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  1. Anyone here think they would just drive to Cincinnati for the Midwest Trip? The way I see it, from here in Eastern North Carolina to Cincinnati is about 610 miles, or around 10 hours, so round trip would be about 1220 miles, so if my car gets about 35 mpg, that would be around 35 Gallons, and for laughters sake we will say gas around then may be around $3.20, so then it would be about $112. Now if I were to fly out of Raleigh to Cincinnati, it would be about $285 (which is the cheapest I have found so far). Not to mention that if I bring someone along, gas money can be split. Personally, I am all for taking a nice little trip to the Queen city on the road
  2. I'm all up for the Midwest Tour and If I could afford it the spain/italy tour. I have only been to Cedar Point (former ride host) and Kings Island, and have not ventured off of North America (only been to Canada and Mexico once each, so Spain and Italy would be a great adventure).
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