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  1. When I call to get some information from somebody, and he/she asks, "Do you have a pencil?" Duh. Why would I call to get information without being prepared? How insulting.
  2. Which do you prefer: Costco or Sam's? As for me, I'm loyal to Costco.
  3. and I was stopped at the light to turn onto Virginia. There was a woman there holding up a sign asking for money. I wondered how life's circumstances make people have to do something like that, then I thought: Wow. I'm down here delivering a grant proposal to a foundation for work. I myself am on my way to ask for money. So that woman and I do have something in common right now. Funny how life works. No higher message, just being introspective. That is all.
  4. I haven't been to Moana Stadium yet. But I was near it a while ago; went to CostCo, and came back via Plumb Lane. (I live in NW Reno.)
  5. Of course, any of us up here in the northern part of the state can tell you that Vega$ isn't really Nevada; it's a whole different culture, society, and history. The real Nevada is everything except Clark County. Oh trust me, I know. Damn! Reno, Sparks... if I didn't wreck my Harely I'd be makig plans for Street Vibrations right now. No Bunny Ranch or Kit Kat this year. Mustang? Hey, if you ever want to hang out up here or go have lunch and discuss all things coaster-y and sports-y, just give me a call. 775 223-9688. (I don't mind giving it out, since it's listed anyway.)
  6. True, there is that. Of course, any of us up here in the northern part of the state can tell you that Vega$ isn't really Nevada; it's a whole different culture, society, and history. The real Nevada is everything except Clark County. My fiancée grew up in Sparks (just east of Reno); she very much has that anti-Vega$ mentality in her like all the others. We decided to live up here because this is where her family is, and Reno-Sparks is her home. But I digress.
  7. Yeah, I agree they'll move, but probably not to Nevada. Nevada has legalized gambling. I'd guess Alburqurque. If they do want Nevada, I'd suggest Reno; that way, they're out of the state, but still close enough for their fan base in Sacramento to come up and see them.
  8. Actually, I don't think one has to be gay to be a WNBA fan. Neither I nor Dione are gay, and, as I said above, our fanship is one of money: The ladies are cheaper to watch, and the games just as entertaining. As for the Kings, well, that's what the TV is for.
  9. Yeah. I was just cynically saying that the year I move away from Sacramento is the year the Monarchs, the Kings, the Hornets, the Rivercats, the whoever elses win the whole thing. We were Monarch season ticket holders the first couple of years; now we get to about 2-3 games a year. We love basketball, and we can actually afford to see the ladies play.
  10. BTW, I did see your pics, I just thought I'd add mine, too. I also need to dig up a picture I have somewhere of what was then called Enron Field, in Houston. I forget what it's called now.
  11. Wow. Then you must know it well. I get to about 5-6 games a year. Mackay Stadium (Go Wolf Pack!) is about five minutes from MY house, but I've never been to a game there.
  12. Any other XM subscribers out there? What stations do you listen to the most? In my case, mostly Bloomberg Radio, followed by "Highway 16," "The Blend," "The Fish," and "Ask!."
  13. A 2000 Saturn SL2 named Zippy, complete with GPS and XM, because I'm a geek.
  14. So, who's it going to be? The Monarchs or the Sun? I missed game one, as I ended up having to work later than planned. I saw the Monarchs edged it out, though.
  15. Raley Field, Sacramento, California, May 24, 2004
  16. I agree. It's a nice change of pace. My employer pays me for it, plus I get to keep the trivial fee, so I keep waiting expectedly for that magic little postcard from Washoe County. Haven't gotten one in a while.
  17. For those of you that celebrate the day, this coming Monday, the 19th, is "Talk Like a Pirate" Day. So dust off those peglegs and dig up those eyepatches, and take your chance to go around saying "scalliwag," "landlubber," "avast!," and, of course, the myriad versions of "arrrr . . ." next week. Ol' Captain Jim has been warming up for weeks. More info at www.talklikeapirate.com.
  18. Umm, I probably shouldn't make any plans to meet people on my honeymoon. I think wifey would frown upon that.
  19. It's LiVejournal, with a v. Anyway, it's an online blogging/community site. That's actually the site I spend most of my time on. (Sorry, Robb and Elissa!)
  20. I am . . . I'm jumbach. Come by and say hi anytime!
  21. People can use Paypal (www.paypal.com) to send money to any e-mail address. That's de rigeur on eBay.
  22. IIRC, I was looking for a picture of the Tazmanian Devil at SFMW for my weblog, and did a Google Image search. Up came a picture on this site, and the rest is history. Admission, though: I'm not nearly as coaster- or park-fanatic as others (My hobby is riding transit buses all over the USA), but it's interesting to hang out here nonetheless.
  23. There are quite a few left, according to their web site, www.fostersfreeze.com . None up where I am, though.
  24. I gotta get a picture of Robb Dr., a street in Reno (which actually has its own exit off I-80!). BTW, in my current SimCity 3000 city, I named one of my streets "Alvey Blvd."
  25. My B.A. is in Government, minor in Journalism, but my interests are wide and varied. I graduated in 1998, yet I *STILL* take college classes for personal enrichment.
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