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  1. I *LOVE* P&T but I am very nervous for them to have a house.. I really have no idea what it could be!
  2. ^ LOL It wasn't an official part of the trip. It was a last minute, late night "because I had a car and we found someplace on yelp close by" kinda thing.
  3. ^ I don't think its a matter of being naive... I think its a matter of not having motivation and not caring. Is the reopening of KK at the top of the average Louisville residents mind? Doubtful! They know they won't get much outside pressure so why care or try?
  4. Loved Knoebels and loved doing it with TPR! The memories from that day/night alone really can't even be described... thanks for helping to relive part of it! When are you going to post pics from our lesbian biker bar excursion?
  5. Love your "style" of TR's Larry! And of course I love the food pics! Thanks!!
  6. This should be interesting... how much would you pay for land speed internet while on a cruise?
  7. Ironically I feel that one of the few things that would have worked *is* a Hard Rock branded hotel. I almost think that would have done decent business especially if Casinos are allowed in S.C.
  8. ^ I'm surprised though since there is such a similar ride at Magical Midway less than 2 miles away! Fun Spot seems to have their act together much more than Magical Midway though so hopefully that won't be an issue!
  9. Yeah, 20k/Nemo is very much a dark ride but I would have to put Rhino Rally in the same vein as Kilimanjaro Safaris which is NOT a dark ride. I've got a tough one.. what about the Tomorrowland Transit Authority/Peoplemover?
  10. If its possible try and go through a house a second time if you feel like you didn't get any scares or the "full" experience. HHN has been doing more and more "show scenes" which if you catch it while it is being reset you miss the whole effect.
  11. OK, but don't forget that Jungle Cruise at WDW has the indoor segment inside the temple with the animatronic tiger and monkeys. Also the land boat ride has the whole indoor segment in the beginning which is very dark ride-ish going past show scenes with animatronics. I know it doesn't fit within the traditional "theme" of a dark ride, but I think it might be close!
  12. ^ Agreed. The cost and reliability would be a HUGE issue. I can't see more than one or two installations of this... if they ever even get that.
  13. So someone brought up the Jungle Cruise as a "day time" dark ride - while that might be stretching it a bit, it is an interesting discussion. What really defines a dark ride? Is the Land Boat Ride a dark ride? Is Toy Story Midway Mania a dark ride?
  14. Ugh! No more licensed properties! I feel that HHN is at its best when they have original characters and stories. The gargoyle concept sounds cool - generally the "gothic" houses are pretty awesome.
  15. I appreciate that they tried to do something different to market the event...but OMG that was amateurish for a major company. I've seen better lip dubs done by individuals in their home!
  16. Thanks for the great TR! I love captions that have a bit more fun instead of just listing what we are looking at. I am also a little surprised at the lack of theming also... oh well!
  17. OK - I am really confused. It seems most people see the photos of DA and think its worth $5... I feel the opposite. What is worth paying an up charge for? It seems just like a simple walk through with some information and slight interactivity... am I missing something?
  18. Now that we are in the height of the cruise season - anyone have any cruises planned this summer or want any cruise advice?
  19. I've been to SFOT but never knew about Pink Things before - are they are retro treat they just brought back or they have always had it and just changed what it is for the 2012 season?
  20. ^ I'm sure they will - they operated Jimmy Neutron a few times also. I could see them also doing something in the Terminator theater since that has been a rumor in the past.
  21. Love the backstage pics!!! So cool to see how things are run and maintained in different parks. Thanks!!!!
  22. I really feel like a Legoland park is a perfect fit for Japan. I found a photo of the site below - it looks like it already has a "stadium" type building. I'm guessing thats the area that this would be built.
  23. Not surprised in the least! Although I do wonder if now shady investment firms (ala HRP) are going to come sniffing around soon.
  24. Was that Horror Nights Nightmares in 2004? It is listed in the archives site as a house and was located in Herc & Xena. The description though basically describes as it house with all the past icons in it. Yup! What really cripples this house (unless they did some major construction) is the "rows" in each one of the rooms. Think the first pre-show room of disaster. It makes it quite limiting
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