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  1. Tonight we got to see the third show of the 2019/2020 Broadway In Orlando series - "The Play That Goes Wrong" at the beautiful Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. This show won a Tony Award for "Best Scenic Design In A Play" in 2017... and the set in many ways is the star of the show!


    From the official website: "What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Monty Python had an illegitimate Broadway baby? You’d get The Play That Goes Wrong, Broadway and London’s award-winning smash comedy! Called “a gut-busting hit” (The New York Times) and “the funniest play Broadway has ever seen” (HuffPost), this classic murder mystery is chock-full of mishaps and madcap mania, delivering “a riotous explosion of comedy” (The Daily Beast). Welcome to opening night of The Murder at Haversham Manor where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. With an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines), it’s “tons of fun for all ages” (HuffPost) and “comic gold” (Variety)—sure to bring down the house!"


    While I am generally more of a musicals fan, I do enjoy seeing an interesting play now and again. If you love slapstick comedy, laughing out loud and some pretty interesting stagecraft, this is the show for you! It essentially is a "show within a show" and the cast is incredibly talented at pratfalls and physical comedy. The stage itself is an "actor" in many ways and you find yourself wondering what it is going to do next!


    "The Play That Goes Wrong" is part of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Broadway series, which you can find more info about here: www.drphillipscenter.org/ Tickets are available in Orlando through December 8th.


    And if you're interested in seeing the show while on tour in another part of the country, Off-Broadway or in the West End, you can visit their website at https://broadwaygoeswrong.com/ . It is on tour through May 2020!


    Every time we visit the Dr. Phillips Center, we are reminded how lucky we are to have such a world class performing arts center in Orlando!


    Obligatory photo!


    I like that the program has the "story within the story" for the show!


    There were quite a few funny moments in this show!


    The entire cast was very talented!


    The show really showcases physical comedy - if you are a fan of that, you will be happy!

  2. Ok, now that I've gotten over crabbing about the ticketing structure and the reports are going out....I'm getting pretty excited about our trip in a few weeks. So, seeking input from those of you that are veteran HHN attendees:


    We have tickets for both a Sat and Sun night with express passes for both. I understand the stay and scream option but cannot say I'm thrilled about being stuck in one area when we could go out to city walk and/or back to the hotel for a little break. Also, would rather wait until it's full dark. My experience at Halloween events is that they kind of take on a silly, less than scary vibe in the daylight. Not a criticism to those that like it, just my opinion. We spent the money for two nights just so we wouldn't have to run around frantically to get all the mazes in and could relax and enjoy the atmosphere, have time for the shows, shop a little, do a few rides, etc etc.


    Are we ok on getting it all in over two nights if we wait and show up an hour or so into the event or are we just shooting ourselves in the foot? I get that the express passes at this won't be 5 minute walk ups. I was kind of thinking we might do that on the first night and then depending on how much we got in, utilize stay and scream the second night. Any opinions? Or am I just overthinking the whole thing?


    If you have express passes you will 100% be OK showing up a little later. Also, once it gets past midnight the waits start to drop pretty dramatically so it's a really good time to go through some houses a second time!

  3. Time to check out the rest of the houses!


    The US house was incredibly solid and true to the movie. I can't wait to do this again and again!


    Yeti: Terror of the Yukon was an awesome surprise! It had some amazing scares and atmosphere.


    Sometimes when the main creatures are so big, the scares are limited... but not in this house! They will get you in some really creative ways!


    I really can't say enough about the Ghostbusters house. Perfect blend of atmosphere, lighting, sound, sets, story, audio, etc.


    They do some special effects in this house that I have never seen before.


    The scale of some of these sets are insane. I am really glad it is a soundstage house.


    Stranger Things this year covers seasons two and three in an epic way. They packed so much into this house, it is crazy!


    Not only does it capture the spirit of the show perfectly, there seem to be a lot more scares this year.


    We then ventured into Killer Klowns from Outer Space which is housed in Shrek. These klowns are huge and get you from all angles throughout the house!


    The Vanity Ball scare zone is a fashion show gone wrong, with lots of gruesome plastic surgery and patients who have sacrificed their faces.


    The Vikings Undead scare zone is in the Central Park area and has a few show scenes in addition to some great atmosphere.


    We then checked out this years Academy of Villains show which is much improved from last year. They have a ton of high energy dance numbers and even an amazing contortionist.


    House of 1000 corpses is based on the Rob Zombie movie of the same name and was a big surprise. I had 0 expectations and was really impressed by this creepy and well thought out "bloody" house.


