it would be the alpine coaster at Glenwood. This was my first alpine coaster and I loved it!
  8. Awesome report! Like others in this thread, I may go to SeaWorld and Belmont that sometime around West Coast Bash. Looking forward to Japan adventures!
  9. I voted "no" as well. I go to Reddit every now and then but I guess I'm kind of a relic as well. I enjoy forum-based activity.
  10. I get that a lot of enthusiasts hate Arrows, but I'd rather see Anaconda stay and have another coaster interact with it. It's a huge lake, and Anaconda doesn't really take up much space of it. I suppose that's an even bigger pipe dream than it being replaced with a flyer though! I really don't find Anaconda a bad ride except the jerk between the two helix's. People talk about how weird getting into the corkscrews is, but that's how 100% of Arrows enter their corkscrews. They just carbon copied the elements coaster to coaster. I think I'm going to change my pipe dream from B&M flyer to a Maverick or iSpeed-style coaster. Either one is just as (un)likely.
  11. Ahh. Good ole Coaster Studios. Not always a fan of his content and opinions but I give him kudos for putting his heart into something.
  12. Out of what I've ridden, probably Lightning Run and Boardwalk Bullet.
  13. My biggest complaint for Shockwave is the restraints. It was fine for me when I was 12 and thin. Not so much when you're 6'2 and 275 lbs. As I mentioned earlier, I was really surprised by my last ride on Anaconda. It's moved up in my rankings from horrible and headache-inducing to merely mediocre and tolerable. I have a fond memory of going to KD on opening day with my friends in 1991 to be among the first to ride that sucker in the rain. I guess I liked it more than other Arrow loopers I rode last year like CP's Corkscrew (backbreaking), Vortex (rough as all hell), and Demon (headbanging). I also rode Viper at SFMM and that one wasn't too bad either. At least, not as bad as those others.
  14. I've only ridden once and it was off-balance and amazing. I'm dreading the time I ride it and they balance it out, but I feel it's like a rite of passage at this point. Oh man. You've almost tempted me to give it another chance.
  15. Probably. I was mainly trying to see what people in this thread would prefer--flying or wing rider. I think I've posted my pipe dream about a B&M flyer taking the place of Anaconda 4 or 5 times in this thread.
  16. I'd love to see an El Toro clone at KD. But you want to talk about a coaster type that's been trending downward in terms of being produced... why is that Because there hasn't been a new Intamin PreFab built since 2008 and I'm thinking that RMC is kind of filling in that niche. Especially when you look at how the stats of Wildfire are near El Toro-like in terms of speed and length. However... KD rumor time-- I believe in the early 2000's KD had plans to build the world's longest wooden coaster. Maybe if the park were to ever return to this idea they'd go with Intamin. The park did work with Intamin on I305 and I guess it's possible they might want to stick with them for a project that big. The world's longest wood coaster plans are probably long dead though as I think it would have gone where I305 currently stands.
  17. I'd love to see an El Toro clone at KD. But you want to talk about a coaster type that's been trending downward in terms of being produced...
  18. I actually didn't mind my last ride on Anaconda but you can only slap makeup on a pig for so long. Also, Donkey--you seem awfully unequivocal in your statements on this thread. "0% chance it's an Intamin" "No way it will be a B&M flyer" You come off very arrogant and off-putting. Unless you're privy to some inside information. While I agree the likelihood of the two things listed is very low, crazier things have happened. I pretty much thought B&M flying coasters were dead but there are more of those being produced right now than wing riders for 2015 and 2016.
  19. Stop. Anaconda is not going anywhere for at least the next several years. Also I'd rather them keep Anaconda and give it new trains (w/o headbanging) and tear down Hurler. I don't think Anaconda is going anywhere anytime soon and I didn't say that. I do think it's in a prime location to get a pretty unique attraction in its spot. I don't see the park investing too much into it over the next 5 years other than an occasional paint job. No way they're buying new trains for it.
  20. I actually really like the Wing Riders, all of the ones you mentioned! But I've had a soft spot for the B&M Flyers ever since they were introduced, and have really wished somebody would build more unique ones here in the states - ones like Montu, and especially Manta! Did you mean Tatsu? I liked Tatsu a lot. The pretzel loop on that ride is one of the most intense elements I've ever felt on a coaster. "Boring" may have been too harsh a word to describe the wing riders. They just didn't do much for me. I hope the general manager of Kings Island consults with Pat Jones at KD and lets her know how glad he was that KI got Banshee over a wing rider. I think he said something at Banshee Bash to the effect that they went with an inverted over a wing rider based on customer reaction to Gatekeeper. Getting back to an inverted over the lake--one of the things I like best about Silver Bullet is that it's over water. I think that bumps it up a few notches for me over the fact that it's not very forceful. Still I guess I've heard some rumor/speculation that a new inverted might be going near the front entrance of the park.
  21. Yeah, man! If you look at the basic stats for Anaconda--2700 feet long, 128 feet high (144 ft drop)--there's no reason to think that something special couldn't be built in that footprint. Maybe even some interaction with I305 or Rebel Yell (which might even be necessary to stretch the length closer to Manta's 3300 ft length). Between X-Flight and Gatekeeper, I just found the wing riders to be rather boring. Still need to ride Thunderbird though!
  22. Which would you guys prefer KD receive (allegedly) for 2017-- a B&M wing rider or flyer? Let's assume no launching mechanism and I'm setting aside the possibility of hypers or inverteds (for now). I've been on Gatekeeper and X-Flight on the wing rider side and Tatsu and the three Superman Ultimate Flights on the flyer side. I think a wing rider is more likely based on overall trends in the US but Japan and China are still receiving flying coasters from B&M. My preference would be for something like Manta to replace Anaconda over the lake. Stepping outside the confines of the original question (wing rider vs flying) and I don't know how likely it would be but I wouldn't mind a compact B&M inverted like Afterburn in place of Anaconda as well. To sum up...let's tear down Anaconda!
  23. Jeromy was a great host for my first trip to Magic Mountain last year. Very efficient means of tackling each credit. Since I got everything last year I'm now trying to prioritize which coasters I want to ride this year. I'll probably skip Green Lantern, Viper, and the kiddie credits.
  24. Superman Escape from Krypton at SFMM I haven't ridden anything, new or otherwise, this year. Blech.
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