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  1. The Sloppy Joe I got at Delgrosso's a few years back was AMAZING!
  2. I <3 Antelope. The only way to make it better would be to combine it with The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley giving you: The Ultelope!
  3. The drive back to the Hotel from the farewell dinner was AMAZING though! The Pizza Hut song made the drive fly by!
  4. From such a quiet guy, you sure have some funny captions / pictures! Loving this TR, can't wait for the next one!
  5. The battle is on. Raptor ATTACK versus X-Raptor...GO! In other news, if the theming on X-Raptor is as good as it was on Ramses (Terminator Mummies!), expect to be impressed!
  6. I loved Euro-Mir. It was my favorite coaster at Europa for the reasons mentioned above!
  7. Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride! It is best to ride Michael Jackson in the back...you even get some airtime!
  8. Getting hosed on U-571 is what made it so special...that and holding on for dear life to your loosely mounted torpedo seat as the sub tilted way passed 45 degrees.
  9. I enjoy eating at the Festhaus during one of the "shows." It really adds to the atmosphere!
  10. It is a shame you didn't get to ride U-571. AKA, let Movieland Studios drown you!
  11. Great PTR so far. It is neat to see the experiences that other people, on the same trip, had! (e.g. The Pier!)
  12. Europa park Dollywood Universal Studios Florida Alton Towers Lake Compounce Epcot Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  13. I have, it was called Superman: Ride of Steel. The "audio" is nothing but random sounds that are near deafening levels. As someone mentioned previously, I am all for audio adding to the experience, i.e. Rock n' Roller Coaster, but the "audio track" does nothing but make obnoxious sounds and quotes. You are the first person I have heard from that *enjoys* the audio addition.
  14. You mention the audio not working like it would be a bad thing? That would be one instance where six flags maintenance is appreciated. It ruined a great coaster.
  15. Oh Haunted Graveyard, how I love the 45 minutes it takes to go through you! haha
  16. I have seen the two taller looking ones before. They were being used to hold and transport SLC trains without dissasembling them. Since there is no SLC at SFMM, maybe it is for Deja Vu?
  17. After seeing the LONG lines on Vampire, I think this was the right coaster for the right park. The Canadians really like their Inverted's!
  18. No no, you have it all wrong. That is the launch, like on The Incredible Hulk!
  19. They had a "skillet" at Great Escape installed this season. I have been to Dollywood and seen / tasted food from their skillets, the one at great escape does not even come close.
  20. I love that in the last scene, Kristin's hand is stretched out as far as it can trying to grab the cup. haha
  21. Do you think you could post the full recipe?
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