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  1. Glad to have done well with this based on what some of you all have said! I am surprised that I have convinced someone to actually go to a place even! It is worth a trip, even if you are not the credit whoring type. Even if they don't add anything to any of the parks, or even if a new park is not added, I would certainly love a chance to go back to Ocean City.
  2. ^I have to agree, I am definately ready to head back and check it out again. It will probably be a while though since I am going to be heading across the country here tomorrow morning as my younger sister and I begin our drive. Before we do though, it is time for the second update of my trip to Ocean City, this time focusing on the amusement parks of Ocean City. I took a break from the beach area first by going back across the bridge to check out Baja Amusements. Baja Amusements is your large go-kart complex with miniture golf and a few amusement rides, including a Wack Worm. I decided to try out the mini-stock car go-karts while I was there, and actually made a second place finish! If I spent more time here, I definately would have liked to try out more of the go-karts. Park number two would be Trimper's Rides, which I felt like was probably the best park of the four I visited. It had the best selection of rides (which is a rare thing to say about a park whose signature ride is a Boomerang), and it also had a better atmosphere in my view. The third park I went to was Jolly Roger at the Pier, which was only about a five minute walk from Trimper's Rides. This was the place that I probably spent the least amount of time at as it only has but a few rides. The operations for their one coaster (a Pinifari looper) was a bit odd, as they required at least four people to be on board. A fun stop for an hour or so. The last park I would visit was Jolly Roger Amusement Park, which would be a bit of a disappointment to me. While they had a Schwarzkopf Wildcat which is always a fun ride, the park just didn't quite do it for me. Between the scores of employees that were just standing around smoking while on the job, to what appeared to be some left-over weed on the estroom toilet paper holder...it just seems a bit on the poor side of quality. I will say though, that at their Speedworld complex, they had what have easily been my favorite go-karts thus far, which were made to resemble formula 1 cars, and had more speed to them than any other go-kart I have driven. If I had a bunch of extra money, I would buy one along with a small piece of property to make my own coarse to drive on. So with all of that said, here are the rest of the pictures from my trip up to Ocean City. Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to leave any comments! -Gary First up, Baja Amusements As mentioned before, this is a large go-kart center Along with the many go-kart tracks, they also have a few rides as well This track would be the one that caught my attention, as I had never done a "mini stockcar" track before A closer look, and I would become a bit more interested I might have to give it a try. So along with a ticket for getting the credit on the Wacky Worm, I bought one for a spin on the mini stock car go-carts This would be my ride, and I would start towards the back. Strapped in and ready to go! A second place finish would make me happy, but next time I'm shooting for the win! Here we have the main reason for many a coaster fan comming to this park....the Wacky Worm! A side view of the coaster Lift hill fans rejoice!! Credit earned! Our next stop would be Trimper Rides This park is secured by your local pirate force! The park is dominated by Tidal Wave, the park's boomerang coaster Looking at it from the same street, but other direction. Flat ride row This haunted house ride is right off of the boardwalk, and is owned by Trimpers, but I am not sure if you could use a ride bracelet for it or not. Well themed ticket booth A view of the beach from the haunted house ride "GIVE ME BACON!!!!!!" The cool ride cars of the haunted house ride From the boardwalk, when you look back towards the main part of Trimpers, you get a good view of Tidal Wave "Weeeeee!!!!" Inside of the main building of Trimpers, you have a shooting gallery Along with the carousel that is a signature of Ocean City And an old ticket booth that is not in use, but looks really cool. But now it is time for the main reason for comming....the credits! First up, Tidal Wave Behold, the looping glory of a boomerang coaster. Perhaps now would be a bad time to think that maybe I shouldn't do this? Turns out that it only gave one jaw punch, so it wasn't 'terrible' but don't expect me to hug you!!!!!! ....oh who am I kidding? I never pass up a chance to have a facebook picture with a coaster support Time for another Wacky Worm! Ready to ride!! So this is what you would see if you were a wacky worm doing another wacky worm doggy style. The third park was Jolly Roger at the park, which as you can tell, is not far from Trimpers at all. Just in case you forgot already where we are going next A Sideview of the park The main reason for coming to the park...Looping Star Down the fishing pier a little bit, and you can see this angle of the park Almost forgot where I was, until I saw this! Going on into the park Tried one of these for the first time, and it was pretty fun. Oddly enough, the 3D effects on this carnival style dark ride were more effective than that of Curse of DarKastle the last time I rode it The ride car Whenever I see this picture, I think of that old school wrestler known as the Repo Man from the early 90's Alright, time to face the pain! A sign of guaranteed roller coaster quality? When about to ride a coaster that could very well put a chiropractor on speed-dial....put on a happy face! Alright, so it didn't turn out that bad, I did try a ride in the front, back and middle just for laughs And here we are at the last park of the Ocean City quartet. One that I just felt could use a bit of improvement You arrive thinking this is a family friendly place until you find..... Their promotion of alcohol with Captain Morgan.... They are always showing off their chests..... And it looks as though someone didn't finish their weed......okay, so maybe I am embellishing on the oher two a little bit But in all honesty, between this and the employees just standing on the midway smoking, I just felt like the place could use some improvement Compared to its cousin down the road from here, they have a lot more rides, and even a waterpark and go-kart center. Here is one of the main reasons for my heading up to this park. Wait a minute...I think I know who had the weed in the restroom...look how stoned this guy is! While they say you should never operate heavy machinery while under the influence, I figured that it might be okay if the machinery is under the influence. Turns out I was right, and would live to see another credit! Which just happend to be a few hundred yards away. I always love a good Wildcat coaster....it shows Schwarzkopf's genius! Time to climb aboard! And with that, we come to the end of this second update of my visit to Ocean City. I hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to leave any comments below.
