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  1. OK thanks I have to get my friends dad to help us find one.
  2. ^ That always a plus lol. Does anyone know if having my full G will help because i'm eligible to get it a week before we go.
  3. I have driven through downtown Toronto before, but how much driving would I be doing just going from our hotel to the parks
  4. I'm 18 and I'm still a minor?
  5. My friends parent are going to philly for a wedding and asked me to come along. Me and my friend where just planing on going to as many themeparks we could, but the problem is that we only have one var and his parents are taking it to the wedding. I was wondering if me or my friend would be able to rent a car. I don't know if any american will understand but in canada we have this crazy graduating licence system where me and my friend on have our G2 (not full licence but we are allowed to drive alone and on any road) I anybody know if this will be a problem i would love some feedback. Also any parks worth stopping at in the Philly, NYC area would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I think the idea of a +150 beyond vertical drop is crazy. I don't know if you were going for a realistic ride, but I think that the drop is extremely high for a coaster like this.
  7. The drop Coasterlover420 made was exactly what I was trying for. I didnt want to make a replica of the maverick drop, I just wanted that ejector air you get from the drop
  8. Thank you for helping me with the track. Would I be able to use the drop you made for my coaster. I would give you credit of course. Thanks Again.
  9. I uploaded the track on one of my previous posts. Any suggestions are still always welcome
  10. I tried shortening the lenght of the train but I got as small as 1 car and it still hit the red's. Any other sggestions?
  11. Sorry about posting so late I just got back from a friends. Here's a pic of the drop and the track file. I noticed that the two examples shown were much taller than my coaster is, which might be the problem but i want to keep this coaster very low to the ground so i didn't want to give it much height. Like I said before any suggestions and comments are welcome. Sync.nltrack The Track
  12. So glad I'm going down to PA this summer for a wedding. Gonna check this out How long of a drive from Philly is Hershey Park?
  13. ^ if they did something at the end of the ride the riders would have so much speed from the hight of the slide that i think they would just fly off before they hit 90
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