    Nightingales Blood Pit uses these "nightingales" characters we have seen in the past HHN houses and puts them in ancient rome. This is dark and claustrophobic with a lot of good scares.


    Depths of Fear was the one house that was a little disappointing, but I know these things change and improve throughout the course of the event. It seemed a bit repetitive to me, but the atmosphere was top notch.


    Universal Classic Monsters was another top notch house. I love when they play homage to their classic characters and this house manages to fit every single one and weave their stories together in an epic way.


    Our final house of the night was Graveyard Games. The story didn't really translate well into the house, but it was pretty epic! Tons of scares and tons of atmosphere - a really well designed maze!


    Another awesome HHN in the books! I have a frequent fear pass, so I know I will be back many more days this year and I can't wait to see how the houses evolve and change throughout the run! Happy Halloween!

  4. Halloween Horror Nights 29 - Opening Night Media Event!


    Theme Park Review was at the opening night media event of Halloween Horror Nights 29 on Friday and with 10 houses, 5 scare zones and two shows, this is a year you don't want to miss! Universal Studios Florida continues their recent trend of not having an "icon" but using an overall theme that weaves throughout the event. They did a deeper dive into the 80s theme this year and it really works and continues to be a crowd pleaser. It isn't just seen in the houses and the scare zones, it is also seen in the merchandise, food, music, etc.


    This is my 29th year of attending Halloween Horror Nights and the enhancements they keep making each year help to keep it in its slot as the #1 Halloween event in world. I will talk about it a little more in the pictures below, but some of the houses this year BLOW AWAY things they have done in the past. Ghostbusters is light on scares but might be the best house they have EVER done. Yeti, Us and Stranger Things are all probably going to place in my "top 10 houses of all time" list and this years Academy of Villains and the lagoon show really round off the event perfectly!


    Halloween Horror Nights is really the premiere Halloween event in the country. It goes for a record breaking 41 nights from September 6th through November 2nd this year and features 10 NEW houses, 5 new scarezones, 2 shows and a hoards of chainsaw killers! There are also a great selection of rides open with minimal waits throughout the park. Before we start off with the pictures, just some friendly tips if you are planning on going to the event!


    - The event officially begins at 6:30pm, but they almost always will open the gate at 6. If you have tickets for the day, do "stay and scream" and get a head start on the crowds running to the mazes.

    - If you have only one night and want to try and fit it all in, you will need to get an Express Pass or RIP guided tour. Both are *WELL* worth the money and I have done both many times throughout the years.

    - If you have multiple nights then you really should get the "Frequent Fear Pass" - this is a great deal and is basically an "annual pass" for the event. There are different levels of this that include various days and some even include express passes.

    - If you are buying a one day ticket, don't pay full gate price. There are MANY discounts out there that are available.


    Take a look at the TPR video of the Ghostbusters house, I can't wait to do it again!



    We started off the evening at Cabana Bay resort, where they are doing a "pop up" Stranger Things event for Universal Studios resort guests.


    Ooooh! I wonder what is up these stairs!


    The photo ops are fun and interactive, this will be very popular this HHN season!


    Anyone want some ice cream?!?!


    We are checked in and ready to go!


    We started off walking through the Anarch-Cade scare zone. It is always fun to see these during the day!


    At night the chainsaws have LEDs on them and look amazing!


    Not gonna lie.. I love the 80s arcade theming. At night these make for perfect nooks for scaractors to hide in!


    Waits can be very long at the beginning of the event!


    Ghostbusters and Stranger Things will be the hot houses, make sure you grab an express pass or plan on coming multiple nights!


    Stacey is NOT happy to meet the Killer Klowns from Outer Space!


    OMG! I love that they have classic arcade machines throughout the media event!


    Hmmm... I wonder what that cake is made out of?!?!?!


    Universal Studios really does a great job of theming their special events!


    The 80s theming even stretches into their "video game" preshow video!


    The Chiodo Bros came out to talk about their Killer Klowns From Outer Space house.


    Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things season 3 was there to talk about Stranger Things.. how cool!


    Time to start off the night with the "Us" house, based on the Jordan Peele movie of the same name.

  5. Time to finish up this epic night!


    The "zombie house" this year was Dead Exposure. A prequel to a zombie house of the same name from years ago.


    Hey Mr. Zombie... don't eat my brains!


    The "comedy house" this year was Slaughter Cinema. An homage to B movies that were never made.


    I love the fake movie posters they made up for the transitions between each scene!


    Demon Baby stole my heart... AND OUR SOUL!