  3. From what I could tell, the show building is going to be where the old village of Big Bad Wolf used to be. The Drachen Fire area isn't being touched yet.
  4. Hey everyone! So over Memorial Day Weekend, I had a chance to head up to Ocean City in Maryland for the first time, and I had a great time! While there, I spent a bit of time checking out the beach, seeing what all there was on the boardwalk, and took some time to visit the amusement parks of OC. Before posting the first set of pictures that cover the drive up to OC and the beach and boardwalk, I have a few thoughts to share about Ocean City itself as well as an amusing tale from while I was there. -The route I took to get up to OC included driving across the Chesapeke Bay Bridge. While the drive is really cool, I found on the bridge's website an mp3 file that gives a sort of audio tour that you can listen to while you drive across the bridge. Being a history fan, I really enjoyed having it listen to while I drove across. -It can be very helpful to get there early as I was able to have my choice of spot with few people when I got there earlier in the morning. You also have quite a few parking locations available -While talking about parking, there are places where you could park all day, but I found that it was really convienient to park at a municipal lot with a meter as you could come and go as you wanted, and even if you had time left on the slip, you could leave from the lot, return later and still use the same slip until it expires, even if you go to a different lot. If you don't want to pay for parking, you could use the free parking on the other side of the bridge and use the shuttle. -The boardwalk had a great variety of things to see and do, as well as many different places to eat. I only wish I would have tried a local place, but because of the timing and a desire to just get out of the sun for a bit when I was at the Jolly Roger Amusment Park, I ended up going to a Pizza Hut for an early dinner. -While at Pizza Hut, I happend to see one of the more amusing things happen. I had a seat by a window, where I could see an intersection, and while looking out, I see this guy throwing his arms in the air yelling at some, trying to make himself look all big and bad. At one point, this chick comes along and just flat out nails him in the face, and he starts pulling his shirt off, trying to show how bad he still is. Then the chick gets into a car, and the guy runs out in the middle of the intersection to block the car (while blocking traffic as well). He then walks towards the car, and the same chick is sticking half out the car, and trys to nail him again as they pass him, and he starts to run after the car. After seeing all of this, my thought was "Since when was Jersey Shore filming in Ocean City?" So for the first update of my trip to Ocean City, you will see the pictures I took of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, as well as the boardwalk and beach of Ocean City. The second update that I will get to later will feature the amusement parks of Ocean City. Hope you all enjoy update 1 of Gary's Memorial Day Weekend at Ocean City! Time for another adventure! But do we have everything necessary? Let's find out! Got a full tank of gas. A cooler with drinks and sandwiches Good old Garmin And the mp3 play for some tunes and the audio tour of the Bay Bridge Along with clothes in the trunk, we are set to go! First stop, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge An overhead picture from the reststop before you get on the bridge. And here we are on the bridge The ability of these cargo ships being able to pass is the main reason why they built the tunnels into the bridge According to Garmin, we are now lost at sea Signature car at random location shot. This time at the first of the four man-made islands made for the tunnels This island happens to have a gift shop and restuant for you to check out The resturant allows you to dine on the outside Or inside with a view of the fishing pier A look at the gift shop The islands actually attract a lot of fish because of the sealife tha has formed on the islands that the fish feed off of Another view of the pier Fitting for the holiday being celebrated this weekend Here's to all of those who serve the United States in the armed forces! You can also read up on some info about the bridge itself It was cool to check out the first island, and now it is time to head on out. In order to continue crossing, you have to go through the tunnel that is down below the surface. here is what it looks like above the tunnel. And here is what you see as you go below into the tunnel. Made it to Maryland! Time to get to the hotel and rest up for the day ahead at Ocean City. The next moring, it was time to get to the beach! And here we are in Ocean City! Just off in the distance, you can see the biggest coaster in Ocean City! We will get to that a bit later Boardwalk early in the morning. If you go before 11 in the morning, you can ride bikes, scooters and segways on it. Another view of the boardwalk before the crowds come And here is what I have really been looking forward to during those long days dealing with middle grade students A side view of the beach....with a couple of lovely ladies taking in some sun! More beach Got the chair set up....... Time to kick the sandals off and..... ....enjoy the sounds of the ocean! After a little while, it was