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  1. It sounds like it was a repeat of the PS3 launches, but this time, they added cars to the mix!
  2. Noticed: No Six Flags parks on the list. Surprised: How differnt the numbers are for California Adventure and Disneyland.
  3. I must say the quality of the news casts out in LA seem to be "excellent". Skipping over words, using um's, very professional. The only one that looks like they belong there is the old guy, and even that might be an overstatement...
  4. I should probably know this, but what is up the water that sprays up from the California Screamin launch track?
  5. Was that Boomerang smooth or do you just have amazing camera skills?
  6. And than when the tube flips or lands in the splash pool the wrong way ( flipping over), the rider is trapped because of the restraints...great idea...
  7. If your telling your friends that Lake Compounce sucks, isn't that all speculation? Yes, maybe you didn't get into the park and yes, maybe that made you very angry, but telling people the park sucks when you didn't even experience it for yourself is not right. Also, if i were you, I would contact the park and see if you could find what the problem actually was. The park has opened on much lousier days, so there had the be a prominent issue. Also, if you did have the oppurtunity to check the website, it was actually updated the previous night saying they would be closed Sunday. Miscommunication is a problem you will see at any park, and I'm sure this was just one bad case of it. Out of my knowledge, the park has not opened 3 times this year "due to weather", two of them being labor day weekend. To those of you saying Boulder Dash is overrated, I don't understand how that is so, if everyone seems to love it? To experience Boulder right, you have to ride everywhere on the train. Every ride on Boulder is a totally differnt experience, and yes some are bland, but others are out of control. Also, you haven't experienced Boulder until you've ridden it at night. Flying through the woods at 65mph in the pitch black is just amazing.
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