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  1. Strawberry, yes. Apple, no--although that actually does sound really good. Here's the flavors that I can remember: Honey Coconut Sea Salt Salted Black Pepper Curry Strawberry Caramel Chocolate Am I missing any? Curry always had the longest line. Curry on popcorn didn't sound good to me, so I skipped it. Coconut Popcorn If I wasn't already sold on eventually going to Japan; I am now! I want the Black Pepper Flavor!! I am one of those strange ones ( me and Janet Jackson ala Poetic Justice) who LOVE fresh Crakced Black Pepper on their popcorn!! That makes me want to visit even moore now!!!! The Curry Flavor sounds NOT YUMMY!!! Soda Pop at Disneyland (or is that the strawberry?)
  2. Expoland in Osaka had the same flat ride. Though I think they ran a longer and more wild version switching between locking the seats and letting them swing free. Still one of the best flat ride ever, especially knowing TOGO has our safety in mind!
  3. I think my passport is still drying out from the fantastic flume.
  4. We got trapped in a corner near Bullfight Coaster while the parade was going on, so we watched, and I danced and waved, and then one of the soldier type guys on a float (one of the dudes with a sword and a shield) looked me right up and down, nodded and winked, and proceeded to watch me the whole way down the street. The only time in my life an actor in a parade has ever undressed me with his eyes. I hold this memory dearly. Hi Lou - I have nothing to say except that I am in dire need of vomit to stick my hands in! Miss you - Adam
  5. One of the strangest yet greatest parks on the trip. The mine train was incredible and dark rides rocked!
  6. I feel the same way. Thinking about the next trip is what is keeping me from throwing cupcakes at annoying customers!
  7. It was one of the few coasters I have ridden that I felt the need to hold on. My bottom half kept sliding around.
  8. I too went on the Japan trip not initially knowing anyone and everyone was extremely friendly. I had an awesome roommate and met a lot of super people. It seemed that people floated between groups but everyone was responsive and open too hanging out with new TPR trip people. I would not hesitate to sign up because it will be the time of your life.
  9. That's the clean version of what I said on X and the Japanese X. I was hoping I would never hear that joke again. Thank you for making me gag again. My pleasure!
  10. Not only were the flume rides superb and definitely unique; it was the people that made the trip. Hi Bill & Mark.
  11. Just a quick word to say how much fun I had in Japan. Not only were the parks and coasters great, my fellow TPR people better. Everything exceeded my expectations. Hats off to Elissa & Rob; I look forward to my next TPR trip and sticking my hands in other new bodily fluids.
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