    Seeds of Extinction is in a brand new building WAY in the back of the tent house area. This is all about killer plants that take over the earth and it is incredibly detailed and while I didn't find it that scary, many are rating it as their scariest house!


    It is filled with these guys and really cool puppets.. VERY hard to see where the scares are coming from.


    Trick 'r Treat brings this popular Halloween movie to life, just like the scare zone last year!


    NO SAM! Don't stab me with your lollypop!


    Halloween Horror Nights sets itself apart from its competition by these amazing movie quality costumes, sets and lighting.


    Time to finish another epic Halloween Horror Nights media event! Can't wait to come back many many times this year!

  6. Time to hit more houses!


    OMG! Stranger Things was AMAZING. So detailed and true to the series.


    There are SO many demogorgons in the maze, you can't escape them!


    Spoilers! You know what Eleven is doing here!


    Poltergeist was next and while the first 1/2 is true to the movie, the second 1/2 was done almost like the 1/2 half of the Shining house, a creative interpretation with (in this case.. ) TONS OF CLOWNS!


    The Revenge of Chucky scare zone has Chucky bringing all of your favorite children's toys to life!


    Oh no! What happened to the Cabbage Patch Dolls!


    Care Bear SCARE!


    The Twisted Traditions scare zone was next where all of your favorite Halloween traditions get gruesome!


    I see you! Don't take my candy!


    There is no Bill and Ted show this year, but Academy of Villains brought the energy to their stage. It is a great show and worth seeing, but I do feel it is better served as a street show.


    Blumhouse House is next... who gets this reference from Happy Death Day?


    The Happy Death Day portion was awesome! Hopefully the Purge portion gets a little tweaked as the run continues.

  7. Time to hit some houses! Pictures below...


    We started off the 10 houses with Scary Tales! This is the telling of fairy tales in a very twisted way. The facade of this soundstage house is insane and the Wicked Witch flies over you.


    So many gruesome fairy tales gone wrong in this one!




    I was very excited to see the return of HHN bear!


    We moved on to Carnival Graveyard, where carnivals go to rust to pieces. Great original house and it has a hidden Jack the Clown!


    I *do not* want to run away with this carnival!


    The detail in these soundstage houses is just amazing.. and creepy!


    We then took a walk through the Vamp 85 scare zone. Straight out of the 80s with tons of recognizable "characters" from that era.


    The NY Street scare zone is epic each year, they have so much room to roam, and you don't have places to hide!


    They also have a number of show scenes and kills that take place throughout the night. Can't wait to go back and see it in more detail.


    We then hit the mini scare zone of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Very detailed costumes and true to this B movie classic!


    Cotton Candy made of PEOPLE!?!!?!?


    I don't think I want any treats from you, thank you very much!


    Oh, hai mr clown...


    Uh... what is happening...


    This is the last thing you see before you die...

  8. Halloween Horror Nights 28 - Opening Night Media Event!


    TPR was at the opening night media event of Halloween Horror Nights 28 and with a record breaking 10 houses and 5 scare zones, this is the year to be here! The theme this year is really more of an "aesthetic" (as the kids today would say) of the 80s and it stretches through many of the houses, the scare zones and even into the shops and food stands! While I still miss having an "icon" as they have in years past, this is a fun and different way to approach the event.


    I have been attending HHN since the very first one, 28 years ago and even though they added a 10th house, they didn't take away from the quality of any of the other houses and they all stand solidly on their own. Stranger Things is the house that will get top billing this year on most "lists" and it deserves every bit of praise. Incredibly detailed and true to the story, this is worth the wait.. whatever it is! The original property houses dreamed up by the creative minds at Universal Orlando are also top notch. Carnival Graveyard and Scary Tales might be some of the most detailed they have done in years. Everyone has their favorites for different reasons and multiple run throughs can get you very different experiences, which is why I recommend going multiple nights to make sure you see it all!


    Halloween Horror Nights is really the premiere Halloween event in the country. It goes for a record breaking 36 nights from September 14th through November 3rd this year and features 10 NEW houses, 5 new scarezones, 1 show and 2 roaming hoards of chainsaw killers! There are also a great selection of rides open with minimal waits throughout the park. Before we start off with the pictures, just some friendly tips if you are planning on going to the event!


    - The event officially begins at 6:30pm,but they almost always will open the gate at 6. If you have tickets for the day, do "stay and scream" and get a head start on the crowds running to the mazes.

    - If you have only one night and want to try and fit it all in, you will need to get an Express Pass or RIP guided tour. Both are *WELL* worth the money and I have done both many times throughout the years.

