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  1. That is great news about the two-train ops! One week exactly until my first visit to Waldameer!!
  2. Nice TR and lookin forward to pics. Anyone have tips for a mid-August Sunday trip to SFOG? I'm thinking of hitting the park for the first time this summer, but with work and stuff, my time may be limited to weekends >_< Are the crowds real bad on Sundays? Not to semi-hijack your thread or anything, dude haha
  3. lol wut? Lightning Racer might look purty, but it does not deliver at all if you ask me. Comet is the best wood they've got, IMO I voted for BGE, but obviously I'm too late and it seems Hershey is the more logical choice for you anyways. Both parks are amazing and you'll have a blast! The level of quality at BGE is outstanding, though, as the others have said, so definitely make an effort to get there some day!!
  4. Wow, pretty impressive Maverick was the 500th coaster by Stengel. Quite the milestone! Great read...that dude is a genius
  5. Yeah, they pretty much staple your will to live on El Toro. I've only had one ride op not staple me, and the only reason he spared me was because I was wearing a Maverick shirt at the time and we were joking about how Maverick was sweet but nowhere near as good as El Torgasm Moral of the story --- get friendly with ride ops and your airtime chances increase. Otherwise, you'll have to settle for El Toro's signature "upward thrust" which is still flippin' mind-numbing
  6. Wild One at SFA is vastly underrated. Excellent airtime, sudden shifts in direction, and a killer helix finale. I wish it wasn't stranded in such a crap-park...
  7. Sounds reasonable to me... I've heard some interesting stuff from the General Pubes (as I like to call them) as well. Once while at Busch Gardens, a woman in a large group shouted out "Hey yall, I wunna rad duh Apolliet Chariet" On another occasion, a friend and I were in line for Griffon. A 14-year-old kid behind us thought he was hot stuff for knowing when the train would release, and decided to give those waiting in line a 5 second count-down. As the train released, he let out a resounding "DUSSSHHHH" noise. I turned to my friend and said "Why yes....douche!"
  8. I less than three BEC This should be amazing when finished, but I wish they'd release a layout, already!
  9. Sounds about right to me, except omit the part about it being "fun"... BLASPHEMY Maverick pushes the absolute limits of intensity. I wish more rides did what Mavvy does.
  10. I'm so excited to ride RFII... only a few more weeks to wait! Those of you who have alread ridden it: is the ending as sluggish as the POV suggests? That has worried me ever since the onride video surfaced
  11. I just hope this ride delivers on the airtime. The onride video suggests a few solid pops, to me, but hopefully some of the more unassuming drops/hills will deliver as well
  12. ^lol, how would it be "better" ??? It's the same ride Definitely looking forward to riding this thing [again]
  13. Wow! Was NOT expecting this ride to turn out so cool!!! From the videos and whatnot, this looks to be a very solid dark ride. Lookin forward to riding it. Probably won't make it there this season since I'll be making the trek up to Waldameer instead of the usual K-wood trip when visiting family in Pittsburgh
  14. Hey everyone! I would be eternally grateful for any contributions to my latest online art project: wildlifecartoons.com/wildlife/main/alter/ "Alter the Gospel" is a conceptual online art project that is meant to challenge close-mindedness within the Christian sphere. It is not by any stretch meant to be anti-religious, however, the potential for offensive material is a very real danger. I am a Christian, and while I have concerns for the direction of this project, I feel comfortable enough in my beliefs to put them on the chopping block and see how far my faith can be tested. It is li
  15. Personally, I'm going to count Dominator again in my count. Why? Because it will be a totally new and crappier experience than the Geauga Lake Dominator-experience
  16. kraken613 is right...They've managed to time the trains so that one is halfway up the lift while another is hitting the MCBR. The third is obviously in the station. I am really hoping train stacking won't be a problem like it tends to be on Alpengeist... But yeah, nice pictures! For anyone interested, BGEscape made an update from this past Sunday
  17. Looks like they could have done more with the layout, but hey, I'm psyched that a Led Zeppelin coaster is being built!!! Great band, great song choice, should be an amazing ride! Also, has anyone given thought to the possibility that this "Maximum RPM" coaster could be a Rita-esque, low-to-ground rocket coaster? With the "convertible car" hint thrown in there, I can't help but to think of a coaster similar to the Desert Race or Rita
  18. I have to say, the watersplash finale looks phenomenal and is much more impressive in person than any photo or video of SheiKra I was able to find. Not saying SheiKra's is any less impressive...it's just not the same until you actually see it right in front of you and feel the ensuing spray of mist. The reaction from passersby who weren't expecting it was priceless
  19. I think gray/blue would be boring...I'm pretty sure apolloman has the right idea: BGE wanted to have those trains as shocking and beautiful as possible. And don't forget, Griffons also have gold/tan in them, which is what the yellow likely refers to
  20. ^Not much to report, eh? Lemme guess...you left before 5:30 Well you'll be kicking yourself for it now TESTING has been documented. They ran Griffon from around 5:30 until closing. Last ride on Alpengeist we got to see Griffon running through the Immelmann and future watersplash area as we went up the lift. The trains look amazing!!!
  21. ^True Well, we have some amazing news out of good ol' Willyburg! We have confirmation from members of the Coaster Crew that Griffon initiated testing today! With any luck, we will be getting video of testing sometime in the next few days
  22. I for one am very impressed with how the theming and beautification of the Maverick area is turning out. This ride should really be a fantastic addition to this park
  23. See, a lot of people are angry over this fact, and even some consider Griffon a lesser ride because of it. But you all have to remember that if Griffon had come first, SheiKra would have been the "lesser" ride and would have used the same type of ads, probably even more so than Griffon is somehow being thought of...
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