time to go see the boardwalk and what it had to offer. Like many beaches, you can find an assortment of t-shirts that follow the present pop culture. This one was pretty awesome! Also got a kick out of this one, and the one just like it with George Bush on it. YES!!!! While I am not one to promote religious messages or promotions, I thought this sand art was very well done. Along with this one too Continuing down the boardwalk I thought this was a cool variation of the claw game. More of the boardwalk A memorial to firefighters Along the boardwalk, they also have these custom play structures like this ship. As well as a plane and monster truck. As the day gets later, more and more people show up....with more beautiful ladies wondering around as well! Another view of a busier beach A shout out to all of the Texas Trip crew! If you were on the Texas Trip in 2009, you will recall the Boardwalk Beast in Kemah, where you rode a speedboat like this and got SOAKED!!! Tons of fun! And we will wrap-up this first update with the historical marker of Ocean City. Update 2: the Amusement Parks of Ocean City, will be comming a bit later. Thanks for checking out the first update!
  5. If only it were a week sooner, then I would be there, but I just agreed to help my younger sister move out to Seattle by driving cross-country with her starting the 15th, and then flying back home on the 28th after my older sister's wedding reception. Would definately be worth it, so I may have to make it up by going to East Coast Bash in Hershey -Gary
  6. Anytime! It looks like they are able to be zipped open and rolled up so that it can be opened up, so perhaps on hotter days when they want more air flow. Seems to me that those walking by are most likely on their way to something else anyway, but it does kind of change the way you can kind of casually watch for a moment while heading one way or the other. As was mentioned earlier, they said it should be open in the next few weeks. It looked like the building was pretty well done, and perhaps all that is needed is interior items. With regards to the yodeling, I must have gotten it mixed up with a neighboring country, so I'll go with plan B....in case I get called upon to be in a German Festival Dance Thanks to everyone so far for the comments and checking it out, certainly will welcome more!
  7. Hey Everyone, While West Coast Bash was the big event of the past weekend for most folks here on TPR, there were some like myself who were not able to make it out west to check it out. This weekend, however, I was able to head up to BGW to check out the Passholder Preview Day, and took a lot of pictures throughout the park. The first thing that stuck out to me was that the park seemed like it was becoming "freshened up" so to speak, as there were a lot of small changes and improvements along with the bigger changes like those being done to Oktoberfest. Speaking of the oktoberfest area, the addition of the beer garden/pretzel stand along with Mach Tower makes it seem a lot more full in that area, since the building for the Pretzels and Beer sits right in front of the bridge from the Italy section. In many ways, I feel like the area is really going to be awesome when all is said and done (along with the possible new coaster). Now for the part everyone enjoys the most about PTRs, the pictures! Hope you all enjoy, feel free to leave comments. Thank you for checking it out. -Gary Got my pass, in my car, let's roll! Before we get out of town, I think a stop for some breakfast is in order. This is always a good indicator that you are there. Morning testing, cannot wait to ride! On the tram, and ready to start the 2011 coaster season! As you can see, Passholder Preview Day is a very popular day, although they start to fill in later in the afternoon. Perhaps I had just never really taken notice before, but it seemed like they had a lot more flower beds around the park. Certainly helped to give the park a spring feel to it! The reason why many people have come to this place today. Lets check it out! Almost like WCB, only this is mostly general public, and not a bunch of nerds who can't wait for Physics Day More flowers Beside the stables of Scotland, they now have this shelter for a barn owl, and every so ofton they bring him out for you to take pictures from what I had observed later on in the day They also have a hedgehog for you to tough, just don't rub him the wrong way. This is always one of the best things about Passholder Day when you get there early.....little to no lines! Same with Apollo's Chariot A new addition to the tree where the path splits to the three parts of Italy. Over in the Italian theater with the Italian resturant, they have a new show this year that I will have to check out later this season. Here is what the stage now looks like, but along with the change to the stage, they also made some changes to the guest seating They have added these new plastic screens, which I am guessing is to help block the wind for those sitting to their meal and watching the show They did make it so they can be opened, so the option is there to allow a breeze through, overall, seems like a good touch. Now onto the area with the most drastic changes, Oktoberfest. This is what you see upon reaching the other side of the bridge. And over here you have the new for 2011 ride, Mach Tower I am going to guess the queue will mostly be where Der Katapult's was