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  1. All of the annoucements sound ok, but I have neva heard of this tony hawk who is he and i saw the virutal for the spinning mouse at SFFT and I dont see a big deal. Six flags has always put up rides but no real themeing. I really wanted to see a good themed ride like the ride Escape To Pompei, Jurassic Park, Mt Everest ride. If there was more themeing I think the parks would do better. The are fun to go to for rides but nothing really what I call pretty like Isle of Adventure. I would luv to see a big mountain with ice, water, fire, trees, and whatever else it takes to make u feel like u are really in another place, not like the runaway mountain at SFOT or the dark ride at Great Adventure where a rollercoaster goes into a dark room and really doesnt do anything. At any rate I think employee service, ride operations, cleanliness, and total running of cars at all times will boost attendance. Also put fire under the ride operators and make them move fast not drag like they dont want to be at work, that holds the line up.

  2. i went there is aug just to ride storm runner and when it took off i said dayum but then it was ova in 30 secs. You think it is going somewhere when it goes into the bushes but it is right back at the station. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. If you are looking for thrills you wont find much there but it is a very beautiful and clean park. I went to Great Adventure the same day and it was like apples and oranges. Hershey didnt have not one piece of paper on the ground and Ga was totaly filthy.

  3. I was there last year and didnt see any of the things that people are saying. I think that management is looking for support on closing and filling our heads with nonsense. I didnt see any rowdyness at all. I went to Great Adventure this year and this is totally what Shapiro is saying about MM. That park was the worse i have ever encountered. Graffit, old paint, one car operation or no operation, rowdy ghetto teens oh I can go on. Now why dont I hear anything about this park. Great Adventure is foremost worse than any park I have been to. if MM is dirty than clean it. If it is ragedy than fix it point blank. It is all about money. I am a share holder in Six Flags and I dont think that this park should be closed at all because it is the best one. Magic Mounhtain and Cedar Point are the only 2 extreme parks we have and if Cedar Point is all coasters and it is profitable why cant MM be the same, It was 5 yrs ago. I still say I see hundreds of families waiting in line for coasters. Not only does Ward and June Clever spend money but other people do too. The Brady Bunch doesnt exist anymore and stop discriminating against the average worker who spends far more money in our economy because there are more of them.

  4. I dont consider anything under 150FT a major coaster and nowadays if it isnt well over 200 ft it surely isnt. Poltergeist sits in one sport and just goes round and round within itself. It has a lot going on but it is no Superman or Rattler. Some people may like it but that doesnt mean its a major coaster. I went to Hershey Park and rode the wild mouse and enjoyed it more than any other ride there, but I wouldnt call it a major coaster. Poltergeist to me is just a bigger version of Wild MOuse, but it still doesnt aquire more than than the Wild MOuse.

  5. As far as teens spending money they dont hell I dont. I eat before I go and eat when I leave. I am the person who stops and get my food and put it in mypurse before I go in the movies. I still say Cedar Point is a Rollercoaster park and not kiddie friendly at all and it still has families and people who spend money. Those little kids still have to grow up and trust me by age 7 they are trying to get on Superman.

  6. i dont call poltergeist, boomerang, and roadrunner express a major coaster. I call The Rattler and Superman a major coaster. This is a small park in comparison to a whole lot of others. It is understandable because it is new, but Six Flags has ignored this park for 7 years meaning no new rides and I dont count Scooby Doo which is for kids even though I enjoyed it but it wont make me drive 3 hrs to ride. This is probably the most cleanest and beautiful park because it is new. The 2nd year after Six Flags obtained this park, they added about 7 new attractions but neither was major and that was understanble becuase they were trying to make it grow but after Superman they have added anything. I go to SFFT e times a yr, but this year I went to activate my pass and when I got there I didnt get that vibe I normally get when I get to a park. So I activated rode The Rattler which doesnt do anything for me anymore then over to Superman which really doesnt do anything anymore also. I left and drove back to Houston. I was there exactly one hr and I brought clothes to spend the night. That is what I mean when I say this is a kiddie park that needs another big attraction. I know too many people who used to go to this park a lot also but now they dont. My nephews dont even want to go anymore and they are 10 and 13. They say it doesnt exicte them anymore. I understand. Repetiton gets boring and if a new big attraction isnt added at least evey 3 yrs then what was once a thrill and daring becomes obsolete.

  7. Well it depends on where you have been. I have been on probably every coaster in the united states and SFFT doesnt have but 2. Super man is nice but when u ride it 5 times it loses it's punch. The rattler is one of my favorite woodies but a park having only 2 major coasters this day and time wont get me there. It is Family friendly that is why this is Shapiro's favorite park. I just went to Great Adventure 2 weeks ago and even though itis the worse park i have eva been to, it has a vast assortment of real rides even though half of them dont work. Poltergeist is extremely painful and short and Road Runner is just a big disappointment. SFFT doesnt have one coaster over 175ft. After going to Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, and Cedar Point this park is a baby park. It is a shame that in 7 years they havent gotten one coaster. Poltergeist and Boomerang are short bs coasters come on with an El Toro or Tatsu but that will neva happen because of where it is located. Seems coastal Six Flags parks only get the biggies.

  8. It is apparent that SFFTis going to get the ride. SFFT is already family friendly actually too family friendly. It is a cute kiddie park, but if u are looking to get thrilled go somewhere else. It has 2 big rollercoasters and the other ones are boomerang type coasters. It is the most beautiful park of the six flags chain but no magic mountain when it comes to rides. Shapiro is full of crap talking about families dont like coasters. Everytime I go there are a lot of kids with their families crying because they cant get on the coasters because they are too short. Shapiro doesnt want to spend the money to add new coasters. It is easier to spend a couple of hundred thousand to put in a new little ride and market it as the big new attraction at a park, but he can no where abandon rollercoasters because that is what six flags is for. Cedar Point is a rollercoaster park and it is full of families and there shares are worth 4 times that of six flags, so i dont buy that crap that families are looking for thrills, he is just looking for a cheap way out. I understand the monetary part but those little children for kiddie land only will be able to ride those rides for 2 to 5 yr where when they get 10 and up they will ride the coasters forever. If you are reading this Mr. Shapiro You will never compete with Disney when it comes to themeing. Kids like Mickey Mouse not Batman. Disney is known for kids and Six Flags for bigger kids to adults. If you fix broken rides, clean up parks, get more effiencent personel, you will get the families back but if all of the attention is spent on one park like Magic Mountain your others will suffer. Every park should get a new coaster every 2 yrs and I dont mean no pookie but coaster like Roadrunner express.

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