    - If you have multiple nights then you really should get the "Frequent Fear Pass" - this is a great deal and is basically an "annual pass" for the event. There are different levels of this that include various days and some even include express passes.

    - If you are buying a one day ticket, don't pay full gate price. There are MANY discounts out there that are available.


    Take a look at the TPR highlight video of the Stranger Things house and also our photo trip report of our night!





    Checked in and ready to go for the event! I love the themed lanyards.


    I love being able to be some of the first ones escorted in and seeing the scaractors getting ready for their first scares!


    Hiding and ready to go! Getting daylight pictures is one of the best reasons to get to the event early.


    The first scare zone as you enter the park sets up some of the IP houses that you might visit during the night.


    Spoiler... there is a clown in the Poltergeist house... a LOT OF CLOWNS!


    I saw it hit about 120 minutes on opening night, so 65 right at opening for the Stay and Scream folks isn't bad!


    But at the same time you can do Carnival Graveyard for only a 5 minute wait while everyone else runs to Stranger Things... decisions, decisions...


    Universal Studios media events always have great food that is themed really well. First stop, the desert table!


    Who is going to be the brave one to take the first slice of clown cake?!!?


    Who is going to be the brave one to take the first slice of clown cake?!!?


    I love the 80s theming even at the food stations!


    Oooohhh! I bet something might happen here soon....


    For a year without Jack as an icon, there are an awful lot of clowns...


    On this stage we learned all the incredibly detailed stories behind the houses from the creators themselves!


    Then, characters from each of the houses came out to their backdrop.


    OH YEAH! You can imagine the applause in the room when eleven came out!


    Picture time! Then off to get scared!!!!

  9. Day #2


    We are back for night #2 and our first stop is the backstage event space where we will learn more about the creation of the ride!


    The Universal Studios Creative executives told us all about the design process and the changes from the Hollywood version.


    Then we headed over to the San Francisco area of the studios for a BBQ and the grand opening celebration!


    What is in every F&F movie? CORONA!


    "Tuna on White Bread, No Crust" is what Paul Walker's character ordered in the first movie... iconic!


    These pies on a stick were so much fun!


    HUGE crowd for the opening event!


    The party begins with the amazing Academy of Villains dancing to music from the F&F movies. AWESOME!


    Wait... what is that? Why are those cars down the street?


    Holy Crap! A Car chase right in front of us!


    OMG! They are headed straight to that building!


    And straight through it. WOW!


    Vin Diesel and some of the other stars come on stage for the grand opening ceremony!


    They don't have the key to the gate, but they can blow it up!


    Family - together again!


    I'm gonna fan boy out for a minute... seeing Academy of Villans up close and personal when its not Horror Nights? Yes Please!


    The queue is AWESOME! So many references to the movies. If you are a fan, you will love it!


    I could spend a ton of time in here.. I almost wish there was a line!


    Awesome! You can get so close to all these props and vehicles.


    There are also two pre-shows. The first is the breakroom which sets up the story.


    Then the war room, where you get a live feed explaining what you are about to do!


    Time to board the party bus! No photos or videos allowed... of course.. ;)


    What a fun event and a great night. Thanks Universal... we will be back!

  10. For the past two days TPR was part of the media event for the newest attraction at Universal Orlando - Fast & Furious Supercharged! In addition to this new ride, we also got to experience Voodoo Doughnuts and see a preview of Aventura Hotel which is opening this August. We've got a TON of pictures to show you, and hopefully you were following along as we live tweeted all the fun, but here is what the attraction is all about...


    Universal Orlando guests can step into the blockbuster franchise and straight into the heart of the Fast & Furious films right alongside the Fast & Furious crew – including Dom, Letty, Hobbs, Tej, Roman and Mia – all played by the series’ superstars.


    During the experience, guests will:

    - join up with the Fast crew as they feel what it’s like to step into their favorite Fast & Furious film;

    - immerse themselves in an authentic recreation of the Fast & Furious crew’s warehouse headquarters – filled with actual props, iconic scenes, authentic details and supercharged vehicles from the films;

    -ride with the family and crew as the films’ soundtracks pump, vehicles flip, rockets fire – and the action builds;

    - and check out more than a dozen of the supercharged cars from the films – including some of the ones driven by their favorite characters.


    Fast & Furious – Supercharged is the next attraction at Universal Studios to feature the new Virtual Line system. Guests can select a time to ride via the Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App or at kiosks located near the attraction entrance, and then enjoy other experiences throughout the park until it’s their ride time. Guests can also access a special mobile experience for Fast & Furious – Supercharged on the Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App while inside the attraction, including messages from Mia and the rest of the family, character bios, quizzes and more.


