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  1. Why is no one else opening a them park in Toronto?, with Canada's Wonderlands high success and attendance you'd think someone else would take advantage?? Everything business wise tends to do better in Canada then the States recently due to our Government and Banks holding us out of that recession, and minimum wage being $10.25 an hour.
  2. You need to realize that Canada's Wonderland is Cedar Fairs golden child as well! We have the attendance higher then all they're parks! We deserve to be treated to, plus in they're Q2 they stated attendance at wonderland had dropped greatly.. Obviously cause for the first time in Canada's Wonderlands history we haven't received a thrilling ride for 3 years straight. The most Paramount ever went was one year for CW. That being said I honestly don't think were getting a starflyer, they got a well renowned news channel in the area to be there on the announcement date tomorrow for the announcement at 7am, starflyer is not news worthy... aha
  3. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised f Canada's Wonderland got both the stratosoar ride and a moderate coaster. Canada's Wonderland use to be spoiled by Paramount where we sometimes saw 2-4 ride additions each year, and that's due to the parks popularity and attendance within Canada. Also as posted in Cedar Fairs Q2 results attendance at Canada's Wonderland was terrible this year, thus the fact for the first time in the parks history we went 3 years without a thrilling addition.. that's never happened before at Canada's Wonderland. We've also been told by sources outside of the park about this addition being very special.
  4. I'm posting a link to what I think is totally a hoax, but it's causing some debate on cwmania, and I wanted to ask a more knowledgeable group of enthusiasts about this document. Real?, or HOAX? It apparently leaked out today according to some cwmania user; http://a.imageshack.us/img375/9760/skycore.png
  5. If you look up "Stratasoar" it was only trademarked in United States, it hasn't been patented here in Canada, thus I really think were not getting the "Stratasoar" it would have been trademarked already..
  6. http://twitpic.com/2fydi One of the four signs posted around the park, I'm starting to think this is a big deal for Canada's Wonderland. The other Four signs say this; 1. I can't Believe It! 2. Does Height Matter? 3. Look Way Up! 4. How High? Credit for the picture goes to a twitter user, found it on Canada's Wonderlands Twitter.
  7. Future Expansion - Rumor - (8/4/10) According to the latest rumor, Canada’s Wonderland could be getting something very special in 2011. I know we’ve heard about survey markers appearing here and there all season, but if the rumors are true the park may be looking at getting a new GCI Wooden coaster. Can anyone else confirm this? http://www.screamscape.com/html/canada_s_wonderland.htm
  8. cough cough, you sound exactly like the people you're describing in you're statement.. Oh and there's no need to throw in comments about you're money here and there in you're statements.. Also the reason fast pass isn't offered yet at Cedar Fair parks is not cause it's unfair treatment, cause it is fair. Not cause of financial differences amongst the guests but cause the crowds arn't big enough to offer a fast pass yet.. Personally I just think you don't get the concept of amusement park versus theme park.. You sound like you were expecting a Universal/ Disney experience from an amusement park.
  9. Okay I need some advice I'm heading to Universal Studios, Sea World Busch Gardens and the two water parks for the rest of July starting on the 14th of July and I'm from Toronto, Canada and need some advice on the que times for forbidden journey and any advice on possible ways to save money on food and etc.. Things to do?
  10. Ye but along with them tearing the dolphin theater down and a bunch of stakes around that area is just too big of a clue for whats to come. Also look at this... Canada's Wonderland Find the Flag Contest There’s something sneaky going on at Canada’s Wonderland! Meteorologist Anthony Farnell is hiding the Global Toronto flag throughout the amusement park, and it’s YOUR job to find it! If you do, you could win the ultimate Canada’s Wonderland VIP experience for four! Spot the flag at Canada's Wonderland and tell us where you saw it! Be sure to tune into the News Hour at 6pm every Friday from July 2nd to August 27th when Anthony reveals where he’s hidden the flag. Application: http://www.globaltoronto.com/contests/f ... story.html Contest Rules and Regulations: http://www.globaltoronto.com/contests/e ... story.html
  11. http://www.cwmania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1900&start=675 looky look at what pics cwmania has on a truck that arrived carrying something well hidden.. discuss
  12. Just found an interesting fact from the meeting CWMania admin had with park relations before Behemoth opened. The one about alternative names were considered but cannot be discussed due to the fact they might be used for future attractions. DantheMan wrote:Once again I was invited to take part in a tour of the Behemoth contruction site today (along with coasterboy), so that I could keep the CWMania members abreast of Behemoth development. We met with Dineen Beaven and Brent Ellis again, this time in Brent's office to go over a list of questions compiled by all of our CWManiacs. Some of the highlights of the conversation: * The question everyone has been waiting for the answer to: the Drop Angle...initially in the planning stages of Behemoth, the first drop was to be 85 degrees. At some point this was changed to 75 degrees and due to the sheer number of agencies and persons involved in the project the data did not get corrected before the Behemoth website was launched. The delay in changing the data was due to needing confirmation from the appropriate parties. It is not expected that the change in drop angle will affect the public's perception of the ride. * There will be a test seat available at the ride entrance as well as an employee to assist guests in properly using the device * Spotlighting will be used to light up the ride structure at night. In addition, the lift hill will be illuminated by a set of chaser LED lights * The supports of the ride are not and will not be filled with sand * The queue area will be covered by 4 large sails designed to shade guests from the hot afternoon sun. A mist-fan system has been proposed and is likely to be added. Vending machines will be conveniently located in the centre of the queue * The new midway will be finished with interlocking paving stones, similar to those used throughout the park and the queue area is a concrete slab * The entrance to Behemoth will be highlighted by 8 individual letters spelling Behemoth, each 8 ft high, and suspended 15 ft in the air, located in a semi-circle near the queue line * The round element on the midway is a proposed medallion design of interlocking paving stones in front of the Behemoth sign * The ride exit will lead guests through the the photo booth / gift shop as they return to the midway, but guests can also bypass the building * The necessity for trims and G-forces of the ride will be solidified after testing has been completed * The ride will have an on-ride photo system (the location of the camera is yet to be determined) but there will definitely not be an on-ride video system * As mentioned before, the first train is set to arrive on March 1st and the others are expected to follow in mid-March. Testing will begin when the trains have been mounted on the track and the weather is co-operative. A pull-through will be done before the train is allowed to travel of its own power to ensure proper clearance at all points throughout the ride. * Grouting is being completed on each of the structure's footers and is around 45% complete. This process involves inserting concrete in between each of the concrete piers and the bottom of the supports and letting it cure. Due to extremely cold termperatures we have been experiencing, heaters and enclosures are being used on the larger footers to ensure proper curing. * Rough portions of track have been sanded and smoothed out over the past few weeks * Alternative names were considered for Behemoth but cannot be disclosed as they may be used for future attractions * A Point of View video will be added to the Wonderland website later this year * Marketing will focus on Behemoth this year and will be heavier on the television side with a large commercial shoot occuring in May and airing starting in June
  13. http://www.canadaswonderland.com/jobs/jobs_description.cfm?emp_id=1903 So I've been watching the job posting on Canada's Wonderland very closely for a while now, and ware house receiver popped up in late May and just this week most likely today this job posting for a specific technician/ ride engineer popped up. Interesting requirements of working up to 106meters and must have easy problem solving skills to finish deadlines on time. Also this is exactly what happened before Behemoths construction in 2007
  14. YaY finally it's a Canada's Wonderland discussion thread. So anyone got any guesses on what Canada's Wonderland is building for 2011. They're tearing down that dolphin aquarium in the back of the park and footers can be seen following that aquarium behind ghoster coaster...
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