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  1. Sweetness. Just bought my tickets. Ready for BAB #2. Last year was great I can't wait for this year! See you all up there!
  2. Nice. I worked at PGA for 4 seasons. The backstage is fun there.Great shots to get. Good times guys!
  3. ^ I agree, to me it would be like losing Ninja at SFMM. I would be very upset.
  4. Very true, I agree. New leadership is needed. I think they need to drop a few of the parks that are not making profits, *cough* (great america) *cough*... Good for Cedar Fair though.
  5. Me too, No sleep. Don't worry there's always time to sleep when your dead! Thank you all of TPR for making this such a great event! Will see you all at BAB!
  6. Well all the coasters as usual, but the surprise is they are racing Colossus. Woo hoo!
  7. Man having a great time at SFMM. Taking a quick break until night ERT. Its gonna be sick!
  8. Sold again! This will be our 3rd TPR event! We love you guys! Paid and we'll see you there hopefully! Would love to meet you guys!
  9. Great clip! Love it when he gets kicked in the nuts haha! I've ridden a zipper before too, man does it hurt ahhhhh!
  10. I have also been there 2 times with no rain. I would have been pissed if it rained!
  11. This is going to be the event of the year! Im so excited to go to another event with TPR and friends! Thank you so much for all the great work you do!
  12. That's awesome! Thanks for all the great free stuff you guys do for us! I appreciate it! Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Just sent my 10 bucks to ya for some sweet T-Shirts! Thanks Robb!
  14. Just want to say that I had a great time at SFDK. Your park. My park too. I would like to say that I had the best time at a park here in my home area. I cant imagine that SF can hire the best to run this park. Thank you to TPR and everyone else that made this happen. Go Rob, Go Elissa! Go Kitums!
  15. Also a big thank you to TPR, SFDK for an epic event! This would be my second event and so far the most intimate. The 15 min of Medusa ERT was exceptional. Got in 4 rides! It was great! Will defiantly do this again next year if it happens!. Night ERT was crazy! Had an utmost awesome time! WOW! And yes rob, my wifes camel painting she won at the raffle was painted by the toe... HAHAHA!!! Good Times!
  16. Wow an event to remember! First event ive gone too and will not be the last!!! Morning ERT was the shiznit got on X2 once since it was closed at night ERT. And I also rode Goliath 7 times in a row in the back with the lights off it was great!! Finally got to ride Deja Vu took 8 years to ride it but it was worth it. Good ride! Robb Thanks so much for an awesome event! Loved the videos after the park management presentation! Me and the wifey will return next year!!!! Again Thank You!!!!
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