A closer look at what they have so far of the ride. Not much yet, but they will get there. Seems to me that this ride isn't getting a lot of attention since they have already announced the plan to add a new roller coaster the next year, but personally, I am really looking forward to this ride as I love drop towers. Im not exactly sure what the frame is for, but here is a better look at it. A theme park nerd's version of "Porky's" A view from another side And for those of you who just love dirt, here you go! heading over to the other side towards land of the dragons, you can get a "through the trees" view of the construction An upclose view of the tower base In a couple months, this view is going to be very different! The other big addition is the fresh made pretzel stand and beer garden. Personally, I dig the look of it! As you can see, it sits pretty close to where Mach Tower will be Keep it up guys, you're doing great! For thoses who like it in the rear. So there you have some of the featured additions of 2011, let's see what else is new in the area. This year in one of the main Oktoberfest shops, they have the Easter Bunny, and have decorated the nearby area to fit with it Inside the shop you can take pictures with the Easter Bunny More Easter decorations Even more They changed the large flower bed in front of the Oktoberfest building, and made what apears to be a small stage. Even the stage inside has been updated with the new look. I like it! Hey Adam, look what Strawberry Festival item they have at BGW this year. A Public Service Announcement to all women.....Just as the maintenance folks of amusement parks check out all of their rides frequently, your doctor would probably recommend that you perform a self-examination, and now, back to our PTR. For this month, if you have a season pass, you can save big on merchandise such as..... ...this beer stien....... ...or a hat to go yodeling!.... maybe even a new clock! Onward to New France! Not sure if anyone has a picture like this anywhere. They added this sign to make it easier to find Le Scoot One of the other changes is the changing of location and nationality of the scrambler. It is now in the area behind Trapper's Smokehouse. They say it should be ready in the next couple weeks. For those of you who get chubbies looking at the undersides of rides. Or, perhaps you enjoy some good plywood! Queue shelter. Still one of the best coasters on the East Coast in my opinion As you can see, the lines started to grow as the day went on. And thus, I decided it was a good time to head home, so that brings us to the end of this PTR. Thanks for checking it out! Hope to hear from you guys about how it was! -Gary
  8. In the times I rode it this past season, it seemed like the lights were only on when ERT happened for ECB. The only lights I noticed otherwise were the show lights others had mentioned, as I specifically remember one of my rides with the lights on thinking how cool it was to see what it was actually like in there, seeing the maintenance equipment and what not next to the walls, and the crane system they have in place towards the top. -Gary
  9. If I wasn't going to a Carolina Hurricanes game with some friends on the 26th, I might have thought to do the same, although I havn't really felt like the crowds were THAT bad for passholder day. I went for a few hours last year and enjoyed my time just fine. Never felt like lines were bad. Both times I have gone have been with good weather, and I am hoping for a three-peat. Although I have not checked the forcast. Partly cloudy and 62....Not bad at all!!!! -Gary
  10. I recall heading over to that mall (Festival Bay) with Phillip during winter break at one point, and while he went in, I took a nap in my car.....so the noise would totally ruin my nap!! In all seriousness, I have no idea why there would be an issue about the parking lot. The homes I can understand, since this isn't really something that can be compared to CGA or other parks with homes near by. This is a park being built into a location where there are already homes nearby, not a park that came before the homes/businesses, and they are complaining about the noise. -Gary
  11. I was never very fond of the multi-color track, but if I remember right, it was done about the same time as some kind of big Nickelodeon expansion went on at the park. I like the new green much better. I really am looking forward to seeing how the park continues to improve as it does look like a lot of effort is being done to spruce the place up. The may still be areas that could be fixed up, i believe they will be able to take care of it in due time. -Gary
  12. Awesome to hear they are keeping it around, especially since Dollywood has one of the best values for their Lo-Q system. While my two experiences made it kind of useless for the rides, the shows had rediculous lines, and the Q2Q helped out tremendously. -Gary
  13. I'll be there most of the day. Might try for a full day but my visits to Busch tend to be a "see how the day goes" kind of thing since I go fairly frequently. -Gary
  14. ^A one-year pass would probably be the way to go, that and you can get discounts on merchandise if you buy any, as well as food. That and as mentioned, parking would be covered -Gary
  15. Made a stop in Valdosta on the way back from Florida this past Winterbreak, and the last coaster I rode before heading out of the park...Hangman. -Gary
