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  1. It was just my opinion. Ok then. I wasnt being nasty and never have been. i never said that the end of the ride would have shortened it by half, I said with both helixes gone, it might. I have seen tons of other posts on how a lot of people said the same thing I did about them hoping their was something after the tunnel. I dont see anything wrong with that. I will continue to voice my opinion when need be so go ahead and say what you want. It wont work.

  2. For some reason, im getting more exicted about Outlaw Run. Well thats because its a mystery and it goes into the trees and I love that but this is my question. I have ridden The New Texas Giant and the ride was smooth as butter and i'm sure that this coaster will be also, but Outlaw Run is a Topper Track and how much different is a feel in comparison to the Iron Horse treatment this is getting?

  3. Boy oh boy this thing loooks sooo sweet. I like that its not out in the open and the elements can shock you. Im a big fan of terain coasters that is the ONLY reason why I place Voyage ahead of El Toro is because I cant see whats happening ahead. i dont like standing in line and seeing the whole coaster and what its doing even if I have ridden it hundreds of times. Now my biggest question is, what is the benefit of a hybrid coaster like this? Since it has the total smoothness of a steel coaster, why not just make the whole thing steel?

  4. Personally I like Intimidator at Carowinds. I dont like Millenium Force. It isnt my favorite at all. I love Maverick. So people have different opinions but I like Voygage better than El Toro but El Toro is in my top 5 and its number 2 so that one isnt a big deal to me but Bizarro at Six Flags in New England still gets my top steel vote. I just never understood why Intimidator gets such bad reviews on here. I like that much better than Goliatah at SFOG, but again just my opinion. X is the only coaster to date that I have ridden that still gives me chills and Tatsu is a little painful to me. So most of the list I can see where they are coming from.

  5. I personally liked the helix. I wish they would have kept it and just made it more banked and NOT trimmed. I think this ride will lose a lot of time because of the removal of the helix. Yes it looks fun but it will be over 1 minute earlier than normal. Thats what I liked about this ride. The helix added time so the ride ops could actually load 2 more trains. I liked the capacity of this ride when six flags weren't being too cheap to only have 2 people working the whole ride. The mystery is what's going to happen after the tunnel.

  6. Six Flags over Texas needs another real coaster. Mr. Freeze is the only thing that excites me there anymore. Never cared for Titan, NTG is just ok for me, Batman inverts are just lame at this point but Mr Freeze still packs a punch. I would love to see an Apollos Chariot type of coaster there or a true woodie but I doubt they will go the wooden route or even another coaster for a few years.

  7. I didnt think it was that bad. Just my opinion. Rode it 5 times in 2007, i believe that was the year, and I was afraid to get on it from all the revues I have read but when It crested the lift and dropped, I didnt see any different feeling than any other woodie I have ridden of that age, but Im 50 now and I was raised on woodies so I prefer them over steel anyday. I like to know I've been on a coaster afterwards. I like Mean Streak and I loved the old Texas Giant near the end. Do they get rough as time goes on, of course they do, but again Im old skool and love the roughness of a coaster. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE El Toro but I get more of the woodie feel from Voyage and thats my favorite coaster of all with El Toro a close second. I didnt care for Texas Giant at all but SOB was no more rough to me than its Father the Beast and thoroughly love The Beast. SOB was just kind of boring after the first half but also i dont hold my hands up on a coaster, i hold on and im sure that if I held my hands up on a rougher coaster, it would be less enjoyable. Some park does need another El Toro somewhere and with the success of El Toro, I dont understand why other parks havent jumped on this type of woodie.

  8. Also, Mean Streak wasnt rough to me as I didnt see Son of the Beast all that unbearable when i rode it 5 yrs ago. I happen to prefer wood coasters over all others. Magnum tore me up much worse than most woodies have ever and my grandkids didnt like it either. I was raised on wood coasters and I favor the voyage over El Toro and Texas Giant. I happen to like Mean Streak and I loved loved loved the old Texas Giant over the new one and yes it did get rougher over the yrs but I still happen to like the layout of the OTG over the NTG. I'm not a loop nor steel fan but I do love coasters period.

  9. I dont understand why people get offended by someones opinion. I have a right to think that a park isnt good. I did not insult anyone personally. I didnt call mean streak a classic i meant wood coasters. It was a joke. Ok now people come on. I see posts on here I dont agree with everyday and I never comment because it isnt a biggie nor do i take offense to something. Now my english, well, I dont see where anything was grammatically incorrect and the other insult i dont know where that one was going nor do I care.


    Please people dont start insulting ME. Never was shouting by the way, that was an inflection in my voice not hollaring. Who made that rule anyway. I just heard of that one because I dont sit online like a lot of people do. I still think SFGA is not a good park. It was exremely old & the Ragin Bull is the only thing there that was good to me and yes to me. I liked Cedar Point and SFMM & SFGAdventure are much better parks.


    I have read too many posts where people on here cant stand the whole SF chain and I didnt see anyone get upset. Now Rob if i broke a rule for espressing my opinion well I didnt know I couldnt. i dont fight with people I will never meet but as long as I have a typewriter I will always speak because I have a right. I rarely say anything on here.

  10. Just got back from Great America. HORRIBLE. The worse SF park I have been 2 so far. Doesnt have much of a selection of anything. Ragin Bull is the ONLY coaster there that did ANYTHING for me. NOW, X-FLIGHT didnt move me AT ALL. It is VERY BEAUTIFUL but when it was over i said, "is that it"? The ONLY positive thing i CAN say about SFGA is that the operations were STELLER. NO STACKING AT ALL. Yes NONE. Those trains were ready to get outta there by the time the other made the cycle. The same for RAGIN BULL. Went 2 cedar point the next day and that MAVERICK is NOW my favorite coaster. MEAN STREAK is bad AT ALL. U younger kids have NO RESPECT FOR THE CLASSICS. hahahah. U all have been SPOILED by STEEL. I rode MEAN STREAD 10 times and it was fine.

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