    This attraction is NOW OPEN in the San Fransisco section of Universal Studios Orlando. Check out the photos below to see what it is all about!


    We are checked in at the beautiful Cabana Bay Beach Resort and ready for some fun!


    Our first stop is the newly opened VooDoo Doughnuts!


    OMG! So many yummy choices! They all are calorie free, right?


    We chose the EVIL DOUGHNUT! I wonder why... ;)


    The opening ceremony was awesome - and their mascot was brought to life for the first time!


    Love the theming inside of the store, tons of fun details.


    We then headed to Sapphire Falls Resort to see a preview of the new Aventura Hotel, opening this August!


    Believe it or not, this hotel is going to be priced similarly to Cabana Bay!


    OMG! This rooftop bar will be the hottest place at Universal.


    And this view at night.. WOW.


    Time to try some of the food from the resort. These were AWESOME!


    And home made gnocchi might be my #1 favorite new thing.


    Time to finish off the night at this familiar place...


    ... to see the visually stunning new nighttime show, The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle.


    And with that note, night #1 is in the books! What a finish!

  11. TPR had the chance to head to Legoland on Friday morning for the grand opening of The Great Lego Race VR Coaster, and we had a great time! The Great Lego Race VR Coaster is a VR overlay and re-theming to the "Project X" Mack Rides Wild Mouse located in the Technic section of the park. Overall we thought it was a great use of VR on a family friendly ride. The media they created for this attraction feels like a mini Lego Movie, it is fun, humorous and exciting - the perfect balance that you expect from the Lego brand. If this is the future of VR coasters then sign me up, it is a great way to add a little burst of extra fun if you choose to use the googles. The "normal" ride is still available for those who either don't meet the 48inch and 6 year old requirement or if you would prefer to ride without.


    On to the pictures!


    Lego Logo! See what I did there?


    We are here bright and early at the Legoland Resort Florida!


    Checked in and ready to go! I love the mini lego racing trophy!


    One of my favorite parts of any Legoland is visiting all the places we have been recently in Lego form!


    We were just here in November! I can see my room!


    Time to play "find the hidden Lego animals!"


    Here is the newly re-themed entrance!


    The grand opening was super cute with each lego character from the ride having a segment! We started off with the pirates of course!


    And then moved on to the wizard and his friends!


    And with some fire and excitement, the ride is officially open!


    Which team will you choose to race for?


    The Lego VR googles are SUPER cute!


    One of the things I love about Legoland is that they have TONS of activities for kids to do while waiting in line!


    We are ready to go!


    This is a good example of what the ride looks like, basically like an adventure in the Lego movie, with the "course" being built as you go along. It is awesome!


    You can probably guess what is about to happen while they are going over the drop!


    The ride is over and boy is it awesome!


    I think we raced well enough to claim this trophy!


    The park has SO many awesome things for kids (and adults) to pose with and in. It is almost overwhelming!


    We also had to visit some of our favorites, like the Lego driving school.


    and Lego fire rescue academy!


    Hands up if you want to ride again! I know that I can't wait to!

  12. Tonight we got to see the the amazing Cirque Du Soleil show "VOLTA" in the Grand Chapiteau (the Big Top) in Tampa! This was my first Cirque "tent" show and I can't wait to experience more! There is something special, and dare I say it, magical, about seeing a Cirque show in a big tent. It feels almost otherworldly to look up during the show and realize how intimate the entire experience is. Plus Cirque has the whole experience down to a science with easy access, very clean (outdoor) restrooms, a huge snack and merch area and great overall service.


    From the official website: "VOLTA tells a spellbinding story about the freedom to choose and the thrill of blazing your own trail. Inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of action sports, the show weaves acrobatics in a visually striking world driven by a stirring melodic score. VOLTA is a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and the power of the group to make that possible. It celebrates freedom as a



    While the description and most of the advertising mention the "action sports" part of the show, that is really not what brings the show together or what is even the main focus. The story has changed a bit since the original launch, but it focuses on a boy who is a dreamer and his journey in realizing that anything is possible. It sounds a bit cliche, but it REALLY works. The music is AMAZINGLY good - it is stirring, memorable and made real by an incredible live band and singers. The set is dynamic and comes to life with some really cool lifts and a HUGE finale BMX track which is by far the best act in the show. This is a show that I found myself engaged, smiling and not wanting it to end... and that is the perfect way to experience the magic of Cirque!


    "VOLTA" is performing in Tampa until March 18th and then it moves to the Meadowlands in NJ, Long Island NY and Philadelphia PA. Tickets are available at https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/volta


    This logo really captures the vibe of the show.