  16. I wonder if it will be known what is going in before East Coast Bash???
  17. That is a hell of a selection to have. I feel pretty lucky that I have 3 decent parks within 4 hours of my place here (Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion and Carowinds), each of which has at least two awesome coasters, if not more. Being closer to Kings Dominion just gives even better variety, since you are closer to the many good parks of PA, along with Great Adventure. I would love to just have a park like Kemah Boardwalk within a 10-30 minute drive of my place, but I will certainly take having a park with a great new B&M and one of the best Inverts.....A beautiful park with a great selection of B&Ms, great shows and good food......and a park that just opened an awesome coaster that blows many others out of the water, even if I have to drive about 3 hours each time I want to go. -Gary
  18. I feel like my cholesterol just shot up by double because of this report....awesome stuff! I would be up for trying an item or two. -Gary
  19. I certainly give props to the folks over in Japan for the way they handle such situations, especially watching the TDL video....I have students who start freaking out when the rain gets a little heavy......it really is annoying! -Gary
  20. Welcome to Gary's 2011 Adventures!! Last year I started Gary's 2010 Adventures as a way to share the trips that I went on, and enjoyed doing it. This year, I decided I would do the same thing, but this time, I wanted to do more with video like I did last year, so I decided to make a sort of "Video Blog" with Gary's 2011 Adventures. I may from time to time include set of pictures, but the video will be the main part of this year's adventures. Each episode will come with information to find more out about the different places. I certainly would like to welcome any comments or suggestions for these videos, and as always, I hope that you will enjoy checking out Gary's 2011 Adventures! Episode Guide Episode 1 - County Line Raceway: Elm City, NC So let's get the show on the road shall we? EPISODE 1 - County Line Raceway Destination: County Line Raceway Location: Elm City, North Carolina Website: www.countylineracewaync.com [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=01-CountyLineRaceway_ofkz[/coastertube] Thanks for checking out Episode one of Gary's 2011 Adventures! Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! More to come soon! -Gary T.
  21. I would be more likely to believe that Flight Deck would head to Minnesota than Virginia.....although Kings Island might be a suitible locale for it as well. I don't see it going to Kings Dominion though, but hey, they are putting a third invert to Dorney, so what do I know? -Gary "My 1000th post!" T.
  22. Count me in as Interested! I would most likely be alone, but might find some others to carpool with. -Gary
  23. Robb, Were you and Elissa staying at Atlantis? I was under the impression that you had to be a guest of the hotel to go to their waterpark. Very nice waterpark indeed. I am sure that if any place here in the US decided to follow the lead of this place, they would become very popular and rated very well. The ability to go from slide to slide without ever leaving the water is great, but I would settle for most waterparks to add the covers over walkways, which alone would be a huge upgrade for any waterpark that could easily be done. The canopies for the beach chairs is a great touch too. -Gary
  24. I really does look like something that Wile E. Coyote built. I would be all for the theme being given to the ride, but I don't believe that is what they are going for. I am really curious to see how this thing turns out though. -Gary
  25. This kind of sounds like one unfit parent meets another unfit parent, and together they may have many kids, who are bound to have bad things happen for them because their parents are not fit to raise them.....well, maybe PARC did okay with the CNL parks, I only had the two experiences at Wild Waves to go by, which I had a good time when I went, but there was room to improve. So I guess that makes PARC the parent that does try, but because of their unfit spouse in the Baker Group, their children parks will probably suffer. So in the end, what does it mean? Is it meaning that PARC is now involved with Hard Rock/Freestyle Fail? What places did PARC still have after CNL gave them the boot? -Gary
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