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  1. I'm planning to head to NJ in a week to visit some friends and I was going to hit Great Adventure for a day. I heard that Kingda Ka was not operating and has been down for sometime now. Does anyone know what the status of the ride is? And will it be up and running by the second week in June?
  2. OK its wednesday and my body is still feeling the GR pain.
  3. I went to Knott's this past weekend with a few friends to have a nice empty day (on account that it was Super Bowl Sunday) at the park. We hit all the rides and went to Ghost Rider for our last ride of the day. As we were waiting in line a train pulled into the station and a woman kind of took her time getting out of the car. She turned with her front to us and kinda moved to the side and went down the stairs backwards. Hummmm. One of the operators went over to inspect the seat where she was sitting. Suddenly a few more ride assistants came over and a huddle formed with a lot of whispering and head turning. One girl reached down to the seat and pulled her arm away very fast and exclaimed," I got some on my hand!" She quickly removed herself and went to wash up. I asked what happened to the female rider and no one would give me a straight answer. Hummmm? After a few minutes the train left the station empty and parked itself on the beginning of the lift. Over the PA, "Ghost Rider is having technical difficulties." Another female operator walked by and I heard her say to a waiting rider,"We had to do a little cleanup on the train." The ride restarted and we hopped in the waiting second train. I've been on Ghost Rider a bunch of time and all of them have been enjoyable to where a second ride always happened. I remember it being a bit jerky but it was fun. After this ride I don't think I will ever ride it again. The coaster was so rough that the woman had lost control of her bladder and urinated all over the seat. Now I was sitting in the middle of the train more towards the front so I thought it might be a bit more bumpy that the front. Holy Crap was I wrong!! I walked off the ride thinking my limbs were going to fall off. My ass felt like a bear had taking a bite out of it and my ears were ringing! OMFG!!! What happened to this great coaster? Does anyone know if something is going to be done about the roughness of this ride? I don't know if urinating riders is a daily event for the operators and they just clean it up and go on with their day? I'm just hoping a re-track of something to reduce the roughness and vibration is in the future. If anyone knows what might be in the future for Ghost Rider please let me know. I'm a big fan of this coaster and don't want to stop riding it on the account of a puddle of pee in my seat!
  4. I thought people might like this little sound bite from Family Guy of Brian doing Peanut Butter Jelly Time. PeanutbutterJelly.mp3 Peanut Butter Jelly Time
  5. If you get to Knott's by 1pm it would be worth it. If you could spend a good 4 hours there it just might be worth it. Anything under 3 hours its not worth it. I'm not saying Knott's is a bad park, its actually my favorite park in SoCal. You just wanna spend a nice day there enjoying the atmosphere and the great rides.
  6. A real easy way to resize photos in Adobe Photoshop is to use the key recording feature. Almost like a macro just open all the photos in PS and play the macro on each one. I do it all the time for resizing photos for ebay. Real fast and easy. You can even have the macro save the files for you once they are resized.
  7. Hey Robb, Check out my reel. If you need help with some design or grfx please email me. Mike_Davis_Demo.mov Mike Davis Demo 2007
  8. Hey Robb, I have been pushing around this idea for a few months now and suddenly I thought to myself, "I should ask Robb from Theme Park Review if he would like to help out." I'm starting to write a pilot for the Travel Channel called, THEMEPARKS AMERICA. The idea of the show would be to rate theme parks in North America on a scale from 1 to 10. Topics would include: Rides, Food, On Site Hotels, Parking, Shopping, Childrens Rides, etc. Viewers would be able to log on to the Travel Channel web site and rate the parks that they have been to. I'm thinking that the pilot would be shot on DV or HDV because of budget restrictions. The show graphics would be produced and designed by myself. All the post production would be done at my facility here in Hollywood. Now here is where you come into play. I would need your help on POV of rides at the parks and any relations that you might have with the theme park we would shoot the pilot at. Since you are a pro with the theme park experience, I would also like for you to help out with the writing of the script. I think that Knott's Berry Farm would be a great park to shoot the pilot at because it has such a great array of rides and attractions. Something for the whole family kinda park. If you have any ideas on shooting locations for the pilot I'm so up for hearing what you have to say. I'm just thinking local and easy. Well I hope you can maybe help me out. I'm doing this on my time and money and I could sure use someone with your experience to make this pilot something great. Thanks for your time!! Mike Davis Digital Jungle Post Production PS If you wanna email me back please email to graphics@digijungle.com. Themeparks America Logo
  9. Upon entering the parking lot at SFMM on 04/18/07 I noticed the wind had picked up because of a northern storm. We walked to the ticket stands and saw that X and Metro were the only rides not running that day. Very excited we rushed into the park and on the way up the hill saw a few trains on TATSU go around the track. Once we got to the entrance of TATSU noticed that a big CLOSED sign was posted. WTF!!! We asked the operator of the ride why it was closed and he said it was to windy. OK, next ride. Since we were close to the top we decided to hit Ninja. Up the hill we go... To my suprise another CLOSED sign was posted on Ninja. WTF WTF!!!! Since we are on top of the mountain lets see if Superman is running. To my suprise it was? WTF!! The tallest ride in the park is running with these windy conditions?? I don't get it? Down the hill we go to ride DejaVu. CLOSED! Scream, CLOSED! Viper, CLOSED! Goliath, OPEN! WTF! Could someone please give me some information how to avoid this the next time I go to SFMM. The only reason I am so disappointed is that I took friends who have never been there before and wanted to show that this was a cool park. Please help!
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