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  1. I guess that the discount is in the range of 20-30 dollars. I don't expect a 55 dollar subscription to give a hundred dollar discount on a trip. If there are more priority placement signups then places on a trip, I guess they'll just use the first come, first serve method.
  2. Just signed up for the full Europe option with t-shirt. Can't wait for my pass and shirt!
  3. First coaster: Boosterbike at Toverland First park: Toverland First new park: I think Plopsaland De Panne First new coaster: Anubis the Ride at Plopsaland
  4. Hi, I am Waldo Menkveld, a 23 year old Software Engineer from the Netherlands. I've been an active themepark-addict since 2003, and follow TPR from that year on. The last year I've gotten more and more interested in joining TPR on a trip, which is why I decided to join the forum. Other then themeparks, I'm interested in mountain climbing, snowboarding and World of Warcraft. I hope I can join you guys in a trip soon, and otherwise talk to you all on the forum. --Waldo "That avatar is me 100 meters away from the exploded Chernobyl Power Plant" Menkveld
  5. Robb, I really want to thank you for all the work you put into Club TPR. Disappointment is to be expected in any much anticipated launch, don't let it get you down! Even if there were no perks I could use, I'd still join to support you guys and be part of this awsome idea. I can't wait to get my hands on a pass and pen! --Waldo "I hate myself for not having enough free days to join you on a trip in 2010." Menkveld
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