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  1. I stilll dont understand the rational about extreme park and obnoxious teens Cedar Point builds extreme rides and they are garnering more revenue than six flags. I said everyone has different tastes and from reading some of the other posts I am not the only one that thinks this is gonna be a lame ride. I am sure that a lot of you all dont think so and you think a ride that is under 100 ft is gonna keep the riff raff away, I dont get the comparison at all. That doesnt fly with me about extreme park and no spending teens. Maverick and Diamondhead are mega rides and again those two parks do well.

  2. Now i have seen a couple of people make refernce to Raven. I finally rode it this year and it was lame to me. It was nice I am sure for back in the day but no one will ever say Raven is good after riding The Voyage. Times are different and I just dont believe that for 10 million they couldnt have come up with something a little better than that. It does look nice but not for an extreme park like SFMM. Maybe Darien Lake.

  3. Now this is just my opinion. If I stand in line for 2 hrs i think the ride should last longer than 60 secs. SFMM IS an extreme park like Cedar Point and CP is doing much better now than SFMM. The beauty of SFMM is the terrain and I think Ninja, Goldrusher and Log Jammer does a good job at using it. SFMM was once a destination spot that is why it was doing well at one time, but TERMINATOR doesn't give me a reason to buy a ticket and fly there. It doesn't have to be as tall as an eltoro or SON OF THE BEAST but it should give me at least more ride time for the time factor it takes to get on it. Thats all I am saying. I think that this coaster would have been fine for a smaller park in a smaller city that doesn't have the tourism that Southern Cali has. I think a new ride could have been delayed one more year and added another 5 million to the budget of the coaster and get more bang for the buck. SFMM has a lot of good rides now and adding this mediocre coaster isn't gonna generate that much more income. Now anyone can disagree and thats fine because everyone is seeking something different from a THRILL park which SFMM is. It is and never will be a Disney no matter how many rides infants can get on.

  4. I was trying to make a point. I wasn't saying that people aren't effected. The point I was making was it wasn't devastation that would keep the boardwalk from reopening soon. I was just gearing that toward people who are only looking at Galveston. I apologize if someone took their situation as if i were minimizing it. I was just trying to convey to the people who live miles away that it wasn't so bad like Katrina in Houston because the media is focusing on Galveston.


    Love You All!

  5. My 2 cents. Houston was not devestated. Galveston was. For people who live other places and watching the news they are mostly showing Galveston. Kemah Boardwalks revenue came from Houston residents mostly, not the surrounding areas of Kemah. I live in a place called Missouri City which is 35 miles from Kemah and 65 miles from Galveston. People who have never been to Houston have no idea on how big it is. Houston is bigger than a lot of states. from the south border to the north border of houston alone is probably 65 miles and that is just HOuston. Lets now count Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Katy Brookshire, Missouri City, Sugarland, Stafford, Baytown, Crosby and so on add another 2 million to the 4 to 5 million people in Houston alone. Now all I had in my neighborhood was a few downed trees and fences, thats all. The Electricity was the problem here. Every darn store and movie house was completely packed 2 days after the storm. I am a hairstylist and the day of the storm i was so damn busy it was ridiculous and this week after I was even busier. Kemah is gonna be back with a vengence and Mr. Fertita said on the news himself, Kemah will be back ASAP. You have havent a clue how much money this man has. He is the next Donald Trump, trust me. He owns all of the Boardwalk and all he has to do is write a check. I went to the bowling alley 2 days ago and i had to wait 2 hrs for a lane. Baby please Houston is fine, we just need to sweep us the leaves. You all are seeing Galveston which sits not on but IN the Gulf. Houston is 60 miles inland and trust me if Kemah was open today, it would have been crowded.

  6. The best experience I had with q lines moving fast was at Cedar Point when I first went in 1997. The brought those trains in, loaded them fast and got them out. The 2nd time I went is when Top Thrill first opened and the waits were much slower. A lot had changed at that time with operations it appeared. The 2 times I went to Universal the que lines never stopped moving. It was a constant walk. The ride ops got you prepared with what to do before u got on the ride. Jurassic Park was the best I had ever seen. The hurried you into the boat and got that boat going.


    I always forget the flash pass systems when I go somewhere. I never go to an amusement park on weekends. Only on Mondays and Tuesdays. The only problem I have had with all the parks I had been to was getting on X. That load time is ridiculous. I rode it the first year it opened and from what I remembered. The gates opened and I walked on and sat down and the bars closed. I dont understand why that would take over 2 minutes to load one train. When i went last year it took 5 minutes for each train to dispatch. Now that doesnt make any sense. I too believe that since the flash pass systems have come into play that they dont encourage their employees to move expeditiously. Also if we ride everything in 3 hrs, we wont have any incentive to spend money in the park. Now I do believe that.

  7. I have read most of these replies and I see the different opinions but This still is just an elevator and drop. This is a big waste of money to me. No one is gonna fly or drive to ride this. I saw the video from the trip rob took to Korea I believe and those rides look awesome. Now The Pompei ride at Busch Gardens Europe is also just a tidal wave ride but the theming makes u think that u are getting much more. The elevator is gonna cause some problems. I think if they had a fake mountain for the elevator lift it would have gone perfectly with the woods that surround the area. I never ride these types of rides because I dont like to get soaked so this isnt a big deal to me but looking at it wont make me want to take the chance and get soaked.