    This was the highlight by far. I have NO interest in BMX bikes, but this was an insanely amazing act.


    Oh no! It is over already!


    They did a great curtain call where they walked through the audience. Love it!


    Bye Bye beautiful tent! Can't wait to see what magic Cirque has next!


    WOW! I can't describe how impressive the tent is to see in person. It really is amazingly grand.


    This show had a cool interactive drum feature, you bang on the drums to change the lighting on different parts of the tent!


    This is the waiting area which has the merchandise and F&B. This is actually a separate tent!


    HUGE merch selection and really good stuff.


    Lots of very cool items that I wanted to bring home!


    The costume designs in this show are fantastic.


    The strength and flexibility is amazing.


    Every minute of the show brought new surprises.

  13. Tonight we got to see the second show of the 2017/2018 Broadway In Orlando series - "On Your Feet!" at the beautiful Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. This show was nominated for a Tony Award for "Best Choreography" in 2016... and you can see why! This was only the second stop on its national tour after finishing a very strong run on Broadway over the past few seasons.


    From the official website: "ON YOUR FEET! is the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent—and each other—to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

    Directed by two-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots), with choreography by Olivier Award winner Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys) and a book by Academy Award® winner Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman), ON YOUR FEET! features some of the most iconic songs of the past quarter-century, including “Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get On Your Feet,” “Don’t Want To Lose You Now,” “1-2-3” and “Coming Out of the Dark.” Prepare to be on your feet from start to finish!."


    This is one of these shows that I had originally thought of as "another jukebox musical" and it is really so much more than that! This show has a TON of heart, an amazing cast and some of the best choreography I have seen in years. Growing up in South Florida I already knew some parts of the story of the Estefan's, but I didn't realize the struggles that they went through to break into the mega-stardom level that they ended up achieving. This is a story of hard work, love and the immigrants that help to make our country great. With that description, it sounds pretty serious... right? Mix all that with a TON of songs that you know every word to, some amazing vocals and a great live band and you have a party of a musical that you don't want to end! Speaking of the live band, the band director (along with some of the musicians) are from The Miami Sound Machine... so you know the vibe is authentic! Christie Prades is amazing as Gloria, her vocals are top notch and incredibly true to the music.


    "On Your Feet!" is part of the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Broadway series which you can find more info about here: www.drphillipscenter.org/ Tickets are available in Orlando through October 22nd.


    And if you're interested in seeing the show while on tour in another part of the country, you can visit their website at https://onyourfeetmusical.com/tour/ . It is on tour through October 2018!


    I really love our hometown theater! Really world-class and very "audience friendly" with amazing acoustics.


    AMAZING cast. Some had transferred from the Broadway production, some also did other award winning shows like "In the Heights".


    Time for the show to start! Love that Dr. Phillips does authentic Playbills unlike some other theaters in Florida.


    You know right from the beginning that the choreography is top notch. You can't keep your eyes off the stage for a second!


    Even the supporting cast have phenomenal voices that drive the storyline and keep you singing!


    I love the way they integrate the band during the concert scenes. They go seamlessly from a broadway show to a concert.. it really works!


    Curtain call time! I really can't get over how awesome the leads were. You never would have known that this was a touring show and you weren't seeing it on Broadway.


    Love the "This is what an american looks like" merchandise. It was a VERY powerful line in the show that got a huge round of applause.

  14. How about a few more videos before we finish off this report?














    Time for American Horror Story! This is their MEGA house once again.. it is INSANE how long this house is.


    From Asylum, Santa is ready to give you a present... or death!


    There are just an insane amount of scaractors throughout the maze.


    Tons of bad juju as you go through the scenes from Coven!


    OMG! This guy is HUGE and creepy!


    Can anyone guess what our last house was?


    What an amazing homage to The Shining.


    Almost every scene is faithfully re-created.




    What a great night! We have already been to the event 3 times and we know there will be a lot more scares before the end of the run! Check it out.. if you dare!

  15. Want to see more of Halloween Horror Nights 27? Of course you do!


    One other huge benefit to the event is the minimal waits for the attractions! Walk on for Transformers? Yes please!


    Uh oh- the timer has already reached 0! You know what that means!


    Anyone claustrophobic?


    I bet you can hear his laugh in your head right now....


    Invasion! is a kitchy 60s sci-fi themed scare zone. Tons of awesome photo ops! Pro-Tip - if it feels too crowded, just wait a few minutes for the crowds to thin out.


    Time for the farewell show of Bill and Ted... BOGUS!


