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  1. i still can not believe this is a Zierer ... these guys from Germany surprised me !!
  2. Uuuuhm, the ride is named "Troy" , not the Bullet he's talking about the new GG that's being build in Texas Well duh, i could read that, but he said "also called the Bullet" now, you interprent it wrong, they are building a woodie coaster also - pause - called the Bullet okay i'm gonna mak this clear for the guy (in dutch, sorry) in texas word er ook een houten achtbaan gemaakt, genaamd The Bullet, zo bedoeld ie het, niet "ook genaamd..." oke?? now back to english : I really think this coaster is good for all the coaster-fanatics in holland, because we're a small country, we don't have a lot, and we only have 1 good woody (robin hood, sorry for the pegasus fans) the constructionpics are great too! ** wishes they build faster ** Sometimes it's nice to read Dutch
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