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  1. Here are my test results and possibly significant data


    Download and Up load Location:

    St Louis - Mo - USA - Earth - Milky Way Galaxy - Outer Spiral Arm

    11:45PM CST

    34 degrees


    Wind NW 7-10 mph

    Relative humidity 45%


    Speed test: 1290KBps down 324 Up


    On the large video - Delays about every 10 seconds or so as though I had a slower connection. Quality excellent both audio and Video.


    On the small version - Quality very slightly degraded - mostly insignificant.

    delays a bit further between. still about 15 seconds or so.


    On the upload Using your supplied file: unzipped upload

    total time to upload 1m 36sec.

    Avg speed 39-41kbs

    no problems


    hope this data helps



    Kevin Long




    Left handed



  2. I hope this doesn't' come as cop out, But what more can truly be said.


    I took the 10 minutes to read all of these posts and reviews carefully and I must say anything I could add would be redundant. There are a few comments and opinions that I may not agree with but the comments on the actual footage and how it was and is shot are completely accurate. If you are a fan of coasters and can't travel the world to ride them, you can do no better than to purchase any of these DVD's. Shot by fans - for fans - and you can really tell. The "expedition" series is like traveling with friends, and the "raw" series is like riding with friends. Best of both. I can certify that you will not be disappointed with any of these Disc's.


    Note: The post office manhandled my disks at some point and cracked one disk holder in each of my cases, but no real damage was done, everything played fine. I know they weren't shipped that way, but IF you are tracking potential damage problems here is my two cents.

    (I transferred the case cover and disks to another coaster vid box from another company and turned their vids into cup coasters - a fitting end for them)


    great product buy it - worth every penny.



    Kevin Long

    Old guy

  3. I was running low on criticism..last night but I am refilled now.....


    it was a thinly veiled joke... mostly about how it is easy to write about the same 25 coasters in America, While Robb circles the globe to bring you the very best from everywhere - his trip reports should count as a blog....


    different format same thing....


    Plus I thought the smiley indicated humor in this case...

  4. modern man emerged roughly 100,000 years ago,


    he used to drink water from mud puddles and eat raw meat and poultry and bugs and all manner of things we find disgusting now.


    we learned better over the millennia, but are we too soft now?


    I say man up, pitch the disinfectant and get ready for the coming apocalypse when everything will be unsanitary compared to now.


    just a thought


    Kevin Long

    Fat old Guy

  5. It's weird, you can tell how old a person is by what they say they will buy if they win. The real young 12-19 would buy completely useless crap and blow all their money on maintenance for a roller coaster or a jet.


    The next group 20-25 would buy houses and make a few investments or pay off school loans and help family out


    Next group 25- 35 would pay off credit card loans and existing mortgages travel and relaxation type things.


    Mega yachts, personal Jets and cocaine are gods way of telling you you have to much money.


    Me, I would pay nubile young co-ed's ridiculous sums to entertain me and perform for my pleasure.

    Believe me it would take 300 million for that to happen.


    Kevin Long

    Fat Old Guy


    PS I think something is wrong with the spell checker . Catching my own mistakes -

  6. I don't see why though. I mean, the park obviously needs work and some extra investments to get it up to par, but there was obviously a huge amount of interest in it. Just look at how many people bought season passes. In fact, I'm pretty sure the park would have lived on for a while even with it's abhorred business plans if it hadn't have rained so much.


    I don't remember hearing them ever say they were backing out on it either. Actually, they said they planned to have a hard bid in before the deadline.


    There is a reason all the major theme Parks are located in climates where they can operate year round, ( I KNOW there are Exceptions).


    If you have a a 25 week season and it rains for 5 of those weeks you can easily lose everything. The weather didn't suddenly change in Kansas - you may have had a very wet spring, but they should have taken that into account when planning.


    I've said it before, It costs many hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day to keep a park open. You can't count on perfect weather and packed gates every day. They should have had a least a million in cash for operating expenses for the first year.


    Kevin Long

    Fat Old Guy

  7. Surely PA will come through though. I mean, they wouldn't go through all this to not put a good bid on the park. I'm pretty confident WWW will live on, and I'm still hoping they change the name.