  8. Well actually I see what Mr Shapiro is doing but let's not again forget, Six Flags was a thrill park like Cedar Point. Little kids DO grow up into coaster craved kids not teens. I see every time I go to a park little kids crying because they are too short to ride a big coaster. I don't believe that Goliath hadn't brought in any revenue. It actually has but other things lacked which made a lot of non return visitors. Everyone has to realize that after you ride the same thing over and over it looses some of its appeal and excitement. You have to build new and bigger because people are adrenaline rushed and riding a 100ft drop coaster was exciting at first but after 5 rides on it the drop isn't frightening anymore. Also heavily themed rides actually draw families. Would you have more fun riding a regular log ride at a Six Flags park or Splash Mountain at Disney? People like to be taken away to another world to escape their lives for one day and that is what Universal, Disney and Sea World does. The debt problem has nothing to do with big rides, it is because of taking on and holding on to too many parks and not paying attention to them. SFAW was an extremely sorry park. It barely got a new ride and when it did it was so small that I could jump off of it and not get killed. It got boring and people stopped going. The park never grew because the SF corp. ignored its smaller parks. It would give the smaller parks a new ride every now and then to pacify us. So SF CAN'T build any big rides NOW because there is no money but I think more money should be spent on park renovation and hiring and training a staff to be efficient. If the parks were more beautiful and the staff was friendly and were more efficient, then people would want to return. It makes no sense to build a big coaster like X and people have to wait 5 hrs to ride it. No one wants to pay to park and enter the park just for one or 2 rides.

  9. My opinion is first get the parks and employees back to the way it was 20 yrs ago. Clean and hard working. If a day is enjoyable meaning, not having to stand in line for over an hr for a ride when a park isnt full or walking through u know what in the restrooms to get to the toilet or see a lot of trash all over the place, then the RETURN visitors will bring in double money. The economy and lazy people who rather play bowling on a WII than actually physically bowling will make anything outside go broke.

  10. Doesn't matter. I didn't mean all but all of the managers and supervisors I saw were kids and they are FRIENDS with the other employees. If you are insulted then you are probably the persons who are not doing your jobs. It is no excuse for a park to be semi full and there is an hour wait for a ride with a half empty que. What I said was constructive and I was an unhappy customer. I stand by what I say, a park run by nothing but kids will never run efficiently. There isn't enough experience and maturity to do their jobs FIRST. There were a lot of other patrons there that were complaining also, they just didn't say anything. They have accepted that behavior from Six Flags and just grumble in the line. Not me. I saw ride ops DRAGGING their feet and not paying attention to the trains nor the guest right there IN FRONT of the supervisors.


    I will not recant my statement.


    Kids will play when they are unsupervised. That is a fact. Six Flags is a business and guests have spent their hard earned monies to come and have an enjoyable day riding, not stepping through trash or standing in line for 3/4 of their visit at the park.

  11. I got to SFOG at 4pm Sunday Aug 03. It reminds me a lot of SFMM and SFOT in comparison to the trees and hills. It is a very nice park terrain wise but the ride operations are TERRIBLE. I first went to GOLIATH and the cue was 4 rows downstairs and it took me one hour to board. One of the problems is too many trains leaving out of the station with empty seats. I counted at least 4 empty seats on EACH dispatch. Now that is unacceptable. If they fill the trains for each dispatch it will make the line move faster. I know it can be done because we did it when I worked at SF. Secondly the ride ops move entirely too slow and not motivated at all. B&M's actually load themselves and all the ops have to do is check the lapbars and get that train out of there. This was a problem with all rides except the Standup coaster, This was actually the best crew in the whole park on a major ride. The trains were 80% of the time ready to dispatch before the other train cycled.


    I went to Guest Relations to complain and I asked for an Operations Supervisor and they sent me a kid in a green shirt and I started laughing when he asked "can I help you". I said "I asked for a supervisor" and the response was "thats me". I said sweetheart don't insult my intelligence. Go get me someone that doesn't have on a green shirt with a tag that says host and Make sure he or she is over 30. Of course that never happened so i just left because I had to catch my plane,


    To sum it up, SFOG is a typical SF park. Horrible operations with a few decent rides.


    If Goliath was a little longer it would be on my top 5 list because it has sooooo much airtime non-stop. The first drop is a little deceiving because it doesnt go all the way to the ground. So I give this coaster a rating of 6.


    The Georgia Scorcher was fun and I give it an 8. If it were longer and 50ft taller I think It would give Riddlers Revenge a run for its money.


    The Mind Bender was a beautiful surprise. I actually would have ridden that all day, It highly outranks it counterparts at other parks, like Revolution and The Shockwave at SFOT.


    The only Ride Op that actually said hello how r u and was professional was Lacey on the Mine Train. She was the only op that made me feel good yesterday and she needs to be the general manager over the whole ride operations dept. If u are reading this I want to thank you for making my day better.


    So in 4 hours I was only able to ride 4 rides in a park that wasnt crowded. I will probably never go back. After going to Holiday World in May, my tolerance level for anything less than the operations there is unacceptable.


    The park was semi clean which is understood since I got there late but shouldnt be an excuse.


    The staff was wayyy tooo young with no experience, training or motivation.


    Too many friends on one ride which causes horseplay and not paying attention to the guest.


    This could be a great park with one good woodie, and a new general manager because there are just as many kids working at Holiday World as there are at SFOG and they are extremely professional and courteous.

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