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  1. Space Mountain because I like the dark and I have a surprise around every turn!
  2. Nope! After a couple of bad experiences on spinning flat rides, I stay far away!
  3. I am more of a theme park enthusiast than coaster enthusiast, but I think my "turning point" was my first visit to DL and Knotts when I went on a cross country trip when I was 9. From then on, I knew I loved it!
  4. A big one to me is to be observant at the load station of a coaster and help parties ahead of you or behind you to fill all the seats. It takes two seconds to ask around for parties of 1 or to swap places to fill all the seats!
  5. This is exciting! I hope this will do a little to help "revitalize" that end of I-Drive - it needs a little more of a draw outside of the outlets.
  6. So much fail in this idea. I think one of the biggest issues for Festival Bay is the market for "normal" mall stores is tapped out. They aren't going to get many locals and every other store in existence is already at Florida Mall or Mall at Millenia.
  7. ^^ If you don't stop stupid people from doing stupid and dangerous things, then more stupid people will follow.
  8. Wow! You guys had some awesome ones.... so awesome in fact it reminded me of a few more of mine! Climb Mt. Fuji - I *really* want to do this and get the dorky climbing stick that they brand at each stop and then make it to the top at sunrise. If I plan a trip back to Japan during climbing season, I am going to make this happen! Olympics - I'm not a huge sports person, but I really enjoy the olympics and would love to see it in person just to be part of the atmosphere. That being said, I don't think I want to try until I can do it right and see an opening or closing ceremonies.
  9. So I know we all have a "bucket list" of theme parks we want to go to and rides we want to ride...but what about your top non-theme park locations? Why don't we limit it to your top three...and make sure to explain why! Here are mine... 1) Cuba - There is something about it being "forbidden" which has always intrigued me. I have wanted to travel here for years and I want to do it the second the embargo drops. I would love to see it trapped in the 1950s before it becomes a cruise ship port. 2) Ibiza - I love EDM and have wanted to go to Ibiza for years. Can we have a TPR trip there? 3) The Ice Hotel in Sweden - I know it is a novelty and I would probably hate it after 20 minutes, but I really want to see it and spend a night in it.
  10. ^^ I don't think it is a pile on effect, folks just want to express their opinion. That is the nature of internet forums...right?
  11. Ugh - I hate it! All I keep thinking about is what would happen if the restraints were to fail. Horrible thoughts and feelings!!!
  12. Sometimes driving over small hills very fast reminds me of coasters!
  13. I have to agree with E.T. - I think it was really ahead of its time in many ways.
  14. I will second "Bomb Bay" at wet and wild. The floor dropping out from under you is insane!!!
  15. I honestly can't get past my fear of them, but I think an upcharge attraction in the $20-30 range is reasonable.
  16. This is tough! I would say at a park that specializes in theming (Disney, Uni, etc) I would prefer more theming, but if it is a park that specializes in thrills (SFMM) then I would say to spend the money on the ride itself!
  17. I think its fine to scream! As long as you are not just "screaming for screaming sake" then I think it is totally cool!
  18. B&M flyers restraints do freak me out for some reason. Even though I *know* I am safe.. it still feels like it isn't enough to hold me in!
  19. Ugh - for me Togo standups take the cake! So difficult and painful!
  20. It isn't really a park - but closing the Dania Beach Hurricane!
  21. I *love* the station for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at WDW. The way you descend into it and the noise and the trains disappearing into the darkness!
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