    The show was actually really great this year.. while no photos or video are allowed, there are a ton of references to old shows, the movies, etc. Make time to see this!


    The BlumHouse was next and features scenes from Sinister, Insidious and Purge. While each of these deserve their own house, this was a worthy homage.


    The Lipstick-Face Demon from Insidious is especially terrifying!


    Better run! She is coming to get you!


    Scarecrow - The Reaping is awesome! Claustrophobic and filled only with scareactors over 6'2 - you are sure to be freaked out throughout the house!


    Dude! I'm not a corn stalk... stay away!


    Ash vs Evil Dead was up next! While I have never seen the movies, they have now been added to my must watch list after this house. Hilarious and scary is an awesome combo..


    This book is totally cool to touch... right?


    We made it out... Time for a party in Jacksonville!


    The Hive is a maze filled with the deadliest vampires around... these aren't the romantic, cute ones!


    LOVE the Trick 'r Treat scare zone! So many awesome photo ops, beautiful lighting and fun characters. Another movie added to my viewing list!


    The Festival of the Deadliest scare zone is still a slight work in progress due to Hurricane Irma, but the scaractors are sexy and spooky... my other favorite combo!


    We check out Saw next - this has some of Jigsaws most gruesome contraptions.

  16. Halloween Horror Nights 27 - Opening Night Media Event!


    TPR was at the opening night media event of Halloween Horror Nights 27 and this year is EPIC! The producers of the event this year went away from having a set icon as they have done in the past and went for a basic theme of "Festival of the Deadliest". While some might miss an icon or a theme that stretches throughout the park, this years very strong lineup of houses quickly put any of those fears to rest for me.


    I have been attending HHN since the very first one, 27 years ago and this is an incredibly solid year with both IP and non IP houses. The Shining, Saw and American Horror Story are the houses everyone is talking about the most but Ash vs. Evil Dead and the original houses of Dead Waters and Scarecrow the Reaping would also be top houses any other year.


    Halloween Horror Nights is really the premiere Halloween event in the country. It goes for 34 nights from September 15th through November 4th this year and features 9 NEW houses, 5 new scarezones, 2 shows and chainsaw clowns to terrorize you. There are also a great selection of rides open with minimal waits throughout the park. Before we start off with the pictures, just some friendly tips if you are planning on going to the event!


    - The event officially begins at 6:30pm,but they almost always will open the gate at 6. If you have tickets for the day, do "stay and scream" and get a head start on the crowds running to the mazes.

    - If you have only one night and want to try and fit it all in, you will need to get an Express Pass or RIP guided tour. Both are *WELL* worth the money and I have done both many times throughout the years.

    - If you have multiple nights then you really should get the "Frequent Fear Pass" - this is a great deal and is basically an "annual pass" for the event. There are different levels of this that include various days and some even include express passes.

    - If you are buying a one day ticket, don't pay full gate price. There are MANY discounts out there that are available.


    First off - take a look at some of our videos from the event.







    We are checked in and ready for the Halloween Horror Nights 27 Media Event! Love the cool credentials this year!


    Love the invasion one with the cool effects!


    The characters from the different houses and scare zones came around to take pics and scare unsuspecting victims!


    Victim located!


    It was super creepy and awesome how they would approach you!


    I'm creepy animal skull guy! Give me some candy!


    Uh-Oh... Stacey HATES clowns... this was not a good moment!


    The event began with Bill and Ted announcing their farewell tour. After 26 years of the show, Universal has decided to go in a different direction for entertainment for next year.


    The producers of the event then came out and described each maze in terrifying detail!


    Then it was time for our RIP tour of the event to begin! An RIP tour is the BEST way to see the event. You get in each house even faster than Express Pass and you are told the storylines, history, etc.


    Dead Waters was first. This house is based on a scarezone that starred the Voodoo Queen from a few years back. She is out to get you as you travel through her world down by the bayou.


    It is always strange walking into the event before it is officially open. You see everything set up, you hear the music... but its light out and no scareactors!


    These soundstage houses are always the best. The sense of scale they can pull off is insane!


    We come out of those houses and The Purge has started! 4 different show scenes throughout this zone makes for one you want to pass through multiple times.


    While some of the scenes are fan favorites from the last time they did a purge scare zone, there is lots of new stuff based on the 3rd movie.


    Like this purger, hiding out in the dark!


    Stay and Scream allows day guests a chance to hit some of the popular houses before the event officially begins. If you don't have an express pass this is the ONLY way to do everything.


    They brought back the store in the old Mummy extended queue. Great idea and location!


