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  1. For those of you who haven't been to CP I just thought that I might add that a Giga is massive. It doesn't look that menacing in pictures but It's just insane in real life. It's going to be a bigger draw then you think. It will also be the second coaster I am aware of that you can see from I-95. (the first being a wild mouse at south of the boarder in South Carolina) It will bring in a ton of people that way too. I think they're going for that type of advertising as well as just having bragging rights.


    If you look hard enough you can see Dominator from I-95.

  2. Wow. Does the lapbar touch your legs? Mine didn't. Only place I didn't get airtime was in the middle. Other than that it was amazing. The MCBR took off just a little, so it was such an insane ride. I was outta my seat over every hill until we reached the bottom.


    I'm also always confused when people say there's no air. I was also flung out of my seat on the hills. Mostly the bunny hills at the end. Glad you had a good time.


    Because there really isn't any.....only 2 or 3 hills at the end with halfway decent air. I was just on it last week, I really do not know what any of you are talking about.

  3. Wow, this project is looking better than ever. I mean even though the rings and the heartline lift aren't installed yet it still looks great.


    I've been doing my research and found out that the ride's name is going to have somthing to do with a snake and a mustang. Although I did this research, I heard from a reliable source that this will be named after a water snake, which is on fire at first, then cools down. Part of the coaster will go on the lake Anaconda sits on, and this is where the 'cool down' part of the ride will be. Over the lake the track will be painted blue.....aquatrax anyone?

  4. Steel Force. Morgan knows how to make a Hyper and they know how to make a damn good one. The lapbar doesn't click enough to fit me, so over every single hill I was flung out. That helix screams "Gggggggggssssssss". This moseyed its way into my Numbah 2 spot


    Please tell me what ride this, because it defiantly is not Steel Force. Morgan hypers are usually very tame, and every time I've been on Steel Force I've never got airtime near to as close as you explained it.

  5. I really think everyone who say Son of Beast is extremely painful suffers from an extremely bad condition. Yeah Son of Beast has 1 Rough spot, but other than that, it's a great coaster and one of my favorites. If you can't take that little of pain, I don't see how you are a coaster enthusiast. I personally like when Coasters have some rough spots, Don't get me wrong I love B&Ms. But sometimes B&Ms are too smooth and I feel like I'm just on my computer watching a POV. SOB is a great Coaster, The helices are super forceful and are twice as good as Beast's awesome Double Helix. If SOB Does Reopen, Give it one more chance, Sit in the very front seat and don't lean back. Any Coaster Can be rough if you have your back against the seat.


    Well sure, coming from the KI fanboy who has a Diamondback avatar and a park ridecount in his signature.

  6. Enjoyed the pictures, makes me miss my old beach house in Wildwood .


    Trust me, if you've been to the town lately you would know that a beach house in Wildwood is a terrifying prospect now, haha. The town has reallllllly gone downhill over the past few years. North Wildwood is still gorgeous, but Wildwood itself is falling apart. The piers are really the only nice areas left. Even most of the main boardwalk is bleah, haha.


    I remember Wildwood back in it's heyday, too, and it was an excellent town with one of the best boardwalks I've seen. Now it's just crashing. Ocean City, on the other hand, just keeps getting prettier and prettier. Unfortunately Gillian's Wonderland Pier doesn't hold a candle to Morey's.


    Yeah, my old place was in North Wildwood. It is very nice in that part of town.

  7. ^Holy law-abiding citizens batman!



    I have a DW FS 5-piecer with 10 12 and 14" toms. My cymbals are Zildjian ZBTs. I like Zildjian for my "important" cymbals but I rely on Sabian for my crazy-a$$ effect cymbals


    I'm pretty sure you mean Pacific by DW. Don't get them mixed up, my friend. Still a nice set, none the less.

  8. Woah, there's a lot of drummers (and some enviable set-ups) on this board!


    I may as well join the club! I've been playing for 12 years now. I currently own a Roland TD-8 and in the summer of '07 I got my current acoustic kit.


    Kit: Mapex Pro M shells

    14 " Snare

    12" Rack Tom

    14" Rack tom

    16 " Rack tom

    18 " Rack tom

    24 " Kick drum


    Cymbals: Zildjian A customs

    14" hi-hats

    14" Crash

    16" Crash

    18" Crash

    20" Ride



    Gibraltar V-rack (3 sides)

    Tama Iron Cobra rolling glide twin pedal

    Roc 'n Soc motorcycle top throne

    Protection Racket 3x1.8 meter drum mat

    Standard Mapex snare and hi-hat stands

    Gibraltar road series clamps


    It's a bit of a beast to play as due to the size of the drums the ride is in a different time zone to the hi-hats but it's a really powerful kit and sounds pretty sweet! I'm looking at a china and a splash at the moment which would be quite nice


    How are those A customs treatin' ya? I've been kind of a more Sabian AA, AAX and HH or HHX kind of guy, but I've been trying out different cymabls recently. I tryed out Paiste, and I've been liking it a lot more than my Sabians. So how are your A customs?

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