    Parks America obviously reviewed the business plan, did their homework and realized what the former owners did not, this park is not a viable option in this case. Rather than invest in what would become a financial black hole, they wisely backed out. good for their shareholders.


    by next spring WWW should be nothing more than a large crater in the earth.



    Kevin Long

    Fat old guy

  8. I did not understand most of that game especially the Rassions - I presume you meant rations? It sounds dumb, boring and extremely hard to follow.


    I'd send it in to Fox they might put it in place of Top Model - the most unrealistic and useless show on TV.


    Ps try the spell checker on here it works really well


    unless you are from a foreign country than your errors are forgiven


    Kevin Long

    Fat Old Guy

  9. I was hesitant to clip an actual photo of Kidtums so as not to possibly offend.


    Also an avatar is representation of a person is it not?an actual photo might not be as artistic. ( too lazy to look it up.)


    You are also right it is a ram, but the goat photos I found looked to much like lambs



    Kevin Long

    Fat Old Guy

  10. This is what makes me mad. The majority of accidents are in a fair/carnival or are because someone did something stupid! Fairs have temporary rides, so obviously they aren't as safe as permanent amusement rides. Besides, being on any ride or roller coaster is safer than driving a car, riding a bike, jumping on a trampoline, and so much more! I really dislike when people don't trust amusement rides. I remember my grandma telling me a story where she and my great-aunt were on a ride, and the car almost became unattached, luckily, he stopped the ride and they got off okay, but after that, she went to the next ride! I would be too freaked out to get near a ride after that!


    Having worked as a "Carnie" and at a major theme park in my youth I can tell you. I trust a reliable carnival ride company far more than a stationary theme park ride in general. If properly maintained and set up these carnival rides are safer than some theme park flat ride that has not had any more inspection than a once over daily by some ride op and a yearly inspection by the state.


    I my case when we set up carnival rides, we did a close inspection of all nuts, bolts, clips, harnesses, restraining devices - anything lacking was replaced or repaired immediately.


    I can also say from experience that at the theme park I worked, we never really checked anything beyond looking at it briefly. an inattentive ride op is as bad as any "Carnie."


    Granted - finding a reliable carnival ride company is the key and difficult.


    Kevin Long

    Fat old Guy

  11. What happens when the All-In-One climbs a hill? Train intersect. It won't articulate properly.


    I agree .. the all in one has another problem that seems obvious but over looked. not everyone is the same height so the "cone" theory is in question. a short person in the back row probably would see less than otherwise due to the confined spacing of the segments.


    Imagine if you had height restrictions by rows .. loading would be a

    nightmare. Or you would eliminate entire classes of guests, by requiring all to meet the minimum of the most restrictive size.


    The articulation thing also caught my attention, the coaster as drawn would have to be almost flat to make the curves. needs more work but I applaud the attempt


    Kevin Long

    Fat old guy

  12. I went to this park way back in the old days when I was a young skinny guy. I guess was 7 or 8.


    interesting park. fun for kids. really pushed the ozark stereotype to the max. small with a cave similar to SDC, but not as nice.


    Went buy the wayside like WWW or Joyland without enough capital and population to draw from a park cannot succeed long term.


    As i remember this park was a couple hours into the ozark mountains. far from anywhere. and we started in branson which is no where


    Kevin Long

    Fat old guy

  13. "I'll have you know that quite a few things that we all enjoy don't make a profit, or at least a profit worth continuing, but we hope they keep going because we enjoy them. If you enjoy something, why not support it?"


    Try being a business owner and losing money every day, week and month so that everyone can be happy. It's very easy to say when it's not your money.


    Its called a free Market and if the market is not big enough or interested in your product you either give it away and lose money or close the business.


    I know, I know.. The town hates the park. They forced the park out of business. If you are making tax revenues for the town they will not close you down. There is more going on here than anyone knows (there always is) and you will probably never get to the true bottom of it.


    It sucks that it works that way but it does. I hope they re-open but the odd's are against them.


    Kevin Long

    Old fat guy

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