    The nightly purge is ready to happen... just don't wait for the alarm to sound!


    Time for the media event to officially begin! The skull at the top of the logo is named "Bone" and you can see him in the Festival of the Deadliest scare zone.


    Universal always does a great job with their event setups. Awesome theming and great food!


    Delicious deserts... with a side of skulls?


    They had these little photo ops set up throughout the room where you could take photos with or without the respective characters.


    Lots of good scares throughout this one and beautiful theming!


    The Fallen was next and this featured the eternal battle of Light Vs. Dark with TONS of cool effects including a bungee one that is not to be missed!

  17. TPR was at the grand opening media event this morning for Mine Blower at Fun Spot in Kissimmee, and WOW... what a ride! After filming the POV a few days before, I was ready for an intense ride... but I was pleasantly surprised when the ride was intense (in a really good way!) but also solidly fun! Sure, there is a bit of shuffling in a few parts but it is a GREAT addition to the coaster scene not only in Orlando, but really the South Eastern USA. Fun Spot continues to raise the bar in what an FEC can offer and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table in the next few years!


    Fun Spot is offering an awesome throwback deal on their two park season pass good till the end of 2017 - only $74.50 through Sunday. You are going to want to ride this more than once, and the season pass is a great way to do it.


    On to some photos of the event! Thanks to Jack Crouse for some of the photos.



    Bright and early at the Kissimmee location of Fun Spot for the Mine Blower grand opening media event.


    We have seen these signs around the construction site for a while now... the day is finally here!


    The grand opening ceremony includes some EXPLOSIONS!


    This will wake you up in the morning!


    Daytime fireworks over the coaster = awesome!


    48 inch height requirement... NOTED!


    Time for one of the first trains to leave the station!


    I really love the way these trains look.. and they are VERY comfortable!


    This layout is TWISTY, TURNY and TIGHT! Perfect combo for an awesome coaster.


    This first drop....


    ... heads straight into this awesomeness!


    This coaster is just plain FUN! You can see by the looks on everyones faces.


    Hands up or holding on tight? How are you gonna ride?


    This piece of track is just SEXY!


    Mine Blower WILL blow your socks off! Come and ride it SOON!

  18. So this weekend should be VERY interesting for Volcano Bay. Did they learn from what they experienced last weekend?


    So far since opening they have...


    - Opened the 2nd lazy river to help with "non reservation" capacity.

    - Added a wait time sign (with chalk!) to help people make smarter decisions on reservations.

    - Stopped selling express in park on most days.


    What they haven't done...


    - Found a way to address 300+ minute waits for simple water slides.

    - Apparently the downtimes are just as bad.

    - Driving by during the day this week, the lines were still almost to the bottom of the slide towers AFTER you waited your virtual wait.


    With gay days in town and more schools off, this should be another very busy weekend for them. I'll be checking #VolcanoBay on twitter to see if they are getting just as many complaints as before!

  19. Part 8!


    They have a ton of great merchandise! Love the angry tiki shirt!


    Things for everyone in your family!


    The park also is having some challenges with guests crowding around return points - similar to what WDW used to experience with Fastpass.


    The park didn't reach capacity on opening day, but many parts felt very crowded since guests had nothing to do.


    Yowsers! It keeps going up and up!


    And by 3pm, if you hadn't reserved your time for the Aqua Coaster, you were out of luck for the day.


    Good thing I had min reserved, although I ended up deciding to leave before that time since I couldn't do anything else.


    You can see the slide lines going up the volcano stairs.


    It is very nice to not have to carry your raft up any slide!


    They hadn't nailed down their GoPro policy by opening day, some slide operators would let you, some wouldn't. They will need to figure this out soon!

  20. Part 7!


    One of the lazy rivers was not ready for opening... you can tell. ;)


    Mr. Frog says "clean up my water please!".


    The other lazy river however was ready for fun!


    Lots of good views, but a tube is required!


    You even go through the volcano!


    The water and mist effects were not working yet, but I am sure that will add to the experience!


    Mr Frog says "I like this clean water better!".


    A tube is required for everyone in the river and you must stay on it at all times.


    I finally reached my virtual wait time for the Aqua Coaster! Unfortunately I still had another 40 minutes in line.


    It is fun to watch while you wait!


    It is deceptively long because of how it winds into the volcano!


    Woah! The lines keep getting longer!


    Unfortunately downtimes kept plaguing the attractions - many almost constantly.


    I love the tiki god with starfish boobs!


    The merchandise stores are very nicely themed with large selections of interesting products.


    This one you have to walk through to get to the other side of the park... smart!

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