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  1. Parking is typically complimentary on Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. But even if it isn't this year (for whatever reason), your season parking will work. As for buying a $15.99 bring a friend ticket, that can be purchased online ta Canada's Wonderland's website right now. The ticket is only valid for that night and must be presented with a valid season pass holder when entering the park that night. I hope the information I provided you helps! Awesome thats helps alot thanks!
  2. Just a few questions about preview night. 1. Will my seasons pass for parking work that night? 2. For buying my friend the 15.99 tickets how early can i do that? Below is a sketch of Valravns track on skyriders plot of land. Valravn on skyriders plot.
  3. I hope they pull out sledge hammer and put this in its place. Just glad to see the ride doesnt have big hydraulics. Anyone know what the ride capacity per hour is like?
  4. Sadly I agree. Seems like the economy is just not where it needs to be and they are going to ride things out until it is. Which is fine because it is still a great park. I just hope its not 10 years before the next good coaster.
  5. Those trains seem really out of place. Why do they look like vintage cars? Not a big fan of those trains but the track layout looks pretty dang fun. If the pacing is good then I think this will be a great ride.
  6. Any change at the park in regards to possible construction? Seems like were running out of time for a coaster. Probably going to be something water park related.
  7. Your strapping yourself to a windmill. Windmills turn faster with more wind. Only difference is a windmill always points into the wind and on this you are changing directions. So your rotation speed wont be consistant unless you know the wind direction and tuck you wings in at the right time. Just a guess though ive never been on it.
  8. If they get rid of time warp im gonna buy it. I love that ride. Any changes at the park regarding construction. In a month or 2 we should hear something if were getting anything.
  9. Very well done RMC. My favorite part is where you go through the little shed and get whipped up and to the side through the head chopper support structure. I noticed 2 parts where the pacing slowed up but just a tiny bit. Ive watched the pov so many times now I lost count. You know you've built a great coaster when. Any off ride video anywhere?
  10. I haven't discussed fabrication with B&M and I'm honestly not very familiar with the processes that are used to manufacture the track. All I can tell you is that B&M's are manufactured by Clermont Steel Fabricators in Ohio and they have 1 Cincinnati brake and 1 Wysong CNC brake. B&M has keep all their track manufacturing processes a secret. It would shock me if they gave away that process or minor details of it to ANYONE. My guess is they've might have outlined what machines they use and maybe a very abridged summary of the manufacturing but surely not any details, correct? If they told you more then that must've been omething else and quite an experience. I was just wondering if it was still a secret. My guess is for the main spine they cut out all 4 sides seperate on a plasma cutter then run each peice through a cnc brake. Then weld all for sides together down the corners. Then add the ties. Now that the rails arent shaped perfectly you can use the main spine like a jig and pull the rail in tight with the spine. So no heating or distorting the rail make for a smoother ride. I cant tell if the spine is welded down the corners though.
  11. Did B&M show or tell you how the main spine or box section was manufactured? Im wondering if they used a speciality brake or cnc brake to put the creases in.
  12. I think that clearing is going to be for something water park related. I hope im wrong.
  13. Nice job. Did you feel dizy or sick at all? How busy is the park this time of year. See any construction work?
  14. Deffinatly not a hotel. Not enough space there and the residents would be pretty mad. I think if we get a new coaster it will pretty much stay in the skyrider plot of land and intertwine with vortex and the water. I could see supports or other stucture beyond the skyrider plot.
  15. My guess is more houses. That would be an awesome backyard.
  16. Your not the only one. Sure id rather a b&m invert over flight deck but its really not that rough and does pack a good punch. As for time warp i dont get it. That rides got everything air speed inversions and good turns. Not to mention i think its smooth and very comfortable to lay down. For me its one of my favorite rides in the park.
  17. Great coaster. Good pacing and not to repetitive. Nice feeling when a coaster is longer than what you think.
  18. I went last year to the Halloween haunt thing for the first time ever and I was really disappointed. By the time the night was over I had spent around 500 bucks for me and my family with food, gas, tickets and all that for two mazes cuz the park was packed. Yay.
  19. There should be a live wire along the track that the train connects to for power and sensors for the position of the seats in relation to where the car is on the track. Electric motors would add some weight, but weight would be lost from two wheel assemblies. I think it can be done just not sure of the saftey issues it causes. Then there could be different programs which would be kick ass.
  20. Looks to me the pivot point is well above the assembly like it is on every other assembly (red square box). The green lines represent the rigid frame and the blue line is the radius the assembly travels. When the rail goes up to push the assembly up it will hit both top wheels. Then when the rail moves down it will move down touching nothing for a bit then hit both bottom wheels. I could be wrong but for the pivot you got in black the pivot for the assembly would have to be there as well and unless its behind it and we cant see it then i am pretty sure its acting like this. I know what you mean about the raidus' of the rails being so large it doesnt matter. But there is still play which will mean a thud to get the rotation started. The shocks didnt bear any load, they just softened the blow to the wheels so that they didnt wear out as quick and made it slightly softer spin start. Thanks for the post, I enjoy talking about wheel assemblies and there is not alot of people that can elabarate on it. Let me know what you think of the pivot location, thanks.
  21. The pivot above the assembly is for the frame of the car and has nothing to do with the track. Allows the trains to bend using the wheel assemblies becuase if there was no pivot the frame would break. I am designing my own wheel assembly and the assembly thats used for the rack and pinion is awful. Everyone knows that Arrows are rough and here is why. The old assembly had pivots and bumpers in between which is the way it should be. The wheels have to move to allow for the bend in the track because if its a rigid assembly with no tolerance the assembly will explode. Allowing the wheels to move means you can have a tighter tolerance. And instead of the wheels hitting metal they put this hard rubber in which I dont know what its called. So instead of a clank you get a thud. B&M and Itamin have this, usually red or orange and in the old x trains you can see its black. The assembly still moves and you get that jerk in your seat but its sofened slightly. The new assembly is horrible. The wheels are so far apart and they took off the gas shocks so now there is a big gap! I know its going to make the spin start off rough. If they wanted a rigid assembly for maintence and longevity purposes they should have inverted the assembly so the frame is on the outside and the small wheels super close together so that the gap can be smaller. Every wheel assembly on any train has a gap if its riding a rail thats bent. I have been working on my assembly for about a year now and have eliminated the vertical gap! I have the idea how to elimate the horizontal gap but not sure if its possible to engineer. Give me time because I am soooo busy. Put the pivots and gas struts back on!!!!
  22. I cant believe they got rid of the gas struts on the wheel assembly for the rack and pinion. I thought they said in the video these were improvements for making the ride smoother too. I think that was a big mistake but only riding it will tell. Maybe there wont be a violent jolt.
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